Weekly update 22nd July – 26th July

We’ve had one hell of a heatwave this week, however on Friday it ended with torrential rain and thunderstorms. The heat hasn’t been good for my anxiety and I’ve found this week quite difficult to get through. I still can’t shake this funny mood either. I’m trying to make the most of it and throw myself into work and writing until it passes.

Monday 22nd July –

This morning I had a doctor’s appointment to check in with my Doctor and generally have a chat about how I’m feeling. I was really anxious going to the appointment and found it quite difficult. Unfortunately when I walk out of the appointments I don’t immediately feel better. I then spent the rest of the day feeling quite rubbish and my head was pounding. However, it was my Grandad’s birthday and so my mum made lunch for myself and my grandparents. It was a lovely afternoon, I just wish I hadn’t felt quite so rubbish!


My mum was throwing this dress away on Sunday and so I thought I would try it on. I absolutely loved it, despite usually hating this style of dress. It’s now going to be a firm favourite in my wardrobe.

Tuesday 23rd July –

Tuesday was a rather boring day, the temperatures were beginning to rise and I was at home working. I still can’t shake this strange mood that I’ve been feeling but I’m doing my best to just get on with life until it passes. Despite the hot weather I made myself pop out for a walk after lunch – I didn’t get far and mostly just sat on a bench in the local park but it was nice to get out and away from my desk for a while.


Wednesday 24th July –

Wednesday was rather hot. My grandparents were babysitting my little cousins and so I went over to my parents to work. I would spend an hour indoors working and then sit out in the sun for ten minutes. By the end of the ten minutes I was so hot I was almost grateful to go back indoors and work! I didn’t feel too anxious today, which was a nice change. Since getting back from holiday I’ve found it difficult to get back into reading but during my spurts out in the sun I started a book and I’m happy to say I’m back into my reading.


Thursday 25th July –

Thursday was incredibly hot – some parts of the country saw temperatures hit 40 degrees Celsius. Where I live we hit around 35. I went round to my parents but felt quite anxious in the heat and just wanted to be home. Eventually I went home and decided to go and lie in a dark room for a bit until I felt better. A little while later my little cousin came up to see me and showed me the christmas tree that he had made out of lego. By now I was feeling much better and I decided to go and play in the paddling pool.

My cousin had great fun pouring glasses of water over me and eventually my nan plied with with a spray bottle full of water, which he kept spraying at me. Thankfully it was really refreshing in the heat!


Friday 26th July –

It’s my great aunt’s (88th!) birthday tomorrow and so my nan and I decided to pop into town to get her a couple of presents. I was a little bit anxious having not really gone out much this week but I think I coped with it well. We got her some presents and I found this skirt in the M&S sale for £3.39 – Bargain! 


We had a little argument with a member of staff in M&S. A group of staff were blocking the aisle and after multiple attempts at getting past them and saying excuse me they finally noticed us. We pointed out that we’d been trying to get their attention for a while now. If they had left it at that and apologised then it would have been fine, we’ve all been there and not noticed someone. However, once we had passed one of the members of staff muttered under his breath that he highly doubted we had been trying to get past them for a while. I’m not one to just let something go and so I turned around and told him that we had actually been stood there for a while now. How rude of him to have commented under his breath?! As we left the shop we felt very smug to see him stood by a huge leak in the ceiling, at least whilst tackling that he wouldn’t have time to block an aisle whilst gossiping with other members of staff.


How’s your week been?






8 thoughts on “Weekly update 22nd July – 26th July

  1. This heat definitely isn’t great mixed with anxiety, I’ve definitely being feeling a bit more on edge this week. Hopefully things will get better as it cools down! BTW, I absolutely love your Tuesday dress! Xx

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