May Favourites (2019)

May has been a bit of an odd month, rather quiet and sped by. We visited Bath at the end of the month and so tried to keep to a budget this month, therefore I don’t have many new things to share with you for this months favourites. It would feel sad to skip a month though and so I am still going to share with you what I’ve been loving during May.

Dermaplaning – 

I’ve had annoying peach fuzz skin all over my face for as long as I can remember. I always wonder what it would be like not to have it and to be able to smoothly apply my make up. I’ve considered shaving it but I’ve always been a little scared that it’ll either grow back really dark and thick or that I’ll cut myself. I recently came across a blog post recommending eyebrow shapers for at-home dermaplaning. I really wanted to try it but wondered if I was just being a little bit silly and a lot vain. However, that day we popped into TKMaxx and I came across these eyebrow shapers. I decided it was fate and that I should give it ago! £4.99 and a show of my ID later I was the proud owner of the above.

I have used them both for dermaplaning and for shaping my eyebrows and am impressed. I feel like at this stage I should probably explain a little more about dermaplaning. It is the act of using a scalpel to remove both peach fuzz hair and dead skin. My skin is lovely and smooth and despite all the myths it has not grown back darker or thicker. It might not be for everyone but I really like the results. For years it’s annoyed me putting on my make up and see it clump onto the peach fuzz. If nothing else I have some eyebrow shapers out of it – which has encouraged my boyfriend to tame his which is an unforeseen bonus!



Get Blogged

By now you’re probably very sick of hearing me talk about Get Blogged and I’m sorry for that. I keep sharing it because I know to some people it will be incredibly helpful. At the moment there’s been very few jobs on there but the more we get the word out the bigger the site can become. Get Blogged allows brands to advertise paid blog posts which you can then apply for. I recently completed one which can be found here. I also applied for one and was offered it, however I later turned it down as I realised it didn’t fit in with my blog as well as I had originally thought it would.

To anyone suffering with mental health holding down a conventional job can be difficult and so any way of making money is appreciated. I will pop my link below, it is an affiliate link which means if you completed a job on the site I will receive a small commission.


As I mentioned above we’ve been on a bit of a budget this month in an attempt to save for our trip to Bath, because of this we’ve been looking for cheapish things to do this month. We’ve visited the golf range a couple of times. The first time it was happy hour and so we got 50 balls for £2.50, the second time was outside of happy hour and it costs £4. I’ve really got back into golf the last few times we’ve been, I’m rubbish at all sports but for some reason I seem to be good at golf which is rather nice. I suppose I have a good teacher.


The last time we went out on the course I had a bit of a panic attack knowing that I was getting further and further away from the car and so by hole 7 we gave up. I’ve been reluctant to try it again but after a last couple of trips to the range I’ve decided I want to practice on the course. I’ll let you know how that goes! (2).png


What have you been enjoying this month?








11 thoughts on “May Favourites (2019)

  1. My make up artist for my wedding referred me to dermaplanning. I have little hairs too. Hoping it all works out for me.

    Also, maybe instead of doing a full course for golf you can just go to a driving range? They have places in the US where you’re given a bucket of golf balls and you can hit them into a field to practice your different swings. Maybe that might be better than going deep into a course?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good luck with it! I’ve really enjoyed it and can see the difference when I apply my make up ☺️

      We have been trying the golf range but I’m feeling like perhaps I could try the course now 🤞🏼


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