A (sort of) week in outfits #9

I know that this is one of my favourite posts, however the last few weeks have been all over the place and so I have not really been documenting my outfits. On a few occasions I have remembered to and so I thought I would put them all together in one post and hopefully soon the normal weekly post will resume.

I’ve lost track of the exact dates but I know this was a Tuesday – 

I popped into town with my mum as I had a couple of things to post. We had a quick walk round and then went our separate ways. I had lots of work to do that day and so went home to make a start on it. I wore my khaki green Topshop jeans with this blouse from M&S. I’ll admit the blouse does slightly look like a pyjama top but I love the pattern on it and it looks fab tucked into a skirt.

Again, I’m not sure what date this was but I know it was a Wednesday – 

Today I had lots of work again and I made a gluten free chocolate cake with my little cousin. I kept it quite casual and just threw on a pair of leggings with this oversized shirt from New Look. The shirt is about 4 sizes too big for me, however they didn’t have it in my size and so I decided it would be fine to wear oversized.

Here’s a picture of our finished cake! I’ll be honest we used a packet mix for this, my mum had given it to me and I thought we may as well use it up. I have a car mould and so the night before I used some green fondant and placed the mould in the freezer ready to decorate the cake. I cannot tell you how much I wanted to rearrange the cars into a neat circle around the edge of the cake. I didn’t, instead we ended up taking the cars off and seeing what happened to them when we submerged them under water.

Sunday 24th March – 

I had a really positive day today and I think it shows in my outfit – you can read more about my positive day here. My boyfriend and I went shopping today to pick up some sun glasses (very exciting I know). I wore a plain black long-sleeved top from New Look with my And Other Stories leopard print skirt. I also haven’t been able to do the top button of this skirt up for a very long time and so I was on cloud nine when I realised I could do it up and still kind of breathe.

Wednesday 27th March – 

I was in working all day today, however at lunchtime I decided to take a walk to the little Sainsburys near-by to see if I could get some gluten free gravy for with our dinner. I wore my Topshop black Joni jeans with this AC/DC top from Topshop. I also love how my hair looks in this picture – I had been really lazy the day before and plated my hair instead of drying it and it turned out really well.


Have you made any changes to your style lately?









16 thoughts on “A (sort of) week in outfits #9

  1. Hi Liz – I’m back to blogging – can finally use my hand again! You look fantastic – I love the bird print and do you ever look great in that skirt! Those fondant cars are so cool!!! Hope all is well for you – looking forward to being back and keeping up with your awesome posts.

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