20 Facts About Me

I recently read Sassy Cat Lady’s post 20 Random Facts (you can find it here) and it made me think what 20 random facts would I tell you about myself. First of all I struggled finding 20 facts – I’m a rather boring person but it was fun trip down memory lane for me. Eventually I asked my partner what facts about myself I should share. He gave lots of unhelpful suggestions, however he did pull it back with some good ones!

I’d love to read your 20 facts about you so let me know in the comments if you post your own. Or just drop a few facts about yourself in a comment.


1. I’ve been a vegetarian for almost 15 years – At around the age of 10/11 I decided meat was no longer for me. I couldn’t bear the thought of what I was eating and after a bout of food poising from some chicken I made the decision to give up meat for good.


2. It took me 3 attempts to pass my driving test- I failed the first two on majors. The first being a reverse round the corner, which I misjudged, the second I was failed for pausing at a junction rather than stopping. At the end of my first driving test the instructor actually told me I was a good driver and it was a shame I’d messed up the reverse around the corner.

3. I was home schooled up until the age of 16 – At the age of 11 my mental health was at its lowest and so it was decided I should be taken out of school and home schooled up until the age of 16. Back when I was 11 mental health still wasn’t greatly spoken about and so the school and the authorities were less than helpful at the time.


4. I have a Degree and Masters in Law – I know, even I don’t believe it sometimes. I also have a certificate for getting the highest grade of the year in one of my subjects, even though I felt like I guessed the entire exam. I suppose there’s a lot to be said for an educated guess.

5. I suffer from Emetophobia – This is a fear of vomiting and there’s not many aspects of my life that it doesn’t affect.

6. I have zero patience – Literally zero. I think it’s partly down to my anxiety though so hopefully it is something that I can work on.

7. I drink a ridiculous amount of tea – Seriously. I had to stop using my flask that I got for Christmas because there was not a moment in the day where I wasn’t drinking tea.

8. My thumbs bend backwards – My boyfriend thinks this is hilarious. I’ve always thought it was quite normal until he decided to make fun of them.

9. I’m organised – This is another of the facts that my boyfriend contributed, he said I plan things too much. Again, I think this is an aspect of my anxiety – I like to be prepared for every eventuality.

10. Pixie Ear – I have a pointy bit on the top of one of my ears, apparently my great-grandad had one too. I like it and if I’m tired or anxious I play with it.

11. Gluten intolerant – After two years of feeling incredibly ill  I cut gluten out of my diet. I’ve now been gluten free for over a year and feel so much better! I should have gone to the doctors to be officially diagnosed, however I was in the most horrific job and would not have been able to get any time off for tests, etc…


12. I’m good-ish at golf – If you know me then you know that me and sports don’t get along, so when I started going to the golf range with my boyfriend it came as quite a shock to realise I was actually good at it. I’ve got a long way to go but it’s nice to feel good at something!

13. A lion cub wee’d on me when I was younger – Okay so these days there’s no way I would hold a lion cub and contribute towards their ill treatment, however when this happened I was too young to understand. I held the little lion cub for a picture and it had a little wee on me – probably karma.


14. I can ride a horse – My mum was a keen horse rider and so from a young age she encouraged us. Around the age of 11 I started riding every weekend and did so until I was about 18. I’d love to get back into it but at the moment my anxiety and money are restrictive.

15. Following on from the above, I once fell face first into horse poo – I’d just dismounted my horse when it decided it wanted to run to the feed room. I tried to keep a hold of it and pull it back until I tripped over a wheelbarrow and fell into some horse poo. Whoever said horse riding is glamorous is lying.

16. I use to be scared of dogs – When I was little my mum, brother and myself were attacked by an alsatian. The dog came running out of the house and bit my mum (luckily she was wearing a thick fur coat) and then started to go for me in my pram. Thankfully the owner had run out by this point and pulled it back. After this I was terrified of dogs, to the extent I had to cross the road if I saw one coming. I slowly got over my fear at the riding stables as there were lots of friendly dogs around. Eventually I got so comfortable around them I got my own little puppy.

17. I spent many years trying, and failing, to learn Spanish – I can still order a coffee and some chips but that’s about it. Cafe con leche y patatas fritas, por favor.

18. I’m so invisible someone once sat on me on a train – It was honestly so embarrassing. It was a busy train and this man didn’t spot me until after he sat on me.

19. I’ve had pneumonia – When I was around thirteen I had the flu over Christmas which then turned to pneumonia. They wanted to keep me in hospital over New Year’s Eve but I was too scared to stay. Thankfully they let me go home but said they would keep a bed free for me. Looking back I realise now how dangerous the situation was and how bad it must have been for them to have kept a bed free for me.

20. I’m not artistic – Even drawing a stickman is quite a challenge for me. I think my artistic abilities lie within creative writing rather than drawing or painting.







31 thoughts on “20 Facts About Me

    1. Thank you! You might know somebody, we tend to keep it quiet as it’s really misunderstood 😔 I love my backwards thumbs 😆


    1. Thank you! ☺️ I’m learning that a lot of my quirky traits seem to be down to my anxiety. It makes me wonder who I’d be without it but I guess we can’t think like that! xx

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Ahh I loved this car, unfortunately its fuse box set fire a couple of years ago and I had to part ways with it as I didn’t feel safe driving her 😫I still miss her though! xx

      Liked by 1 person

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