Weekly Mental Health and Outfit Update (23rd April – 28th April)

I started this week thinking it would be a nice quiet one – I was so very wrong. Physically this has been one of the most difficult weeks, however I haven’t had too much time to dwell on my mental health which is a positive thing. I’m very much looking forward to having a quiet day on Monday.

This weeks outfits have been chosen with comfort in mind rather than fashion!

Here’s how I got on this week 🙂

Tuesday 23rd April –

Today I wore these striped trousers from River Island, not the most flattering but they are comfortable. I paired them with a black top from H&M.

I have been worrying about today for the past few weeks. If you read my April Goals post then you will know one of my goals was to book my cervical screening. I achieved the goal and I booked the appointment for 7pm Tuesday 24th April. I had finally come round to accepting that it was happening today and I would be okay.

At 11am I received a phone call from my doctors surgery informing me they were having to cancel the appointment. I was really annoyed. This time last week I had an appointment with the same nurse that was suppose to be doing my smear today, however she was off with a broken ankle and so I had a replacement nurse instead. What I don’t understand is that in the space of a week they haven’t been able to get cover, nor did they bother cancelling my appointment until on the day. I can just imagine the receptionist’s rude tone if I had been the one calling today to cancel…

Anyway, I now have to wait another month before I can have it done.

Well done NHS, encouraging young women to go for their smears…

Wednesday 24th April –

I struggled a lot today, I was still feeling quite down from the weekend (you can read about it here). I had a guest post to write for a website so I did that today – it’s due out at the beginning of May so I’ll be sure to share the link with you guys. Once I finished the post I decided to spend the afternoon having a bit of a pamper session in an attempt to improve my mood and anxiety. I’m going to share a post with you soon about what I got up to. I had a lovely relaxing afternoon, despite feeling anxious. I thought it would set me in a good mood for the rest of the week.

At about 5pm my mum rang me to inform me that her and my dad would most likely be moving at the weekend! We all knew it was going to be a lot of hard work but we were so incredibly happy they were moving.

I went for comfort today with these loungewear trousers from New Look, plain top from H&M and a hoodie from New Look.

Thursday 25th April –

Thursday was rather busy. My nan had my little cousins today and so after playing with the youngest for a while I went with my nan to pick up the older one. He loves it when I go with my nan to pick him up from nursery. He came running out smiling at us and quickly informed us that the marks all down his trousers were snot – he then preceded to show us how that happened. Aren’t children delightful?

That afternoon I went with my parents to view the new house. I was feeling quite anxious as I knew they had paperwork to complete and so we would be there for a while. We only took one car and so I knew that I wouldn’t be able to just leave. The anxiety quickly passed though as the excitement of seeing their new house overtook. The house is lovely but is going to need a lot of TLC. We were there for just over an hour. My parents went straight home to continue packing.

As I got home my little cousins were having some of their easter eggs so I decided to make myself a cup of tea and have some chocolate too. I sat down next to the older one (he’s only 3). He kept looking over at my chocolate and when he’d finished his he asked if he could have some of mine. I knew that he’d already had quite a lot of chocolate and so I told him I had adult chocolate and so couldn’t share it with him. Thankfully, he shrugged his shoulders and accepted that cousin Lizzie did indeed have adult chocolate and he couldn’t have any.


Today I wore my black Joni jeans from Topshop and a striped jumper, which is technically my boyfriend’s and I’m not sure where it’s from.


Friday 26th April –

Friday was a very very long day. Surprisingly I didn’t feel very anxious. My mum picked me up just before midday and we went straight to the new house to start cleaning. It was quite grimy and lots of cobwebs so it took us a few hours. The new house has a wet room and whilst my mum was cleaning it she managed to turn the shower on, all I heard were shrieks from upstairs as the water soaked her. Neither of us could figure out how to turn the shower off properly, thankfully by chance my dad popped in and worked it out! Eventually we decided that we could no longer do anymore.


