Discussing your Mental Health whilst Dating (AD)

This post is a paid advertorial for welovedates.com.

We Love Dates is a dating site which caters for a number of different specifications to make dating easier for you. We Love Dates is designed towards niche dating to help you find the right partner for you. These niches range from where in the world you come from, your height and even your interests. The website is free to sign up and is there to help you meet your perfect match with a customer care team there to support you every step of the way.


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We Love Dates asked how I would approach a career as a matchmaker and how would I set myself apart from the others. I immediately knew the answer to this – I would set myself apart by breaking the taboo around mental health and dating. I remember a while ago a girl tweeted me telling me that she mentioned her mental health on a first date with someone and she never heard from them again. 

It’s often thought that during a date you present the best version of yourself but for many of us that best version includes our daily struggles with our mental health. People should not only be matched on their likes and dislikes but also their life experiences and their views on certain aspects of life.

Whether people like it or not our mental health is a part of us and should be spoken about. Therefore if you suffer from mental health then you should be matched with someone who has an understanding or the patience and willingness to learn. 


I was lucky, back when I met my boyfriend, my mental health was at its best. I’ll be honest it’s not really something we discussed for the first couple of years. It wasn’t affecting me at the time so I lived my life as if it wasn’t there. As it’s deteriorated I have opened up more to my partner and he has been incredibly understanding about it. I sometimes wonder if things would have been different if I had not been in such a good place with my mental health when I met my partner. Even with my struggles with mental health we still make the perfect match, so why shouldn’t others who are suffering still have the opportunity to find someone to share their life with?


My boyfriend is the complete opposite to me, which balances out my anxiety. I have to plan everything, everything makes me feel stressed and any little thing can send me over the edge. Thankfully my boyfriend is incredibly laid back and so he counteracts my anxious ways. The way that he balances my moods is very important to me as if we were too similar we would constantly be clashing and it would have a negative impact on my health.


From my own experience I believe that your mental health is something that should be taken into consideration when finding a partner. I know opposites don’t always attract but sometimes it’s nice to have someone who balances you out. If I were taking on the role of a matchmaker I would ensure I asked about my client’s mental health and their opinions and experiences with it. With this knowledge in mind I would then proceed to match people based on their compatibility and their experiences and approaches towards mental health.


Mental health is as prominent as one’s physical health and therefore it should be taken in to consideration to the same extent any physical problem would be.


Welovedates.com is taking steps towards ensuring that their members are matched to the highest compatibility to ensure you don’t have to kiss too many frogs before you find your prince.

Remember to never be afraid to talk to your date about your mental health, if they react negatively then they’re not your prince (or princess) charming.


Drop a comment below telling me about either your worst or best date. 








4 thoughts on “Discussing your Mental Health whilst Dating (AD)

  1. Completely agree – your mental health is part of you so it’s important to share! I’m similar to you in that my mental health issues weren’t as bad when I got together with my husband – I’m not sure how I’d broach the subject if I was dating now but I know I would want to get things out sooner rather than later. I think with so many matchmaking and dating services around its an important issue for them to consider, so this was really refreshing to read!

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    1. Thank you! I hope dating service do begin to consider mental health. Just because someone suffers with it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t find someone to spend their life with and to compliment their personality. The idea of having to date with my mental health problems is a terrifying thought so hopefully things can change for people 🤞🏼xx

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  2. Mental health is so important! I’m so happy it’s becoming less taboo to talk about openly. Thanks for sharing this! I’ve always had anxiety and I really have been trying to find myself for a long long time. Luckily, I met a guy (on match!) that is now my husband and tries hard every day to understand and support my anxiety and the ups and downs that come with it ❤️

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    1. It affects so many of us and so it should be openly talked about ☺️ I’m glad you’ve found someone to support you! Having the right people around us helps so much ❤️ Thank you for your comment ☺️

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