May’s Goals (2019)

The past couple of months I have been setting myself goals to help improve my mental health. I have found this type of goal setting really useful. Before setting goals I found myself almost floating around hoping that each month I would make progress. Now I have a focus and I push myself in different ways each month.

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I have found that setting myself goals has somewhat helped me with my anxiety and depression. I still have bad days but each months I have certain things that I want to do that are aimed to tackle different elements of my anxiety.


Here are this months goals:

Go to London one weekend – Public transport can be daunting for those who suffer from mental health problems and so this is something I would like to tackle. I have had a bad experience travelling up to London which ended in a terrible panic attack and I thought I wouldn’t be able to return home. This is therefore something that I want to continue working on and eventually one day feel confident enough to travel up to London on my own again. My goal is to eventually feel confident enough to travel up on my own and meet my boyfriend for lunch during his lunch break – hopefully one day I’ll achieve it!



Lunch out (either in a pub garden or sat outside a cafe) – I have mentioned countless times that when my anxiety is bad I find it difficult to eat out in public. I feel like I have made progress in regards to this. I am now able to eat in public, sit in a food hall, etc… However, I am not yet ready to eat in a restaurant. The wait for food induces my anxiety and I tend to have to either leave or I get to the point where I’m so anxious I no longer want to eat anyway. I want to tackle this by eating outside. Eating outside often feels a lot less daunting (for me, anyway) as I no longer feel trapped and if I need to get up and leave I feel like less people will look at me. This may sound silly but it is my way of thinking. I want to slowly get use to the waiting aspect of eating out by sitting outside and build on my experiences until I feel ready to try eating inside.



Go to my Cervical Screening (Providing my doctors don’t cancel it again!) – My anxiety prevented me from calling to book my cervical screening for quite a while. Eventually I made the call and prepared myself for the appointment. However, on the day my doctors surgery rang me to cancel the appointment. It is not the test itself that makes me anxious – although I’m not looking forward to it. The idea of having to be somewhere, at a certain time, to sit and wait in a waiting room all sets my anxiety off. In addition to this as a sufferer of emetophobia I dread visits to the doctors incase someone is sick. I’ll keep you updated.



Go to Bath – We’re going to Bath at the end of the month (when I say end I mean the very last day in May!). There are many things that make me anxious about this trip; the drive, eating both lunch and dinner out, the hours before we can check into our hotel room, etc… At the same time I want to enjoy the trip as much as possible. We’ve been to Bath a few times before and love the city and so hopefully it’ll be a nice break for us. You can read about our previous trips here. I will share with you how it goes!


Catch up with a friend – I’ve been unable to go out with friends for about a year now due to my anxiety. I often feel awkward if I’m around those who do not know my little anxious ways very well and in turn that aggravates my anxiety. I’ve now built it up into such a momentous occasion my anxiety has tripled. My boyfriend will be working lots this month, including a couple of Saturdays and so I’ve decided it’s the perfect chance to have a catch up with a friend. Fingers crossed the dates line up and it all goes ahead!


Go to the supermarket on my own – Okay, this is a bit of an odd one. In previous months I have just given myself the challenge of going out on my own but that’s often too vague and I don’t end up doing it. This month I’m determined to make a couple of solo trips to the supermarket just to pick up some bits for dinners, etc… Sometimes I want to go out on my own but I have no reason to and so I decide it’s just a waste of money and effort. Hopefully going to the supermarket will give me the purpose I need.


What are your goals this month?









8 thoughts on “May’s Goals (2019)

  1. I’m so glad to see that one of your goal is to go to the supermarket on your own. I also struggle with this! People can be so judging when they hear this too 😦 I have days when I feel stronger and can tackle things like this but mostly it’s just too much! I also find it easier if I’m going to a smaller one that I have visited more frequently, I’m much more comfortable. Is this your experience as well?

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    1. I find the busier it is the worst I find it 😫 If I’m in a large store then my anxiety can be triggered at the thought of how long it would take me to get out. Like you say, some days I feel fine and I know I can tackle it, others I know not to even try. Hopefully one day we can feel confident enough in going by ourself whenever we need to 🤞🏼

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