I then went back with my mum, had a very late lunch and continued to help her pack. My boyfriend came over after work and we loaded up my dad’s van ready for the first trip of the morning. We finished up just before 9pm as none of us could do anymore.


My mum’s a bit of a bleach maniac and so I threw on some clothes that I didn’t care if they got bleach splodges down them. I wore these very old leggings from Oysho and my old Nike dri-fit top. Thankfully no clothes were harmed during the day’s events!

Saturday 27th April –

Today was the toughest day of the week, we had to be up relatively early and out the house quickly. This is something I struggle with because of my anxiety. I like to have a while at home before heading out as I find my anxiety normally builds up and I can deal with it before leaving the house. Unfortunately today I didn’t have this luxury. The journey over was difficult, it’s about 40 minutes and I was quite anxious. Once there I threw myself into the move and after a couple of hours my anxiety had disappeared. I knew it was one of those days where I had to fight it as there were only 5 of us doing the move and so we all had to pull our weight.

We loaded two vans and two cars and headed to the new house. I knew it would be my last time seeing that house and I couldn’t have been happier. Every time I’m round I can’t help but remember the night of my dad’s accident. The new house is also only 5 minutes from where I live and so it will be lovely having my parents close again. We unloaded the first van loads and then everyone went back to do another load whilst myself and my mum stayed at the new place to start unpacking. We also popped to Tesco to pick up some lunch for everyone. Unfortunately Tesco do not sell any ready made gluten free sandwiches and so I picked up some microwave rice instead. I text my boyfriend telling him to make sure the microwave was somewhere accessible.

The vans returned and much to my horror the microwave was halfway down the van. I had to sit and watch everyone eat their sandwiches and drink their coffee before the unload began. Eventually at 4pm I got my lunch. It’s times like this when being gluten free is a real struggle.

We unpacked, put beds together, sofas together and unpacked some more. Stopping briefly for some chip shop chips (the best part of a moving day!). Eventually at 9pm we decided enough was enough and headed home.

We had fully intended to go straight to bed when we got home, however one of my older cousins was still round visiting my grandparents. I hadn’t seen her in a while and so we had a quick catch up.

I went with comfy workout clothes today as I knew there would be a lot of lifting and moving. The leggings are from Puma and the top is another Nike dri-fit. Stupidly, I wore my Barbour boots instead of trainers and by the end of the day my feet were killing me.

Sunday 28th April –

It’s safe to say that we woke up very sore and exhausted today after all the running around and lifting the previous day. We had planned on having breakfast, popping out for a coffee and then going back over to my parents to continue to help them unpack. We had breakfast and got ready, I didn’t feel up to sitting in somewhere and having a coffee. I always struggle with my anxiety when I’m tired and so I knew not to push myself. We got our coffees to take away and went to have a little walk around town. We walked a few meters and it began to pour down and so we decided to just bring our coffees to my parent’s house.


Whilst going through the boxes we came across photo albums and took some time to look through them. We even fit in a family trip to Home Base, which sounds a lot more fun than it actually was. We spent the rest of the day helping them get settled and eventually went home for a quiet evening.


I wore my Topshop Joni jeans, my grey golf jumper (not sure where it’s from) and my Michael Kors jacket.

What did you get up to last week?






6 thoughts on “Weekly Mental Health and Outfit Update (23rd April – 28th April)

  1. Sounds like you’ve had a busy week – moving is a lot of work but its so exciting too, sounds like you and your parents like their new home. I so hear you about appointments, my Dr. charges $50 if you cancel in under 24 hours but when I go there sometimes I have to wait 2 hours past my scheduled appt time – I wish I could charge back for my wasted time! Your outfits look great as always – those stripped pants are super cute!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s been incredibly busy, I’m enjoying a quiet couple of days this week to recover 😆 It’s so frustrating! I know Doctors are ultimately still a business but they really need to consider people a bit more often!

      Thank you ☺️💛


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