A trip to Shoreham with my mum

During the week my mum and I visited Shoreham together – she’s a photographer and so it was the perfect playground for her. The weather was beautiful but freezing. We did a different walk around the village so that I could take some pictures to show you all the spots that I missed on my last post, which can be found here.

We parked on the outskirts of the village and walked into the centre. Past the church on our right and the pub on our left. Whilst it was quiet there were still quite a few avid walkers and dog walkers milling around. My mum’s patience was wearing thin as a walker would get into every shot she took – it provided entertainment for me.

I rather stupidly dressed for the blue skies, not realising how freezing it was outside! I wore these Topshop trousers, a black plain top from New Look and my faux suede jacket from New Look. I shivered my way round the village, smiling on command for my mum to take pictures.

The bridge in Shoreham is one of its focal points. During the summer it is full of people looking at the view, posing for pictures, playing pooh sticks or even having a paddle in the water below. During the height of summer Shoreham is buzzing with both residents and tourists, all of whom are there to make the most out of the beautiful village. May even sees the annual Duck Race.

On days like today, however, the village can be enjoyed in all of its beauty in a tranquil environment. It’s a lovely feeling as you pass people and greet them, with a good morning or good afternoon.

The village is steeped in history. It was the most bombed village in the UK during World War Two. The Shoreham Aircraft Museum has lots of references to the War.

It’s a beautiful spot, one I feel very lucky to live so close to. Whether you’re visiting for a walk, a drink at one of the pubs or to indulge your love of history it won’t disappoint.

I find the village to be a very relaxing place and so if I’m feeling anxious it’s the perfect place for a walk to lift my spirits.


Do you have any historic places near you?






21 thoughts on “A trip to Shoreham with my mum

  1. Looks like you have a lovely day out. I’m lucky enough to live in Devon so we have lots of beautiful and historic places near by. Lots of exciting villages on Dartmoor. Plymouth also has the historic naval base and Sir Frances Drake.

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