Weekly mental health and outfit update (13th April – 18th April)

As promised, here is a what I wore in a week merged with an update! On days that nothing much happened I’m just going to skip them out.

I’m still working out how to best do this post!

I always find these introductions awkward! Anyway, here goes…

Saturday 13th April

Today  I wore these old Topshop flared, high waisted trousers and a long sleeve black top. They’re so comfy and easy to wear, although recently I’ve lost a bit of weight and so they’re a bit loose on me. The weather was beautiful one minute and hail stoning the next, so I kept warm with this teddy bear jacket which I believe was form Missguided.

Saturday was a really fun day, my anxiety was behaving itself and so my boyfriend and I popped out to a local town – we didn’t have much to do but thought we’d just have a wander round. I wanted to get lunch out and I knew Prett had just brought out a new range of gluten free options. I was nervous but excited. As we stepped into Prett it soon became apparent that the new gluten free range was not available in this branch. Disheartened we left in search of somewhere else to have lunch. I cannot stress to you how difficult it is to find a gluten free vegetarian lunch option. If I wanted a sit down meal I’d be lost for choice, however lunches are either a jacket potato or a salad.

Eventually, I gave in and decided it would have to be another Greek salad from M&S – I tend to get this every Saturday through lack of choice. I despise spending so much money on a lunch that I’m not particularly looking forward to but it was either that or go home to eat. We took the salad pots and crisps to the food court and sat and ate. My anxiety was fine whilst sitting and eating.

After the disappointment of lunch we decided to treat ourselves to a coffee. As you may well know when I go out I like to find at least one way to challenge my anxiety, especially if I’m having a good day like today. We found a nice little cafe and sat outside during a brief period of sunshine. We enjoyed our coffees – although most of the cup was froth. Towards the end my anxiety was starting to get annoyed with me for sitting down and enjoying myself. It started hail stoning just then too and so we decided it was best if we just left.

Sitting and having a coffee in a cafe was a challenge for me but I did it and it’s another positive memory to help me battle my anxiety in the future.

Sunday 14th April

Today I kept it quite casual with my black Topshop Joni jeans, a checkered shirt and my pink faux suede jacket from Missguided. If you saw my April goals post you will know that one of my goals for the month was to go to IKEA. I wanted to do this for a number of reason, the first being that I had a few items I wanted to buy. In addition to this the drive to IKEA is unknown to me and I knew it would challenge my anxiety, the shop is also quite large and difficult to navigate. Despite knowing that the day would be a challenge I was excited.

The drive there was nerve wracking but my partner kept reassuring me that at any time we could just turn back and go home. We arrived at around 1pm and we were starving! We decided to venture to the IKEA cafe to see what their gluten free options were. Thankfully their chips were gluten free! We sat in the busy eating area and each had a bowl of chips for our lunch.

I didn’t get everything that had been on my list for the trip, however I did get these two adorable plants and a new rug for my bedroom. We were about 3/4 of the way round the shop when I began to feel trapped and it was making me feel anxious. By that time, however we were in the warehouse part of the store and so were ready to leave. Once outside the shop I felt much better and we went in a few neighbouring places before heading home.

Wednesday 17th April –

The week was pretty bad, I was feeling rather sorry for myself. I tend to think about the future too much and it leads to me sinking into a depression for a few days. On Wednesday I had a doctors appointment and so forced myself to make an effort. I wore my Topshop ripped jeans, a plain ASOS top and my faux leather coat from River Island. My doctors has the tiniest car park and so I opted to walk there and back to avoid the stress of parking. I know previously I’ve attempted to park and when I’ve been in to see the doctor they’ve taken my blood pressure and it’s been high. I get worked up over the littlest of things, thanks anxiety.


I was feeling relatively good today, until the afternoon. Somehow, I managed to fall down about 5 stairs. I’m not quite sure how it happened, I was holding onto the handrail and was looking where I was going. I can only think that my little socks slipped on the edge of the step and I went flying. I landed in a plastic box of cars and it hurt a lot. As the day wore on I began feeling the bruising, pulled muscles in my arms where I’d clung to the handrail when the rest of my body was falling down the stairs and just the general pain of the impact. Because of this most of Thursday was spent in bed in pain and unable to really move. It seems to slowly be improving though, fingers crossed.

I’m going to do a separate post for the Easter Bank Holiday so look out for that later in the week!

What have you been up to this week?






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