March 2019 favourites

I really struggled to think about what I’ve been enjoying this month. It’s been a crazy time as my freelance work has began to pick up and so when I haven’t been doing that I’ve been trying to get myself out of the house to help my mental health. There are a few things that I’ve loved this month though and I still wanted to share them with you. You can find my January favourites here and my February favourites here.

At the beginning of the month my partner and I took a trip to TKMaxx and I picked up this Ginseng and Acai rejuvenating face tonic.

I was drawn in by the packaging and the colour if I’m honest. However, having been reading a number of skincare blogs I’ve been wanting to invest more in my skincare routine and so I decided to give it a try. The product promises to ‘Help improve skin tone and preserve a youthful appearance, improving the complexion and helping fight fine lines’. I’ll be 25 in June and so there’s no time like the present to start trying to keep my skin looking youthful!

The product smells amazing and I have found that my skin tone appears a lot brighter since using it. My forehead still often looks like I have a wifi symbol tattooed on it but the fine lines around my eyes do seem to have eased – perhaps I’ve just been squinting less?

Overall I would continue to use this product, especially since I picked it up for only £2.49!

During our trip to TKMaxx I also picked up this Tumeric Face Mask. I’ve heard lots about how good Tumeric is for your skin, however having cooked with it countless times I’ve always been afraid it would stain my face. However, I put my fears aside and bought this pot for £4.99. The product is a creamy colour with a hint of yellow and it smells like Christmas.

The product promises to hydrate your skin and leave it feeling nourished and happy. I found the product felt very refreshing on my face. It was easy to apply and easy to remove. I have also noticed that my skin is brighter and more hydrated after using it. This is another product that I would purchase again.

On a separate trip to TKMaxx we picked up some charcoal blackhead strips. We’ve previously used the Biore ones, however they’re so expensive! We got a pack of six strips for £2.99 and I found they work just as well. I’m cursed with big pores and so I try to regularly use these strips to keep my pores healthy and clean.

P.s. I promise we didn’t spend all month in TKMaxx. 


I’ve really fallen back in love with reading this year. I’m working on a post for the end of the year which will review each book I have read. I’m quite a slow reader and so I decided to do one post at the end of the year, rather than a regular update. After a day of working I enjoy a spare few minutes whilst the dinner’s cooking to lose myself in a book.

What have you all been enjoying this month?








18 thoughts on “March 2019 favourites

  1. Such a lovely article, I am trying to up my skin care routine and this was a great reminder of some of the ways I can invest in taking care of myself (also you are hilarious, “Wifi symobol”).
    I have lost myself in being productive and writing consistently again. I haven;t made very much time for things like reading (which I miss, but like an athlete with sex, I swear off reading when I am writing fiction), however I have been listening to music endlessly as that is my fuel when creating.
    Be Kind, Do No Harm,

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    1. Thank you ☺️ Definitely try and invest in some skin care! My skin care is part of my self-care (that’s how I justify buying it anyway!) I love listening to music whilst writing but sometimes find I get a little too lost in the music and haven’t written anything for a while 😆 Do you ever find yourself doing that?

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      1. All the time. My process when writing is different than what I am doing now, which is editing, but it looks like this. Get up get some coffee and sit down to write. Choose music (this is why I have so many playlists to cut down on my self distraction) promptly make a new playlist. Get back to writing. Get up and pace the hallway and start to talk out ideas with Onyxx, or if she isn’t here talk to myself. An hour or so later sit back down. Round and round until I have a burst and everything comes to my mind fully formed, then I spew out 2000 words in the space of an hour, a short shame spiral for taking so long to write, and bed time.

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      2. You’ve literally just described my day – although I’m more of a tea drinker 😆 I get very distracted trying to decide on what music I want to listen to and then I end up singing along and thinking I’ll just enjoy this song and then put something more appropriate for working 😆😆

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