A month of self care

It’s safe to say that here in England we’ve had a rather rubbish summer and I think it’s been the same for most of the world. Summer is my favourite season for a number of reasons. I enjoy the sun and sitting outside for ten minutes reading a book is a real treat, in addition to this there are generally less sickness bugs around (read about my phobia of vomiting here). As August ends and September begins it feels like we’ve finally closed the chapter on this wet and frankly disappointing ‘summer’. I thought I would embark on a month of self-care to help ease myself back into the autumn/winter mindset.


In addition to this October is a year since I caught the Norovirus and my mental health took a huge turn for the worst. I don’t feel at all prepared for the anniversary of this, nor do I feel like I’ve made any progress with my mental health. I hope that by being a little kinder to myself this September it might help me tackle the coming months.

Spaces (4).png

Here’s a list of what I intend to do every day throughout September – let me know if you join in too!

September 1st – Go for a mindful walk


I’m guilty of only ever going out for a walk when I’m on the phone to somebody. However, I’d like to get out of the habit of this and just go for a walk to enjoy my surroundings and have a few moments of peace.

September 2nd – Do a face mask 

I love doing a face mask as it forces me to spend a few mindful minutes where I can’t do anything in fear of slopping face mask everywhere. There’s also the added bonus that my skin feels amazing afterwards. If you don’t have any face masks in the house or can’t justify buying one why not google some recipes for natural face masks made from the bits and pieces you already have in your cupboard?

September 3rd – Listen to some happy music 

Music can have such an impact on your mood and so today I plan to listen to some happy music to improve my mood.

September 4th – De-clutter my room

I’m so affected by the space around me and so a clean and de-cluttered room is the best combination to put me in a good mood.

September 5th – Eat a really healthy lunch

I love junk food but hate the way it makes me feel afterwards. Today I plan on eating a really healthy lunch to do both my mind and body some good. I’m not sure my usual toasted cheese and olive sandwich will qualify today.

September 6th – Do your nails

Whether you file them, paint them or go out and get them done it’s all spending a few moments on yourself.

September 7th – Create a list of short-term goals

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you will know that I once set myself monthly goals. I would like to get back to this but everything is very up in the air at the moment and so it makes it a little difficult. Today I’m going to make the effort to set myself some short-term goals.

September 8th – Watch something

My attention span for watching things is not very good. Short YouTube videos are my go to. Today I’m going to try and watch something a little bit longer without also scrolling through my phone.

September 9th – Meditate for 10 minuetes

I meditate on and off and it’s something that I would like to do more often if I can ever get myself into a proper routine. Today I’m am going to make sure I spare 10 minutes to do a meditation.

September 10th – Read a chapter of my book


Nothing beats escaping into the world of a book. I tend to read happy romances so that I can properly immerse myself in the story and feel happy and comforted when I come to putting the book down and returning back to everyday life.

September 11th – Cuddle a pet

I’m lucky enough to have a dog and although he’s not the biggest fan of cuddles he sometimes tolerates it. There’s nothing quite as relaxing as cuddling your pet.

September 12th – Do a craft

I’m not a very crafty person as I lack the artistic streak but I do sometimes try to find an outlet for my creativity. This can be in the form of adult colouring books or even just making pins for Pinterest.

September 13th – Try some yoga

Many years ago I did yoga once a week and I found that it had a hugely positive impact on my mental health. I would love to get back into it but at the moment I lack the confidence to go to a class. For the time being I would like to occasionally do a class at home.

September 14th – Pin some positive quotes

If you follow me on Pinterest then you will know that I am always pinning stuff. My guilty pleasure is to scroll through the positive and motivational quotes as they leave me coming off the app thinking ‘you know what, I can do this!’.

Today I’m going to indulge myself in this guilty pleasure.

September 15th – Go out and get a coffee


I often would like to go out and get a coffee, however I feel guilty for spending the money. Today, I am going to treat myself to that yumminess without feeling guilty.

September 16th – Do a hair mask

Everyday I struggle to tame my hair and so I like to bribe it with hair masks. As I mentioned above you can easily make a homemade mask from items you already have at home. I have a tub of coconut oil in my bathroom cupboard and so will be using this – it’s a little bit pricey but I tend to find that it lasts me a long while.

September 17th – Have a bath 

A bath to me is the epitome of winter and so as I ease myself back into the swing of the colder weather I’m going to embrace a nice hot bubble bath (providing England hasn’t sprung a heat wave on us). Whether you lie there and enjoy the bubbles, scroll through your phone or even read your book, enjoy a few silent minutes.

September 18th – Pop into town 

This is similar to my point about having a coffee. I would quite often like to pop into town but don’t see the point. I think of it as a waste of money on petrol and parking. Today I’m going to waste that money and treat myself to a little wander around the shops in town.

