Weekend update (Boring and uneventful)

Sorry this update is late – nothing much happened this weekend. I thought I’d share it with you anyway. I very much stayed within my comfort zone this weekend. However, I made up for this on Monday by popping to the supermarket on my own. This was a huge achievement for me as I have not been anywhere on my own since before Christmas. I gave myself a list of two things to get and decided that if I felt up to it whilst there I would have a little look around. I quickly got the pieces on my list and had a walk round – putting lots more stuff in my basket! I went home very happy to have made such an achievement and I felt that it made up for not doing much at the weekend.

Anyway. without further delay here is my very boring weekend update!

Saturday 2nd March – 

I love this quote! I shared it on my instagram on Saturday (which can be found here). No matter what you’re going through always be yourself, no matter what anyone else thinks.

This is a far from flattering picture of me but it did make me laugh. We popped out on Saturday to the shops to get my boyfriend a new pair of work trousers. After this we went over to my parents for dinner. Whilst there I convinced my brother to let me trim his eyebrows. With much trepidation he agreed and to everyone’s shock they looked much better when I was finished.

It was a bit of a nothing day. It was lovely to catch up with my family but I also felt like I had missed out on the opportunity to push myself.


Sunday 3rd March – 

I did absolutely nothing on Sunday. My boyfriend was out for most of the day, the weather was horrible and I just couldn’t be bothered to make an effort.

Things improved by the evening and we decided to trial some gluten free pancakes ready for Pancake Day. My mum had bought this gluten free batter mix and had given it to me to try. We decided to use half of it and leave the other half for Pancake Day.

The pancakes were absolutely delicious! We decided to make American ones as I find them a lot easier to cook. We both covered our pancakes in nutella – my boyfriend decided he would have a couple of scoops of ice cream too.

I’m very much looking forward to more pancakes tonight.


I hope you all had a good weekend!







7 thoughts on “Weekend update (Boring and uneventful)

    1. That’s very true! Although sometimes it can feel like I’m wasting away the days.

      I’m patiently sat here waiting for my boyfriend to get home from work in a few hours so I can make pancakes 😆 Tempted to make myself one now 🙄


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