A country walk at Lullingstone (Anxiety and gluten-free problems)

Last weekend was really bad. My depression and anxiety were both out in full force. We spent the weekend indoors wasting away the hours. On Monday my boyfriend had a doctor’s appointment and had booked the whole day off for it. He was finished much earlier than we anticipated and as soon as he got home I announced that we were going out for a walk. I knew that if I didn’t make that decision and leave then and there I probably wouldn’t do anything that day. Thankfully, my partner is use to me doing this and so soon enough we were out the door. We popped to a place nearby called Lullingstone Country Park. There’s a visitor’s centre and a nice walk up to the remains of a Roman Villa.

The Roman Villa is English Heritage which we have recently become members off and so hopefully we’ll visit soon and I’ll be able to share it with you all! 

It was a gorgeous day. The sun was shining high in the sky and there was not a cloud in sight. We began the walk alongside a river. Unfortunately the warm weather meant that the previously frozen mud had now defrosted. We were sliding everywhere on the mud, however thankfully we avoided falling into the stream! As warm as it was neither of us fancied a swim.

We passed some horses, however to our disappointment they were a long way off in the field. It was beginning to get really hot and I was regretting wearing a long sleeved top. Thankfully, the views were so beautiful they distracted me from the fact that I was slowly overheating.

Lullingstone is also home to Lullingstone Castle which also houses the World Garden. I’ve only visited there once, many years ago but it was beautiful. It’s definitely somewhere I would like to visit again and it’s so close to home which is an added bonus.

Can you tell that I was feeling quite awkward posing for a picture when there were lots of fellow walkers around?

It may not seem like much progress but this walk for me was huge. I’m often scared to go too far from the car as it’s my lifeline. However, I successfully managed our walk without panicking.

It also lifted my depressive state of mind and the sunshine even put spring in my step.

I was feeling really good by the time we returned to the tearoom. I wanted to challenge myself and asked my partner if he felt like sharing a bowl of chips. He agreed and we headed inside to place our order. Fate had other plans and I was not destined my bowl of chips. Upon asking whether their chips were gluten free we were informed that they are fried with other foods such as scampi and are therefore contaminated. I was incredibly frustrated. There were no gluten free sandwich options and I didn’t quite feel up to trying out a full meal and so we settled with just a drink.

Tackling my anxiety surrounding eating out is incredibly difficult. I want to build up to dinners out but start with cakes, snacks, paninis and maybe the odd bowl of chips. Unfortunately there’s a real lack of gluten free options and so unless I want to order a full meal there’s nothing else on the menu that is suitable.


We enjoyed our drinks but were absolutely starving and so we decided it was time to head home and treat ourselves to lunch. After having experienced such a bad weekend I did not think it would have been possible to have such a positive and enjoyable day, but I did. I’m incredibly lucky to live where I do and so going out whilst staying close to home is quite a treat to re-explore all the beauty nearby.

I hope you enjoy these posts! I find that giving myself the objective of going out to get some blog pictures gives me the additional motivation that I sometimes need to go out.

I also love sharing these beautiful places with you!

Where’s your favourite place to visit?





19 thoughts on “A country walk at Lullingstone (Anxiety and gluten-free problems)

  1. I am glad you are feeling better and it is awesome that you got out (and your bf sounds awesome too!) The place you went to looks beautiful! My favourite place around here is a beach where there are fossils of old giant fern trees, and an abundance of beach glass. I find it soothing and relaxing to walk on the beach and look for little treasures!

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    1. Thank you ☺️ I love being near the sea 😍 Something so relaxing and grounding about it! Being able to find hidden treasures is a wonderful addition ☺️ Sounds like a lovely trip out!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I can relate to getting outside when you have anxiety.It is great you did that and managed to enjoy the beautiful surroundings.I blog about my mental health issues including anxiety and I’ve done some vlogs about coping with it.

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  3. Such a beautiful place! I wish I had places like that to go locally. I too have lots of anxiety over going and eating anywhere but home. But here they do not have seperate grills/kitchens so unless it is a gluten free restaurant I do not get to eat out. And honestly my Dr outright told me that I am not to eat at family’s homes or even go out to eat. That it is just too dangerous. They don’t understand cross contamination here. My mom’s house is the only place I eat, and it is because she keeps a separate cupboard just for me, complete with pans and utensils.

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    1. That must be so difficult 😔 It’s very stressful having to make sure I have snacks on me wherever I go in fear of not being able to eat anything 😫 Hopefully places will continue to improve 🤞🏼

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That sounds good! We’re going on holiday at the end of June and I’m already worried about whether I’ll be able to buy gluten free food out there!

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