September 19th – Eat something yummy 

I love my food. If things go to plan we’re suppose to be driving up to Wales today and so I thought perhaps we could get something yummy for the drive.

September 20th – Go out for a drink 


Going out for a drink is a bit of a treat, between saving and my anxiety it’s not something we often do. If plans and anxiety allow it I would like to pop out for a quick drink and enjoy a few minutes feeling relaxed.

September 21st – Waste time doing nothing

I don’t like wasting time. If I have a few spare minutes I’ll try and do something productive with it. Today I’m going to allow myself to completely stop and do nothing.

September 22nd – Treat my skin to a pamper

I enjoy the process of pampering my skin and I like to think that my skin also appreciates it. After the long drive back from Wales I think it will be the perfect self-care.

September 23rd – Walk around my favourite shop in town 

I have a flu jab booked for today and so I tried to arrange today’s self-care around this. Since I’ll be in town anyway I thought I could have a wander around my favourite shop.

September 24th – Write 

Writing is one of my favourite types of self-care, it allows me to pour all of my thoughts onto the page in front of me. It’s relaxing but still keeping me busy at the same time.

September 25th – Turn negatives into positives 

I try to be a positive person but I seem to have a lot of negative stuff happen to me. Today, I’m going to make the effort to find the positive in every negative thing that happens.

September 26th – Do some colouring in

I’ve mentioned above that I enjoy colouring in sometimes. It’s relaxing and passes time surprisingly quickly. I often sneak a little colouring in under the pretence that I’m helping my little cousin.

September 27th – Enjoy a cup of tea 

I drink a lot of tea but rarely do I just sit there and enjoy the taste of it. There’s something immensely comforting about a cup of tea.

September 28th – Do an exercise video 

I often go out for a walk but if I’m honest that’s the extent of my exercise regime lately. I’d like to get back into exercising as I know it has a positive impact on my mental health. Hopefully this winter I can get into doing some exercise videos and who knows by the summer I might be ready to join some classes!

September 29th – Cook something new 

I love cooking but we seem to have the same few dishes over and over. Being vegetarian and gluten-free somewhat limits our choices, however I’m sure there’s some dishes out there that I haven’t tried yet.

September 30th – Have some chocolate 

I’m a firm believer that sometimes only chocolate can help. I don’t deny myself the treat and so with winter on its way I’m going to indulge in some chocolatey goodness.


I’ll let you know how I get on, whether I’ll do everything on my list remains to be seen. I have a few plans for September and I’ve tried to work them into my self-care for the day but I know all too well that sometimes life just gets in the way.

How do you cope with the transition from summer to autumn?







35 thoughts on “A month of self care

  1. To answer your question on how I cope with the transition of summer to autumn, I just let it transition, i’m not really a big fan of summer, I love autumn though it’s one of my favorite seasons along with spring, although when it comes to the cold, we don’t really get on well either…..

    However with autumn I don’t really see it as super cold so that’s why it’s one of my favorites, plus who doesn’t love the look of the leaves whenever fall rolls around and cardigans, I love cardigans!!

    Nice set up goals for September by the way, i’m not really the best with setting goals, when it comes to planning it’s like a whole new walking zone for me, but it probably would help to set some even if they are just small ones, I hope everything works out well with your goals for the fall though ^_^

    If you don’t mind me asking, how do manage to go though with your goals when your anxiety is right there with you all the time, like how do you get yourself to push forward and continue on with them!? Any possible tips you could share, sorry if i’m asking a lot of questions and rambling……

    Hope you’re doing well ❤

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    1. I totally agree with you about autumn, my only dislike towards it stems from how many bugs there are around at that time of the year 😦

      I like to plan and I’m a very organised person. A few months ago I sat back and thought about how I approach life – I make plans. I decided to set myself goals for my anxiety and do a few things each month that scared me. I found by doing this that I could see myself making some progress each month. Since setting those goals I’ve really tried to continue with making plans. I guess for me it gives me something to focus on, rather than just focusing on my anxiety. I hope that makes sense? haha xxx

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      1. Oh yeah I know what you mean, although I feel as though the bugs are more around in the summer than fall, but if you’re talking more spiders and others then yeah I get what you mean…..don’t worry I too am one that dislikes bug very much ha XD

        I’m a bit on the opposite side to that, planning has never really been in my vocabulary and organizing i’m okay with it……i’ve actually been trying to do more of that, organizing, as for plans i’ve been wanting to work on that and give that a try without stressing so much about it, my problem though is I worry too much on how everything’s going to go which causes my Anxiety to flourish and become the main focus
        i’m trying to keep that from continuing on…..

