Feeling Anxious About Going Abroad

This time next week I will (hopefully) be on a plane to Spain! If truth be told I’m absolutely terrified. I’m not terrified of being out in Spain – we’re going to my grandparent’s holiday villa out there. I’ve been going to the villa since I was about 10 and so it’s a home-from-home for me.

What I’m the most scared of is the time at the airport and the plane journey.


My anxiety often arises when I feel trapped somewhere and I’m concerned about how I will feel once I pass through security. I’ll be trapped in a relatively small area with crowds of people just having to wait for our flight. When I’m anxious I like to go outside and have a few moments to myself away from people, however this will be impossible. We’re going to try and wait until the last minute to go through security so fingers crossed I don’t get too anxious. I keep telling myself that in the worst case scenario we can leave and just go straight home. I would feel like such a failure though if this happened and would feel dreadfully guilty about wasting the money on flights and my boyfriend not getting a holiday.


I’m hoping we’ll be lucky and the airport won’t be overly busy and that I’m having a good day with my anxiety – fingers crossed! I’m also nervous about the time on the plane before we’re up in the air – once we’re in the air there’s no going back and I have to just get myself through it. Last year we went to Rome for my birthday and I had a panic attack on the plane home – it was horrible. I had eaten dinner at the airport before our flight and due to a lack of vegetarian and gluten free options I was forced to have risotto. Now, for those of you who don’t know rice is one of the biggest causes of food poisoning. I then convinced myself on the plane that I was unwell and it ended in a panic attack. The worst thing about having a panic attack on a plane is that there’s no space for you to escape to, other than the toilets but I think that would make me feel even worse!


I’m working myself up over what will happen but there are so many different factors to consider, I know that I can’t foresee how it will go. I’m trying to be really organised to distract myself from worrying about it. It’s not working too well though.


Generally my anxiety is a lot worse at the moment because I’m so worried about it. It’s so stupid because I know once I’m there I’ll have a lovely time. The travelling will only be about 6 hours of my day and I’m so worked up about it.


Do you have any tips for calming myself down?







16 thoughts on “Feeling Anxious About Going Abroad

  1. How amazing that you will go to Spain! 😍 Where are you going to? My mother is Spanish and right now I’m in Spain. I can understand you and feel you because I also struggle with anxiety. The crowds make me anxious too and the plane too. What I use sometimes is meds for traveling or for anxiety. I also distract myself with music or a good postcast which help my thoughts to think of something else

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    1. We’re going near to Murcia 🙂 It must be amazing to have Spanish heritage! I have a doctors appointment a couple of days before we go so I may see if they’ll prescribe me something so that I know I have it even if I don’t have to take it. Thank you for your tips 🙂 xx

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    1. I’ve got the book! Unfortunately once the alcohol starts wearing off it brings on a panic attack for me 😦 I’ll definitely treat myself to a gin once I’m there though! haha


  2. I found having a whole bunch of distractions to be really helpful and to take my mind off of things. I had a playlist made on Spotify that I could listen to offline, a couple of books and I had a couple of episodes of Friends on my phone to watch if things got really bad. I know it’s easier said than done but try and focus on how amazing you’ll feel once you’re there – if you’re anxiety has been especially bad doing this would be the best way to stick your middle finger up at it! Good luck with it and have a fabulous holiday! 😘 Xx

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    1. Thank you for your tips 🙂 I’m definitely going to download some music and have a couple of books with me. I’m hoping on the ay the excitement of going on holiday will outweigh any anxiety! It’s mostly the unknown of how I’m going to react in the situation. Thank you for your comment 🙂 xxx

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  3. Liz, I’m the exact same as you. I struggle so much with getting a plane journey as there’s no escape once you’re on it and funny timing because I actually had rice for dinner tonight!😅 the things that help me are, having a big water bottle, sticking your headphones in and have a playlist ready for all the music you want to listen to one your journey. grab your favourite books and get stuck in. the more you think about it the worse it’ll get for you. if you start feeling anxious, grab your boyfriends hand and just squeeze it. it’s always better to feel like what ever happens you have someone there that will look after you. If it makes you feel better before the flight don’t eat anything that could possibly give you food poisoning. You’ll do amazing and I’m so proud of you😘 xx

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    1. Sorry that was really bad timing 🙈🤣 It’s only dangerous if it’s not reheated properly 😬 Thank you for sharing your tips ☺️ I’m going to bring a few books in case they don’t grab my attention! Definitely won’t be having risotto before this flight 🤣 thank you 😘xx

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