FREE Monogram Maker (AD)

If you’ve seen any of my posts before you will know that I like to ensure my blog posts are accompanied by both photographs and various different forms of graphics. I like to include the imagery to draw the reader into the blog post and to make a body of text look more inviting. In addition to this you will always see my signature at the bottom of a post. I’m always looking for new websites to create graphics for my blog and so when I came across the free Monogram Maker I was very happy.

This blog post includes a paid for advertorial by Design Bundles in relation to their free monogram maker website – did I mention it’s completely free?

What is Monogram Maker?

Monogram Maker is completely free and is a website which allows you to create and download your own monograms. All you need is an email, which is entered at the end of the process before you download your creation. These creations can be used alone in blog posts or can be uploaded to websites such as Canva to create Pins, etc…


What are the benefits of using a monogram maker?Benefits.pngBenefits.png

I find that there are two main benefits from using things such as this monogram maker free. The first benefit I have mentioned above – it makes your blog post or any online article look more appealing to read. In addition to this I find the act of creating monograms, etc.. relaxing. If I’m having a bad day with my mental health I often sit down and make some graphics for both my blog and Pinterest. Unfortunately, I am not very artistic and so I find programs like this free monogram maker a handy outlet for my creativity. You can therefore produce graphics for your online site, whilst also encouraging your creativity and helping your mental health.


How the FREE Monogram Maker Works –

Monogram Maker is easy to use and the possibilities are endless as to what you can create.

Here is a brief overview of how it works and how simple it is.


Once on the website the first step is to create your text. The webpage is pretty self-explanatory and allows you to choose from a wide range of fonts. You can layer text and create multiple lines. At this stage you can also use the options at the top to choose your size of text and its positioning on the page. You can also change the colour of the text.


Once you have chosen your font and the words you want to use you have the option to choose a frame (this stage is optional). Again, there is a wide range of different frames available. Depending on your mood and what you are working on you can choose a frame to suit. The website also allows you to change the colour and size of the frame to encapsulate your text.

Once you have chosen your frame there is the option at this stage to upload your own background, however I chose to skip this. Once you have created your design it’s as simple as pressing the download button and entering your email. The above design took me less than 5 minutes to create.


The different combinations of texts, frames and backgrounds are endless, allowing you to indulge in your creativity.


The Company behind Monogram Maker –

Design Bundles has a customer base of over 1 million people. They aim to provide their users with all forms of digital files to encourage their crafting. They showcase independent designers to help bring their work to the public’s attention. Design Bundle focus on Quality, Affordability and Amazing Customer Service. The company strives towards encouraging us to indulge in some crafting for personal use, business use or even for people like me creating their daily blog posts – there’s something for everyone!


Drop a comment below if you use Monogram Maker and let me know your favourite combination of font and frames.








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