A week in outfits #8

This week has been a good one. I’ve been out almost everyday.

The weekend felt like a bit of a disappointment but this gave me the motivation I needed to ensure I had a good week. You can read about my weekend here.

Here’s what I got up to this week and what I wore.

Saturday 2nd March 

We popped to some shops today to get my boyfriend a new pair of work trousers. After this, we went round to my parent’s to have dinner with them. You can find my weekend update here which tells you a bit more about what we got up to!

I wore my Topshop corduroy pinafore dress which I adore. It’s made out of a stretchy woollen-like material and so it fits perfectly. I paired it with my Leopard print heeled boots from Carvela. I felt quite overdressed as the dress was quite short and asked my boyfriend if it made me look like a prostitute. His reply was ‘only a cheap one’.

Thanks Tim.

Sunday 3rd March 

I did a whole lot of nothing today and so stayed in my pyjamas. You can read more about it here.

Monday 4th March 

Having had a bit of a rubbish weekend I decided I wanted to do something today that pushed my boundaries. I went to the supermarket on my own. I know to some people this sounds like a tiny event in your day-to-day life but I’ve not been out on my own since before Christmas. I did it and I didn’t get too anxious.

Going out on my own I wanted to dress quite plain. I wanted to ensure I blended in and didn’t wear anything that made me feel like I stood out and would draw attention to myself. If it had gone wrong and I had panicked and ended up in tears in the middle of Tesco I wanted to be as inconspicuous as possible. I wore my old Topshop Joni jeans with a really old denim shirt from New Look.

Tuesday 5th March 

My mum popped over today and we went out for a walk locally. She’s a photographer and so anywhere we go is an opportunity to take photos. I decided to make a little bit more of an effort as I knew she would be taking pictures of me. I wore my Topshop trousers with a plain black top tucked in. I love these trousers – I bought them last summer and lived in them. They’re comfortable and flattering so I grabbed them at every opportunity. I have written a blog post on our walk out so look out for that on Thursday!

Wednesday 6th March 

I felt quite deflated today. I had no plans to leave the house as we were baby-sitting. I think the lack of plans and staying in the house made me feel like I was wasting a day and not making any progress with my anxiety. Eventually I accepted that it would just be a quiet day and my little cousin and I made some belated pancakes.

Thursday 7th March 

I popped over to my aunt and uncle’s this afternoon. We had some lunch together (I bought my own sandwich with me to avoid any gluten-free awkwardness) and then my aunt, myself and my 3 year old cousin popped out to the garden centre. We had a walk round, unfortunately I didn’t feel up to having a drink out and so we came back and had a cup of tea and a chat.

I was rooting through my wardrobe and came across my old disco pants. I wasn’t sure whether they’d still fit but I gave them a go. They look like the most uncomfortable item of clothing in existence but once you have them on they almost mould to you. They’re also super easy to just wipe down when children spill something down you! I paired them with my long grey Religion polo neck. I thought it was quite a child-friendly outfit whilst still making a bit of an effort.

Friday 8th March 

Today was a bit of a quiet day. We babysat in the morning and my aunt popped in for lunch. I’d sold a few bits on ebay and had to go into town to post them. My nan offered to go with me so we set off for town in the afternoon. We only spent half an hour there as neither of us had anything else we had to do. I felt okay with my anxiety and so my spirits were lifted. The weather’s really up and down here and so I stuck with jeans today. I wore my blue Topshop ripped jeans with a plain charcoal coloured long sleeved top.


Overall this week I feel like I have made progress. However, I know this is often followed by a bad week. I put pressure on myself to make the next week even better and often it doesn’t live up to expectations. Here’s to this week being a good one!


What did you get up to last week?






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