Get Blogged – how to get paid for blog posts

I have spoken quite openly about how my mental health is preventing me from pursing a conventional job at the moment. I am currently freelance writing, sometimes I’m really busy, others I’m really not. I have recently discovered the website GetBlogged, which allows you to apply to write blog posts containing a paid for advertorial. You can see one I completed here. You can pick and choose which ones you apply for, therefore if they are not relevant to your blog you can just ignore them.

Screen Shot 2019-05-13 at 11.44.15.png

If you’re interested you can sign up here or just click this link:

*These are affiliate links which means if you sign up and complete a job I receive a small commission. You can also sign up to their affiliate scheme.

I wanted to share this with you as I know any extra income is a bonus. My view is that I will only apply for a post if it is relevant to my blog topic and therefore I benefit from blog content relevant to my readers and I receive a small fee.

Let me know if you sign up! I would also love to know if there are any similar websites out there.

I also hope that you don’t mind the odd paid for advert on my blog, I promise to always ensure it’s relevant and only post about topics that I feel are relatable.







16 thoughts on “Get Blogged – how to get paid for blog posts

  1. I love any money I can make by writing at home. I am a struggling writer but manage to make some money and I am happy about that. Home is best for me because I do well on the PC being an introvert but once outside I am not sure of anything. I just registered through your link so I hope this will help me. Thank you for sharing.

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    1. Domain authority is basically where you rank on a search engine. It goes from 0-100 (I believe). You can find out what yours is at I’m a bit of a newbie to it all so it’s a bit difficult to explain! Have a google and it will explain to you how you build your DA xx


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