April’s Goals – What did I achieve? (2019)

April has been a strange month, it somehow seems to have whizzed by and I feel like I haven’t done very much. You can find my post here setting out my goals for April and why I have chosen each one.

Continue to go out on my own – 

I haven’t really gone out on my own this month. I did go by myself to a doctors appointment so I guess you can count that as one solo trip? When I set this goal I failed to factor in the fact that most of April was school holidays. During this time everywhere is so ridiculously busy and so I tend to only venture out when necessary. Hopefully I’ll make more progress next month with going out on my own.

Drive more –

There were four occasions on which I forced myself to drive this month when I normally would have just let my partner. It’s not much but it is some improvement. The first drive I really enjoyed as I drove us home and so my anxiety was relatively low knowing that I would soon be back in my comfort zone. The second drive I was feeling quite anxious before we set off and didn’t particularly enjoy driving. The third and fourth drives were local but I made the effort of driving rather than letting my parents drive. It’s small steps. I am going to continue to tackle this so that by the end of the year I am confident behind the wheel again.

Go to a lambing weekend –

We visited a lambing weekend towards the beginning of April. It was cold and it was pouring down but I was determined to tick off this goal for the month. My anxiety was relatively good and I enjoyed the outing. Not to mention lambs are so cute and I would love to have my own flock of sheep. You can read more about the trip here.


Go to Ikea –

I made it to IKEA and back in one piece!

I love IKEA and so I was really eager to achieve this goal. The drive there was quite stressful and anxiety provoking, as it was new to me and we did get stuck in some traffic. We had lunch at IKEA. The chips were gluten free and so my partner went to get us some while I sat at a table in the busy food court. He must have only been gone for 5-10 minutes but it felt like a lifetime. I could feel my anxiety threaten to rear its ugly head but I managed to keep myself calm. I tackled the journey there so why couldn’t I sit in an open space on my own for a few minutes? Eventually my partner returned and we ate our lunch, we didn’t linger, as soon as the last chip had been eaten we began our venture round the shop.

I did relatively well inside the shop, however towards the end I was beginning to feel a little trapped and ready to leave. I made it to the checkouts and we purchased our findings. You can read more about the trip here.


Have lunch out –

I have eaten out in food courts many times this month which is a huge achievement for me. I’ve also had lunch out twice, once at a cafe and once at a pub. Ob both occasions my anxiety was high as I sat waiting for my food but I did it and I did eventually enjoy the food that was in front of me. This is a goal that I want to continue working on.


Book cervical screening –

I booked my cervical screening towards the beginning of the month. I had another appointment to make and so decided to get it all over with in one phone call. I had hoped to be writing this telling you that I had not only booked my test but I’d also had it done. I was booked in on the 24th April, however on that morning my doctors surgery rang me to cancel. Hopefully next month I’ll be telling you that I’ve had it done!


What did you achieve this month?






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