Weekend update (Wallpaper and Dirty Burgers)

If you saw my blog post on Friday then I think you will agree with me that it is safe to say I had a bad week. If you didn’t read it then please take a minute to read it, you can find it here. In a strange way I’m glad I felt so rubbish as it forced me to pick myself up and make the most of the weekend. I’m sat here writing this on Sunday night feeling very happy with how the weekend has gone.

Tomorrow I’m suppose to be going up to London and I’m very scared at the prospect but also very excited. I spent 4 years commuting up to London and so it will be nice to go back for a visit.

I hope to update you on the trip soon!

For now, here’s what I got up to this weekend.

Saturday 23rd March – 

Saturday got off to a bad start. I was feeling really down and didn’t particularly want to do anything. I took myself out for a walk after lunch and it improved my mood – even when I realised I’d forgotten to go out with my Fitbit and so I had wasted all of those steps.

My grandparents are redecorating the living room at the moment and my nan cannot make up her mind as to what wallpaper she wants. We decided to all take a trip to a local retail park to choose some wallpaper.

I had my heart set on the above and eventually it was the one we all decided would be the best fit.

(It looks really good, perhaps I should pursue a career in interior design?!)


Saturday was difficult for me, now bear with me whilst I explain why.

We spent last weekend up in Wales. The last time we were in Wales the following weekend I came down with Norovirus. My anxiety therefore flared up as the illogical side of my brain thought perhaps the same would happen after this recent trip. After having dinner and sitting down to watch television the anxiety had mostly disappeared and I could enjoy what was left of Saturday night.

Sunday 24th March – 

Our local shopping centre has just opened a Primark, now I’m not Primark’s number one fan but I do think you can get some bargains! We used the new Primark as an excuse to have a little wander around the shops.

The minute we walked into Primark I saw about 5 things I liked. I had to close my eyes and walk to the mens department before I could do any damage to our savings.

I did a couple of huge things today.

My boyfriend and I were starving walking round the shops. It was a nice day so I decided perhaps if I could find a salad or a gluten free sandwich we could eat outside. Whilst this was a good idea I didn’t particularly feel like spending £10 on a salad.

As we passed some restaurants I wondered whether Gourmet Burger Kitchen did take aways. Five minutes later my boyfriend said something that made me realise we really are soulmates. He was wondering whether Gourmet Burger Kitchen did take aways. See, we really are the perfect match! At this point my brain decided it was fate. We googled the restaurant and placed our order. I was filled with excitement and nerves. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ll know that when my anxiety flares up eating out is something I particularly struggle with.

One day I will sit back in a restaurant and eat a meal, however today I was happy with a dirty burger on a bench.

I had not thought it through very well when I clicked extra cheese on my order. The burger slid everywhere as I tried my hardest to eat it sat on a bench in full view of lots of people. I didn’t care though, it tasted so good!

Other than a couple of Indian takeaways I haven’t eaten restaurant food since October so you can imagine how good this tasted. As hard as I try to recreate a dirty burger at home, it just doesn’t have the same effect.

Not only did I take a step forward with my anxiety I also got to eat a yummy gluten free veggie burger – I think it was a win-win situation!

Feeling proud of myself for eating a burger (never thought I’d say that in my lifetime) I decided to push myself even more. We went and got a coffee and had a further stroll round the shops.

I’d call this weekend a success!

Especially with our new sunglasses (£2 each!! Primark bargain).


How has everyone’s weekend gone?






16 thoughts on “Weekend update (Wallpaper and Dirty Burgers)

  1. What a lovely post, I am overjoyed for you, it can be hard to push ourselves but building on success is a good salve for our personal trials. Your photos, as always, route us your readers in the moments that you share with us, and let us share in your joy. Thank you, Brie aka J. Avery Cain

    Liked by 1 person

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