April goals

At the beginning of March I set myself 6 goals for the month – you can find them here. The goals were chosen with the idea of improving my mental health and pushing my boundaries. You can read about how I achieved these goals here. Personally, I feel that these goals gave me a focus for the month and aided me in taking huge steps forward with my anxiety. Therefore, I have decided to continue my goal setting and would like to share April’s goals with you. April is a quiet month, we don’t have much planned and so it’s the perfect blank canvas for me to challenge myself.


I followed the same trend this month and have set myself another 6 goals. I will explain each one below.

  • Continue to go out on my own – This goal follows on from my goal in March to go out on my own 5 times. This month I am not pressuring myself into a certain amount of times, I just want to make the effort to achieve a few solo outings.
  • Drive more – Again, this follows on from last month’s goal. This particular goal is a long-term goal for me with the objective being to fall back in love with driving. My anxiety can often transfer itself into road rage and so for me if the option is there to be a passenger then I will choose that.
  • Go to a lambing weekend – I did not achieve this goal last month due to a change of plans. I’ve found a lambing event this month and hopefully I will get to go. It’s not something that necessarily will improve my anxiety, however it is a different environment to put myself in.
  • Go to Ikea (my predictive text turned that to India – perhaps a bit adventurous for me right now) – Okay, so this one may seem a little bit random. It has purpose behind it, I need a new rug and a plant. There are a couple of reasons anxiety-wise why I have chosen this. The first reason being that the drive there is relatively unknown to me which immediately makes me anxious. The second reason is that once you’re in the shop you can’t just leave, it’s like a labyrinth in there!
  • Have lunch out – If you have been following my blog then you will know that eating out is something that my anxiety struggles with. I want to slowly begin to tackle this in the form of having lunch out.
  • Book cervical screening – I wrote a post about this a while ago, explaining how my anxiety was preventing me from booking the appointment (you can read it here). A couple of weeks ago I decided enough was enough, I would make the call the following morning and book an appointment. I didn’t, my anxiety got the better of me. I am therefore adding this as one of my goals to ensure that I get it booked in this month. It will also prove to me that I have made an improvement with my anxiety.


I look forward to catching up with you at the end of the month as to how I have achieved my goals!

Do you have any goals for April?







15 thoughts on “April goals

  1. So wonderful to see you continue the goal setting. As for my own goals, I am working on the editing the last three chapters of my novel and then I start writing full time with theOnyxx on Project P. theOnyxx always has annual goals, her plan, that she sets out, I am more freewheeling, and I do always set out a list of task for myself every day.By way of encouragement regarding booking your cervical screening, since I came out I have been planing out when I would call my family doctor and bring her up to speed and make an appointment to talk about my next steps.I made that appointment yesterday and spoke with my doctors secretary at length, she was incredibly lovely and assured me that she would communicate to my doctor what I wanted to talk about at the next appointment. It was reassuring and will likely keep my anxiety at bay (until the day before). Keep at it Liz, you are inspiring.

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    1. Thank you! Good luck with your editing and your new writing endeavours ☺️

      Well done for calling and making the appointment! You have inspired me to make the phone call soon. I suspect the fear of making the phone call will be worse than the actual appointment 😆 The joys of anxiety!

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  2. I think it’s brilliant that you’re continuing on from last months goals. I was terrified of getting a screening done, because I’ve had cancer and look different “down there” and my landscape has changed. But I went, and it was fine, the nurse was super sympathetic. I highly recommend having one! Keep going, you’re doing so well !

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    1. Thank you! That must have been terrifying. Thank you for sharing, it’s given me another push closer to making that phone call! I know I’ll do it before the mo the is over, I’m just putting it off 😄

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