Weekly Mental Health and Outfit Update (29th April -5th May)

Some weeks I sail through them, others I just generally find really difficult. This week was a difficult one. There’s no particular reason why it was a difficult one, in fact I had a really good week but for some reason I struggled. Do you ever get weeks like that? I’m glad that it’s over and I hope that next week is a positive one, fingers crossed!

Monday 29th April –

Monday was pretty boring, I had lots of work to catch up on and so spent most of the day hunched over my laptop. I did, however go out for a walk during which I wore the above Topshop Joni jeans, an ASOS top and my boyfriends hoodie form New Look.

We still have loads of easter eggs to get through and so I melted some to have as a treat with an apple that afternoon.

I can’t put my finger on what was wrong but I started the week off on the wrong foot. I felt really down and just couldn’t shake it, I hoped that if I spent a couple of days at home working it would just pass.

Tuesday 30th April –

I stuck with my plan on Tuesday and spent the day indoors working away. Still I couldn’t shake the feeling. By the end of the day I resigned myself to the fact that it was just going to be one of those weeks and I had to get myself through it. I didn’t particularly feel anxious, or depressed, I just wasn’t happy.

Wednesday 1st April –

Wednesday was a big day for me. Having decided that I’d spent enough time holed up working I thought I’d try another approach to shake this feeling. I did a big thing and went to the supermarket on my own and got some of our food shopping for the week. After that I went over to my parents. My brother’s just got back from spending 6 weeks in America with his girlfriend so it was nice to catch up. Within two minutes of stepping through the door I had spilt a pint of milk over the kitchen floor and my mum was suggesting I went back home.

If you read last week’s update then you will know my parents moved house. Their new cooker was delivered today and so we had to run out to Wickes to buy a wire for it. Whilst there we had a little look round for inspiration as to what colours to paint their house.


I felt quite anxious in Wickes but I tried to ignore it and eventually I shook the feeling and enjoyed the remainder of the trip.


I wore my Zara polkadot dress and green New Look coat.

I spent the afternoon with my mum and brother, it was nice to have some company and we made plans to go and buy some paint the following day.

I got home and bulk cooked some bean burgers – we had them for dinner and they were delicious! You can find the recipe here (the ones above have breadcrumbs added as I had some that needed using up).

Thursday 2nd May –

I went with my mum and brother to buy paint today. I decided to drive which was a huge step forward for me. We chose the paint colours and had a walk round the other shops in the area.


I dressed a little too summery for the day. I wore these blue patterned trousers with my beige H&M jumper. Thankfully I got home before it started raining.

I got home and treated myself to my favourite lunch – halloumi and tinned tomatoes on toast. Once I’d eaten I got back on with work. My boyfriend was working late and so the afternoon felt like it lasted forever.

Friday 3rd May –

Sorry there’s no pictures for today! Another day just spent in working, fun! 

Saturday 4th May –

My boyfriend was working this morning and so I decided to keep myself busy and attempt to make some gluten free chocolate eclairs! There were multiple failures and varying degrees of success. I might write a blog post on my attempts, is that something you’d be interested in reading? By the time I had finished baking them and cleaned the kitchen my boyfriend was home. We had some lunch together and popped over to see my uncle and cousins. We had great fun playing with my cousins.


Exhausted we got home, had dinner and caught up on the final series of Line of Duty ready for the finale tomorrow! I felt much calmer today, having the morning to myself to bake was just what I needed.

Sunday 5th May –

For some reason today I woke up anxious. I had no reason to be anxious, our only plans were to spend the day at my parents helping them paint. I wasn’t feeling very well which didn’t help my anxiety. We had to do a quick stop at the supermarket on our way  over which only increased my panic. By the time we had finished I was incredibly grateful to be out of there! After an hour or so at my parents the anxiety disappeared and we got stuck in painting.


It was nice having a catch up and some dinner with them. Then we headed home and I got to finish my book before we settled down to watch the final of Line of Duty – very exciting! 


I’m happy to draw the line under this week. Tomorrow is bank holiday Monday, we don’t have plans as it’s going to be a matter of waking up and seeing how my anxiety is.

How has your week been?







5 thoughts on “Weekly Mental Health and Outfit Update (29th April -5th May)

  1. Love once again your outfits! Yes I also get those kind of weeks and that feeling . Just keep moving forward don’t overthink which is what I tend to do . So I have to just push through. Sometimes we really never know why we felt that way. Hugs!

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