        It makes perfect sense no worries haha, seeing as though you’ve always did well with planning and staying organized, for someone who isn’t the greatest with planning and setting goals, how would you say is the best way to approach finally setting those goals and planning the things you want to do out!? How do you make the approach to it less nerve wrecking and have yourself push forward even when scared while pushing yourself to stick with it!?

        Sorry if these are a lot of questions haha

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      2. It sounds like you’re stuck in a bit of a vicious cycle 😫

        I’d say the biggest thing about setting goals and planning is to make it realistic. For example I’d love to be able to sit down in a restaurant and have dinner out again but I’m making slow progress and setting realistic goals. I’m still only grabbing a coffee to go, eventually I’d like to try sitting in for a coffee, then I’ll set the goal of perhaps eating at a fast food restaurant and keep building up from there ☺️

        It’s a lot of work and you’ve got to have some dedication towards it though. I believe anyone can do it if they set their mind to it! Just keep your end goal in mind to motivate yourself xxx

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      3. Yeah…..I guess the questions made it obvious :/ it’s a bit of an ongoing process that i’m trying to break out of, but it’s still in the process if that makes any sense…..

        Realistic, that’s a word I hear quite often, it’s also a word that goes away from me when wanting to do things….I always go a bit above the clouds for my own good and then realize i’m not quite there just yet and become very down about it once i’m out of the clouds…..

        It’s one of the main reasons my blog is called what it is ha….it sounds like you’re doing well with your goals, which is good!!

        I wouldn’t even know where to start…..i’ve only allowed myself to travel, but so far, I don’t really get out much, I have grabbed coffee by myself before, even sat for coffee alone and it was nice, it was a little weird, but also nice, i’ve also walked to a park near by my house a few times, but that’s all I ever really do, I don’t really travel far from where I am….

        Which is crazy because I always wanted to travel, go places, when I was younger, specifically overseas where you live over in the UK, it was always one of my top places to be, there’s a few reasons to it now though, but as much as I want so badly to go there, I know I can’t just yet, which frustrates me….I want to allow myself to travel further than my usual places, I just always become very nervous and anxious, even thinking about it gets me anxious, but i’ve been trying my hardest to get out of that for a very long time, but I always end up hesitate and stopping myself…..

        Last question and i’ll make sure it’s the last one, don’t want to keep bombarding you with them, when your feeling anxious, but you know you’ve got goals you need to complete, how do you stay focus and keep yourself from backing out from completing them!?

        I’m sorry again for writing so much and asking a lot of questions, I do appreciate you even bothering to take the time to answer them, thanks for being helpful and listening to me, you really don’t have to, but it means a lot ❤

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      4. Ahh don’t apologise for asking questions! I love being able to answer them and hope that I can somewhat help you with my answers 🙂

        It can be hard to embrace being realistic but if you can try everyday to be a little more realistic then it will become easier. Just take it one little step at a time and don’t be harsh on yourself if it doesn’t happen straight away.

        You’ll get there one day and you’ll visit all the places you want to 🙂

        To be honest when I first started setting myself goals I blogged about them. I then felt like I had to complete them or else I’d have to tell my followers that I had failed. In addition to that if I don’t push myself to try and achieve my goals I feel like I’ve let myself down. Ultimately you have to complete your goals for yourself 🙂

        Please don’t feel like you’re ever asking too many questions! I’m glad you feel like you can talk to me and that I can be helpful xxxx

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      5. Awww thanks Liz, hope it’s okay to call you that, I know it’s your name, but I just want to make sure you’re alright with it!!

        I can be a bit of a chatter box and I know a lot of people don’t like that too much so it’s because of that I always feel I have to apologize if I feel i’m asking too many questions or going on too much…..

        I guess your right, being realistic has always been a bit hard for me to do, I don’t really know why, but for me it always felt like having to do math (which I know is maths over there ha) i’m not good at it and it always stressed me out…..

        but I guess finding a way to not make it so bad would help to make it easier as you said, also everyone tells me that!! I just have a very hard time accepting it, I try, but after a while it starts to mess with me.

        I know things take time, but it’s like when you want something to happen so bad and it doesn’t, it’s hard to let it be you know….

        I know i’m not really doing myself any favors being harsh on myself about it though, I don’t really give myself a break with these kind of things and I know it’s not a good thing, sometimes you need to give yourself a rest, I just have a hard time doing that, I know i’ll get there it’s just really hard…..

        Thanks, really!! you’ve been very helpful and encouraging and it means a lot, i’m not used to stepping away from my comfort zone, so I find it very scary to do so, but i’m trying really hard to push myself away from it as I feel it’s needed, but I really do appreciate you taking the time to listen and do your best to help ❤ ❤

        Also one more thing, did it help to blog about your goals when you were creating them for yourself the first time!? Were you nervous, putting that first goal of yours into action and did you ever have a moment where you wanted to sike yourself out of it as you were doing it!?

