March goals – what did I achieve? (Anxiety and Depression)

Back at the beginning of March I set myself 6 goals. I thought I’d do a little post to let you know how I got on with achieving my goals. I also intend to set myself some new goals for April so keep an eye out for that!

I would like to apologise in advance for the random collection of pictures, however I thought it made the post little bit more fun to read…

1. I set myself the goal to go out on my own 5 times this month 

I didn’t quite achieve this, I only made it out 3 times on my own this month. Every lunchtime I go for a half an hour walk but I stay very close to home and I’m usually on the phone to my boyfriend so I don’t count this. Here’s how I achieved three solo trips this month.

My first solo trip was on 4th March. I had decided to make a gnocchi bake and in order to do this I had to go out on my own to buy the ingredients (if you’re interested then you can find the recipe for the gnocchi bake here). I drove myself to the local supermarket (it’s only a couple of miles away), I was in and out in about 10 minutes but it was quite an achievement for me.

The second time I ventured out on my own was on the 27th March. I’m not sure whether this one really counts as I was on the phone to my boyfriend. I decided to do a different walk at lunch time and walk to a little Sainsburys as I needed some bits for dinner. I’m including it in my solo outings as it was outside of my comfort zone.

My third and final solo outing this month was on the 28th March. We were starting the drive up to Wales that evening and so I needed to pop out and grab some snacks for the journey. I drove myself into town and popped to a few shops, unfortunately they had nothing on my list. After half an hour of aimlessly walking round I decided I would have to go to Tesco instead. I got back in the car and drove to Tesco where I managed to get lots of bits for the drive. I got my partner and I some breakfasts bars, some jam tarts to share and some lucozade. My partner has given up chocolate and sweets for lent and so I got him a packet of biscuits, meanwhile I got myself some chocolate. I also grabbed some dark chocolate coated rice cakes as they’re a handy gluten free snack.

2. Have a coffee out

The second goal I set myself was to have a coffee out. To most people this would be a relaxing treat, however it was something that set my anxiety off. I suffer from Emetophobia and in October I caught the norovirus. On the day I was ill my partner and I had been out shopping, I had decide that I was going to treat myself to a hot chocolate from Costa on the way home. As we were walking round the final shop I began to feel ill and the last thing I wanted was a drink from Costa. The irrational side of my brain was then worried that if I planned to have a drink out again I might feel sick. I knew it was something I wanted to tackle but I didn’t put any pressure on myself, I knew this was something that would take time.

(Apologies for all the pictures of coffees)

The first coffee I had was in no way planned. It was on the 10th March and my partner and I were in town picking up some bits. It began to hailstone and we took shelter under a shop awning. As we stood trying to dodge the hailstones I realised that we were next door to Cafe Nero. I took a deep breath, grabbed my boyfriend’s hand and dragged him into Nero – there was no time like the present to start ticking off my March goals. I was anxious in the queue but told myself if I didn’t want it when I got it, I didn’t have to drink it. Eventually we were served and we sat down with our drinks for a few minutes. The hailstones eased and so we took our drinks with us whilst we carried on our shopping. I only drank about half of the cup but this was a huge achievement for me.

The second time I had a coffee I was having a really positive day (you can read about it here). We’d got a takeaway whilst at a shopping centre and sat outside and ate it, however we had forgotten to order drinks. Spurred on by having eaten a meal out (kind of) I decided why not go the whole way and get a coffee too? And that concludes the story as to how I ended up with this iced latte.

My third and final coffee was when I ventured out on my own on the 28th March. After finishing my shopping in Tesco I glanced over at the Costa and decided to treat myself. I’d managed to get everything on my list, done some amazing parking in town, done some terrible parking at Tesco and I hadn’t panicked. I got my old usual – a soya caramel latte and took it home with me to enjoy. I hadn’t had my usual from Costa since before October and so it tasted all the better for it.

I definitely achieved this goal of the month. I’m trying not to get back into having a coffee out though as they’re so expensive and we’re trying to save. It’s nice to know that I could if I really wanted to though.

3. Drive more often

Unfortunately I didn’t achieve this goal this month. I only drive twice – the two times that I ventured out on my own in the car. I knew that this would be more of a long-term goal though as I need to grow my confidence again.

4. Go to a lambing weekend

This was a bit of a random goal for the month, however there was logic behind it. Every year I want to go to a lambing weekend but we always forget! I thought that if I set it as a goal then we might achieve it. However, fate had other plans. On the weekend of the lambing event we were actually unexpectedly up in Wales. I’ve found one that’s on in April so fingers crossed I can tick this off eventually!

5. Go to London to the Ideal Home Show

I went to the Ideal Home Show! I don’t have much to say about this as I wrote it all in a post which you can find here. A train, a tube and a bus and I made it with very little anxiety.

6. Go to Wales

We actually went to Wales twice this month! I’m planning to do a separate post on wales so keep an eye out for that. We usually start the journey on a Thursday night and stay at a hotel half way to break the journey up which makes it a lot easier for my anxiety. However, the drive home we resign ourselves to spending around 7 hours in the car. We had a lovely time in Wales and I can’t wait to share it with you!


I’m really happy with how I achieved my goals this month. I feel like I’ve made huge improvements with my anxiety and so I intend to continue to set myself these goals.


What did you achieve in March?






18 thoughts on “March goals – what did I achieve? (Anxiety and Depression)

  1. March was a bigger month for me than my anxiety would like me to believe. I actually had to take a look at my blog posts just now and remind myself that I achieved a lot. My confidence in sharing my stories, and believing in the validity of my own voice has been lifted up by incredible creators like you Liz.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well done for achieving so much this month ☺️ Thank you, I’m glad I’ve inspired you but never forget that you’re the one who’s achieving everything and put the hard work in!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. this seems like such a cool way to reflect on the month and could be so helpful in the long run too 😊can’t wait to read about the Wales trip! I’ve been getting Instagram ad’s for it for ages so maybe this will be another reason I head down there some time within the next year

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve found it really helpful! I’m so excited to write my post on Wales, hopefully it will be up soon 🤞🏼 I would definitely recommend a trip, it’s beautiful 😍 There’s a few pictures up on my Instagram if you’re interested ☺️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

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  3. Wow! Well done for everything! You did really well! I didn’t set myself any personal achievements, but I’ve got some for April. We drove to Wales too for our holiday last Monday. The weather was amazing! Love all the random pictures too!

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  4. well done liz, I can completely understand the getting coffee out bit as everything that happened on that dreadful day you were ill is something we emetophobes tend to stay away from even down the the clothes we were wearing.. But you broke through that wall xxx


  5. Liz! I sure you are able to hold onto that BOY FRIEND of yours! I am sure he is tested daily with your challenges in life. Keep posting! It can only help to make you feel better about everything. Be careful out there driving… It’s good to keep that goal slow and steady… After all the best progress is the slow kind! Good Luck to you in the future! I will be leaving the blogging to others such as you who seem to have much to say about healing yourself. But fear not I will be reading and keeping tabs on EVERYONE.

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    1. Thank you! ☺️ Keep blogging, the good, the bad and the ugly. Do it for yourself and channel how you’re feeling into it – it can help. Hope you’re okay


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