Weekly Mental Health and Outfit Update (13th May – 19th May)

Sorry this weekly update is late, it also doesn’t include the weekend (with the exception of a picture of Saturday’s outfit). We had a rather bad and stressful weekend, not particularly mental health related and so I have left it out. Sorry!


As you’ll see it’s been quite a difficult week for me. My anxiety has been all over the place and every day felt like a huge battle.

Monday  13th May –

I didn’t feel very well on Sunday evening and as a result didn’t sleep very well either. I woke up in a rubbish mood – you can read more about how I was feeling here. It was a beautiful day outside and so I forced myself to go out for a walk in the hope that it would improve my mood – it didn’t. I got back home and decided to just get on with some work, if I was going to feel that rubbish I may as well earn some money whilst doing it.

I wore these stripe trousers from River Island, plain top from New Look and a faux suede jacket from Zara.

Tuesday 14th May – 

I had a few bits that I needed to pick up from M&S in town today and so I asked my mum if she wanted to come with me, I felt in need of some moral support. I was feeling really anxious but had run out of my gluten free bread so knew I had to make the trip at some point in the near future. When we got into town we headed straight for M&S as I could already feel a panic attack working it’s way up inside of me. We went round the shop as quick as possible as every second I felt my anxiety worsen. Eventually we got what we needed and left, coming straight home. I felt terrible, for letting myself down on a simple trip to the supermarket and just terrible from the anxiety.


I spent the afternoon feeling sorry for myself. In my haste to whizz round M&S I had forgotten a few things that we needed. I decided that when I picked my boyfriend up from the station we’d go straight to Tesco. If I put it off then I knew it would turn into a problem and I didn’t want that to happen. If I have a bad experience I know I need to replace it with a good one as soon as possible. Thankfully we had a rather successful trip to Tesco and my anxiety was limited.


I stayed in my comfy clothes today with these lounge wear trousers from New Look and my boyfriend’s jumper from Primark.

Wednesday  15th May –

On Wednesday I still felt a bit rubbish and so spent the day indoors just working. My boyfriend and I had considered popping out that evening to a shopping centre. I didn’t feel like it but I knew I probably should. That evening we had dinner and then headed out. I was really anxious and found the drive difficult, it took everything in me to keep myself calm. I struggled walking round the shops and found that the anxiety wasn’t ebbing away. I carried on though and eventually it improved slightly, by then I thought I had achieved enough and we headed home.

Because I felt so rubbish I wanted to try and make a little bit of an effort. I wore this corduroy skirt from Topshop with a plain black t-shirt and this white jumper from Miss Guided.

Thursday  16th May –

*I’d like to apologise for the perfume stains on my shirt – sorry!*

I wore my Topshop ripped, black top and this denim shirt from New Look.

It was a lovely sunny day today and so my mum and I decided to head out for a walk. We were only out for an hour but it felt like I had achieved something. It meant that spending the afternoon in working wasn’t so difficult.


Friday 17th May –

Friday was a horrible day if I’m honest. My grandparents are still in Spain with my dog and he had a check up before they began their journey home. During his visit to the vets they found that he has a heart murmur. We don’t know much about it and we’re going to get a second opinion once he’s home but it’s upset us all.

Feeling upset and anxious I headed into town with my mum to grab some dishwasher tablets. I didn’t feel like doing much more and so I went back to my mums for lunch and then headed home.

My afternoon was rather eventful! We’ve had our Mini for almost a year now and we received a letter to say that our warranty was due for renewal. I immediately messaged my boyfriend as I had thought we had a 2 year warranty on the car. He text me back saying that he thought that was the case too. The dealership that we got the car from has now been shut down and so after numerous phone calls I finally found someone who could help. They did some digging for me and eventually got back to me telling me that we have two different warranties – one with the dealership and one with a third party. Each warranty should have consecutively run for a year, however the garage made an error with the dates and both warranties ran at the same time. Thankfully the man I spoke to went away and corrected the documents and so we’re still covered. Unfortunately this isn’t the first error we’ve come across, I can definitely see why the branch we purchased the car from has been shut down!


For someone who hates making phone calls I’m rather proud of myself for sorting the car out. Everyone I spoke to was lovely and incredibly helpful. Despite our terrible experience with a particular Mini dealership I would still recommend them.


Saturday 18th May – 






19 thoughts on “Weekly Mental Health and Outfit Update (13th May – 19th May)

  1. I just want to tell you that you’re stronger than you probably realised. We are in some dark places from time to time but it’s nice that you can find the strength to share this. What you do is not only empowering yourself but giving hope to others with similar issues (myself included) that you can survive days like these. Keep posting, keep writing and keep fighting.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Sorry you’re having a bad day 😔 I’ve been trying a meditation app lately that’s been helping – could be worth looking into ☺️


      2. I’ve been using headspace but it’s only a free trial. I’ve just been recommended Insight Timer which I believe is a free version ☺️


    1. Thank you for sharing, it’s comforting to know that others have had it with no impact on their quality of life or life span ☺️ I hope my dog takes after your cat 🤞🏼


  2. I so happy you pushed through , even though you were having a hard time this shows strength . You are stronger then you think . So proud of you. I must say I love the Long jean shirt with tank top and jeans outfit…I need to go shopping this looks so comfy. what I am looking for next time I shop. Hugs and keep moving forward 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Love those stripy pants, they look really good on you! Our dog had a heart murmur and the vet said we didn’t need to act on it immediately, she lived to 18. She had a myriad of health problems so the heart murmur was not a priority, but it didn’t affect her at all. Most of the time they’re okay.

    Liked by 1 person

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