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      6. You’re very welcome to call me Liz 🙂

        I’m a very impatient person and I want things to happen straight away but I’m slowly learning not to be like that. I sometimes wonder if it’s my anxiety that makes me so impatient and because of that I want to fight it.

        I’m so glad you feel like you can talk to me 🙂

        I was really nervous about blogging my first goals. I was so scared that I wouldn’t achieve any of them and I’d have to report back that I’d failed. I found that sort of motivated me though, I wanted to share a positive story with everyone. Whenever I do anything outside of my comfort zone a huge part of my brain tries to stop me and starts trying to force me to feel anxious. As I fight against it it becomes easier to handle. Unfortunately I just have to keep pushing myself and the less I want to do something the more I know I should do it. It’s a tough journey but we can do it 🙂 xxx

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      7. Liz it is then ^_^ We’re in the same boat with this one, I too am impatient and want things to happen right away, it sometimes gets to a point where I stress myself out about it, I have a hard time letting myself accept that, it’s not always going to be that way……which is frustrating, but somehow you need to realize it’s how it goes for some.

        It could be the anxiety, but it could also be a personality thing too that makes you impatient, naturally you want things to go as planned and you want to get there as quick as possible, but realistically you know it doesn’t always happen that way and that things take a bit of time and that’s where the impatient-ness (if that’s a word) of it comes from I think, but compared to me, i’d say you’re handling it pretty well, I have a hard time fighting off my anxiety, i’m doing my best to work on that though, it’s a bit hard, but I try.

        You seem like a very easy person to talk to, I don’t really do a lot of talking to a lot of people plus it’s nice talking to you 🙂

        You made sure not to let it happen though, which is good, before you blogged them did you ever write them down, journaled your goals each time you did them before writing it out and sharing it on your blog? You had something to look forward to and that’s why you were motivated to complete your goals. I know what you mean, that happens to me too and it takes me a while to step away from my comfort zone, I don’t really do it often, but when I do go somewhere that’s away from my comfort zone, I get that same feeling my mind talks a lot, but if i’m out i’m okay, it’s more before I think of doing anything, where my anxiety starts to kick in and where my brain starts to try and make my anxiety worse.

        If i’m doing something really big though, that’s when my anxiety really kicks in…..but the way you fight against it, is good, I know they say the more you do something the easier it gets, i’m still learning that though, it’s a dread at times to have to push yourself when everything in you is like “no thank you” isn’t it!?

        That’s a good tip to know, thank you, for helping and everything else, I really do appreciate it, I think my questions are good for now ha, but thanks again for the encouragement 🙂 I hope your self care and mental health are doing well for you ❤ ❤

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      8. All you can do is try and you seem to be doing a good job of that 🙂

        I would sit down with a note pad and write down some goals for the month. I’d make sure they were achievable – sometimes I’d add goals to the list that I wouldn’t share on my blog as they were more personal or I wasn’t sure whether I would achieve them. It’s all about balance!

        I’m always here for a chat whenever you feel like it 🙂 xx

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      9. Thanks sometimes I think and feel I could do a little better, but I do my best to keep it as centered as possible especially on the hard days 🙂 So writing out certain goals for yourself really helped then. I’ve never written out goals before for myself so that’s why I find it a little hard…..I never know where to start, exactly.

        I think maybe separating the goals from personal to achievable might help a bit, thanks for the tip, balance is something I think I need to work on more, I don’t think I have a lot of that, but i’ll try and work it all out somehow.

        Awww thank you, that means a lot to know you’re willing to listen and chat if anything, really thanks ❤ ❤

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      10. Set small little goals such as just popping to the shops to buy something and build from there. I tend to consider what I need to do each week and work out how I can incorporate goals into my usual week xx

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      11. I think I can do that, I don’t really have a lot of shops around me and I don’t really buy a lot of things either, but having going to shops as a starter goal could help a lot, I know the shops suggestion is an example, it’s one that could work…..okay so thinking about what needs doing and adding it to the weeks to come would help to create goals easy to reach for!?

        Got it!! i’ll do my best to keep that all in mind, when it comes to goal setting, thanks for the advice, I really do appreciate it ^_^ ❤ ❤

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  2. What a great idea! I will definitely look at doing this November-January time. I use a SAD alarm clock every day, but I am rubbish at sitting with a SAD light during winter months so writing it on a to do list will help me.

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  3. I love your list . I would love to meditate but one problem I cannot clear my mind. Oh I understand with a awful summer hasn’t been a good one here and so many I know have really bad colds already which makes me so nervous.. I hope you stay well.

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    1. Thank you! It can be really difficult to clear your mind but I think it just takes a lifetime of practise. I have hope that it’ll get easier 🙂 I’v already got my flu jab booked in for the end of the month – I’m not taking any risks! xx


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