March Goals

I’m very much one of those annoying people that always needs a plan.

If we’re going out somewhere I need to know when, how and why? If I don’t know the plan then I tend to get anxious and frustrated. So with this in mind I thought perhaps I should set myself some goals and make a plan with tackling my mental health. I sat down today and wrote a list for myself.

I’m going to share my list of goals below and at the end of the month I will let you know what I have and haven’t achieved.


My 6 Goals for March: 

  1. Go out on my own 5 times this month
  2. Have a coffee out
  3. Drive more often
  4. Go to a lambing weekend
  5. Go to London to the Ideal Home Show
  6. Go to Wales


As you can see these goals are very personal. They’re a mix of things I really want to do and things I know I should do. I hope that by the end of the month I can have ticked most, if not all, of them off.

Let me know if you’ve set yourself some goals for this month!







16 thoughts on “March Goals

  1. Monthly goals. Good idea. I tend to write daily goals and tasks. I had a bullet diary for a while. That’s a handy system for managing life. I would like to drive to a town I have not been to before and buy a meal there. To expand the tiny repetative bubble I live in.

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    1. Monthly goals seem to be working for me right now ☺️ I think daily goals would be a little too much pressure on my mentally health right now but it’s something to work towards! We all have to find our own ways and motivation! That’s a brilliant goal to have, small things like that push our boundaries and keep us going ☺️


  2. Glad you are taking on the personal challenge of some goals. I find goal setting to be hard for me. I don’t know if I avoid it or am too lazy. Usually when I really want something, I might say it’s my goal. Like I’ve wanted to get certified in HTML for a long time. I’ve had the idea in mind a lot. I even put it on my Reminders list with a time. But I let it slip by. But just yesterday I finally decided to go for it. So I spent hours at the computer learning HTML. Still have more today. Anyways, my formal goal setting is weak and random at best.


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