How does mental health impact our physical health?

I’ve had a really stressful and anxious couple of weeks and have noticed that it has taken a physical toll on me. There’s often a distinction between mental health and physical health, however those of us that suffer from either know that the line between them is often blurred. I’ve particularly noticed over the last week that my deteriorating mental health is having a negative impact on my physical health. I thought I would share with you how my mental health impacts on my physical health. Please drop a comment below if you also find your mental or physical health impacts on the other.

Upset stomach

A common physical side effect of my mental health is an upset stomach. This often presents itself with symptoms such as painful stomach cramps, gas and bloating. However, it can just generally leave my stomach feeling a little fragile. The knock-on effects of this is huge. When my stomach is feeling fragile my diet is not particularly good and it often leaves me generally feeling unwell with a lack of energy and motivation.


When I’m struggling with my mental health I often find painful ulcers appearing in my mouth or on my tongue. In addition to this I also sometimes get blood blisters in my mouth. I know this is something many people get anyway, however for me it’s a sign that my mental health is having a negative physical impact on me. These ulcers are often incredibly painful and so it leads to me feeling really down and sorry for myself. This is where a vicious cycle begins in which your mental health and your physical health fight to be the worst.


I’m not somebody that suffers with their skin apart from the odd hormonal spot. However, over the past couple of months with the stress of going on holiday and the deterioration in my mental health my face has been constantly breaking out. I know this probably sounds really vain but this gets me down. When I’m feeling rotten on the inside I at least like to think I can make a bit of an effort and nobody would know by looking at me. Not to mention the fact that these spots have been incredibly painful. I’ve found myself reaching for make-up even when I don’t intend to leave the house because they’re making me feel so down.


Tiredness/ lack of energy

My sleeping pattern and my energy is very closely linked to my mental health. Lately I’ve been waking up lots throughout the night, which then means I’m exhausted during the day. In addition to this I just feel tired from constantly fighting my mental health and now I’m also contending with physical symptoms. When you’re tired and feeling a bit down this means that your immune system can be compromised and therefore you are more susceptible to catching things.


Mood swings

It’s questionable as to whether this symptom should fall within mental health, however the affects of my mood swings show themselves physically and so I am including it in this post. I have a lot less patience, I lose my temper very quickly and I’m just generally in a bad and argumentative mood. I know this is because I’m feeling tired and fed up with fighting my mental health, sometimes I am able to recognise the cause and prevent the mood from taking a hold, other times the people around me aren’t quite as lucky.


From my own experience people often don’t realise what a toll fighting your mental health takes on your physical health (and vice versa). However, those of us that suffer know the difficulties we face.


Let me know how your mental health impacts on your physical health or how your physical health impacts on your mental health.


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30 thoughts on “How does mental health impact our physical health?

  1. I get mood swings and lack of motivation myself. I also find myself dizzy in the midst of a panic attack a lot. It’s not easy to deal with but I do my best to manage it all. I hope you start to feel better soon!

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  2. Yes it sure does .. I know when my sleep is off I do not sleep. Then it makes me more anxious. Which a never disorder I know anxiety effect my body . I have more pain. . Oh the ulcers sound miserable so so sorry you suffer from them. 💕

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  3. Tired hungry aches and pains. Lack of concentration no ability to make decisions over eating. Paranoia isolation mild acrophobia. Occasional panic attacks low self esteem. Some times suicidal thoughts.
    It tends to hit me in waves. My wife doesn’t understand. A lot of my friends do though. The heavier I get the worse it is. I’m currently the heaviest I have been in 22 years. Vicious circle. Will need to dig deep to loose the weight and regain my health.

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  4. My main one is an upset stomach, which isn’t the best paired with emetophobia! I’m now a lot better and can usually tell if I’ve got an anxious stomach, but every now and again it’ll manifest into a slightly different one that causes me to freak out thinking I’ve caught a bug.

    I’ve also had really bad spots this last year too, and they’re really starting to annoy me. It seems that once one goes another one appears later and my face feels like a connect the dots a lot of the time. I’ve spent so much on skincare stuff that’s supposed to improve it but nothing’s helped so far!

    Sorry to hear it’s been a stressful couple of weeks, hoping that things improve for you over the next few 🙂 xx

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    1. It’s such a vicious circle with emetophobia and it affecting your stomach 😫

      I’m sorry to hear you’re also suffering with spots 😔 they really get you down! I’ve been trying The Ordinary’s Salicylic acid and it seems to be tackling the ones that appear although it’s not preventing them, yet.

      Thank you for reading ❤️xx

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