Weekly update 15th – 19th July

It’s been a horrible week if I’m honest and one I’m very glad is over. I’m feeling like I need a bit of a break from everything right now. The numerous appointments from last week have taken their toll on me this week. I’ve felt tired, extra anxious and a little depressed.

Anyway, here’s a little overview of how each day this week went!

Monday 15th July

Monday was rubbish. I had an appointment today but thankfully it was a home visit. We arranged for it to be carried out at my parent’s house as it can often be a little too hectic at home for appointments. I was quite anxious all morning about it but thankfully it went okay. It was kind of pointless but at least I did it.


On Sunday Teddy (my dog) went for a walk with my grandparents and got a grass seed in his foot. He was in a lot of pain and discomfort and so the vets decided the best option would be to put him under whilst they removed it. I was at my appointment when he went into the vets but I made sure I was there to go and pick him up. He came out very dozy and kept sliding over on the kitchen floor as he was fighting the sleepiness. They removed the grass seed and sent it home with us – it’s huge! Who would have thought it could do so much damage? Poor little Ted had an open wound on his foot but is slowly getting back to normal. He’s not allowed any long walks this week and unusually for him he seems to be happy about this. He’s being thoroughly spoilt and is being kept away from grass as much as possible for the time being!


Tuesday 16th July

I’ve been feeling really rubbish today and so I stayed in my comfies to sit at my desk and work all day. Last week’s anxiety due to my appointments has physically taken quite a toll on me. I have spots all over my face and my tongue and mouth are covered in ulcers – neither of which I usually suffer from. In addition to this I just feel really tired and down. Hopefully I can shake this feeling off.


Wednesday 17th July

Thankfully I’m feeling a little bit better today. My little cousins aren’t round today as they’re not very well and so my uncle has stayed home to look after them. It’s nice being able to have the day at home to get bits done rather than having to pack up all my work stuff and go over to my parents.


I did still see my mum. We had talked about popping out for a walk and so we decided we should still go. I felt really anxious to begin with but actually managed to shake it off! However, luck was not on our side as once I had shaken my anxiety my mum began to feel unwell and so we decided to just call it a day and head home. I have lots of blogging to catch up on today and so I will be glued to my desk writing for the afternoon.


Thursday 18th July & Friday 19th July – 

Thursday and Friday were boring days. Thursday I got five blog posts scheduled and started my tax return. Friday wasn’t quite so productive. Both days I was still feeling a little bit sorry for myself and incredibly tired. I’m so ready for this week to be over. The weather here is muggy and humid one minute and storming the next, which isn’t very helpful when you’re in a funny mood!


Is anyone else just feeling a bit ‘meh’ lately? I’m sure the weather being so up and down isn’t helping one little bit. I’m almost excited for winter, at least then you know everyday will be cold and wet.








11 thoughts on “Weekly update 15th – 19th July

  1. I’ve been feeling similar the last couple of weeks so I can relate. Work’s been horrendous since the end of last week but even before then I wasn’t feeling 100% so I’m hoping I’ll be able to shake it off soon. Hope you’re feeling better too! Xxx

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    1. It’s such a horrible feeling and really starts to get you down! Fingers crossed we turn a corner soon 🤞🏼I think this crazy weather isn’t helping matters! xxx

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  2. Hi Liz…so sorry you had a horrible week of anxiety! That sucks! I hope its going away now and you feel much better! It sounds like you managed, although it was hard. Well done on that front! xoxo

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