Weekly Mental Health and Outfit Update (7th May – 12th May)

To say it has been a long week is an understatement. My grandparents are away at the moment and my boyfriend has been working late all week and so I’ve spent a lot of time on my own. I’ve enjoyed it but the long evenings on my own became increasingly difficult.

This week begins on Tuesday, if you fancy reading about the panic attack I had on Monday you can find it here. I’ve spent most of the week recovering from that attack.

Tuesday 7th May –

If you read my post on bank holiday Monday then you will know that I had a very bad day! I decided to have a quiet day today, I had work to do and thought perhaps I’d just spend the day in my pyjamas catching up on everything. Unsurprisingly, fate had other plans. My aunt had a hospital appointment in the afternoon and asked if I would be on standby to collect my cousin from nursery if her appointment overran.

Despite feeling rubbish, both mentally and physically after my panic attack yesterday, there was no way I would let my little cousin down. I decided to get myself ready for the day and hope that I wasn’t needed. I wore my Topshop ripped blue jeans and this casual grey ASOS top. Comfy enough to sit at home and work in but also fine to pick my cousin up.

I’m still on a quest to get a good selfie! I think my hair parting is making me look a little odd – perhaps it’s time for a new style. Not quite sure how I’d change it around though so that’s a thought for another day. Anyone out there have any ideas for how I can change my hair?

My grandparents are on holiday at the moment and so I grabbed their car seat and fitted it in the car, at least then I would be ready to go if needed. I also think I deserve an award after working out how to fit this seat.

It was lucky that I did fit the car seat as my aunt’s appointment ran over and I had to go get my cousin. I must say I’m incredibly proud of myself. I tackled school-time traffic, busy country lanes, a tight parking spot and that was all before actually collecting him! I’ve been with my nan a few times to pick him up so thankfully I knew the protocol. I took him home, got him a drink and we video called my nan for a chat. He had the cheek to tell my nan that I’m a bad driver.

Once home I got back on with some work and then decided to have a big clear out in my bedroom. My boyfriend’s working late tonight so I’m trying to find things to do although I’ve already ticked off everything on my list – other than getting quotes for tyres! Boring. I spent the evening reading my book until about 10pm when I had to go and pick my boyfriend up from the station. It’s been a rather positive day all in all.

Wednesday 8th May


It’s pouring down today, really miserable outside. The last thing I felt like doing was leaving the house, however I’ve completely run out of gluten free bread. I convinced my mum to come with me and we headed into town. My anxiety was still making itself known but it was nothing that I couldn’t cope with. We ran our errands and got home in time for lunch.

I had a rare day with no work and so I spent my afternoon booking our car in for a new tyre – how exciting. My boyfriend isn’t going to be home until really late tonight and so I’m going to treat myself to a film and perhaps read my book.

Thursday 9th May – 

I woke up today completely lacking motivation and energy. I decided to stick to my comfortable clothes and threw on these Oysho leggings and this Motorhead jumper from Topshop. My boyfriend is working late again tonight and so I decided I needed to get out for a while today to pass the time a bit quicker.


I went to visit my great-aunt, popped to the supermarket and then went and spent the afternoon at my parents working. It was nice to have some company for a while.

Friday 10th May –

Friday was a super boring day. I finally felt like I’d shaken this mood that I’ve been in which I am so grateful for. I spent most of the day doing housework and gave the house a thorough clean. I thought my boyfriend was going to be late home again so I just settled down with my book, planning a simple dinner of toasted cheese sandwich and chips when he rung me to say he had got out of work earlier than planned.

I was disappointed to have to put my book down but happy to spend the evening with him as he’d been working until 10pm all week. We decided that I should pick him up from the station and we would go straight to Tesco to pick up some bits for dinner. After a microwaveable saag aloo and a couple of gin and tonics I was a little too happy.

I wore my black Topshop Joni jeans and my ASOS top. This pair of Joni jeans ended up in the bin as they’ve worn away. I have another pair but I also want to replace these. Does anyone have any jeans recommendations? My Topshop ones have lasted me about 5/6 years and so I’m tempted to just buy another pair!

Saturday 11th May –

My boyfriend was working again today, I’ve barely seen him all week. I decided to make the most of it and make plans to see a friend. My anxiety has prevented me from doing this lately and so I decided that today was the perfect opportunity. I woke up feeling really anxious, which was ridiculous. As I got ready and waited for my friend to get round my anxiety was getting really bad. I knew that once she was here I would be fine.

As predicted once she arrived my anxiety almost disappeared. I made us some lunch and we had a catch up, followed by a brief trip into town to pick up some holiday essentials for my friend. When she left I made a promise to myself to not leave it so long and to encourage myself to do more things like this that are outside of my comfort zone.

Today’s outfit was a plain black top from New Look and these snake print trousers from H&M.

Sunday 12th May –


I’ve been excited for today all week – not because we’re getting a new tyre on the car but because my boyfriend’s finally off work! We got up and got ready for the day, I decided to stay home while my boyfriend went and got the new tyre fitted. However, he rung me to say that it would be an hour. He decided to walk home and we had some lunch. I felt a little bit anxious today but I was not going to let it ruin our day together. I decided to walk with him to get the car.

Once we’d picked up the car we decided to pop out for a coffee and a little wander around the shops. I got some eyebrow shapers, they have a blade in them and so are not to be sold to under 18s. I got ID’ed for them which was a little frustrating that I look so young. We then headed over to my aunt and uncle’s to celebrate my uncle’s birthday. After lots of hide and seek in the garden with my cousin we had a quick cup of tea and headed home absolutely exhausted. These are my favourite kind of days as there’s hardly any expectations on them and so every achievement is a bonus.

Today I wore my black long sleeve top from New Look and this old jumpsuit from River Island.






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