Mental Health and Confidence

My anxiety has taken a lot from me over the last couple of years, including my confidence. I’m often afraid to do anything on my own as I’m scared of how I will cope if I have a panic attack. I know avoidance is not the best approach to this and I am slowly trying to build my confidence back up. You will very rarely find me doing something on my own, I usually always make sure someone is with me. I’d like to work on this. I’m very happy in my own company and would love to regain my confidence to pop out on my own or go and grab a coffee by myself. I just get scared that I’ll have a panic attack and I lack the necessary confidence to get myself through it.

My anxiety is overwhelming at the moment and when I’m in a bad situation I look to others to help me. This needs to change and deep down I know that I would get myself through that situation and it would all be okay. I just need my confidence to catch up with my brain. I hope that with the help of some mental health professionals I can grow my confidence alongside coping with my anxiety.

I’ve built my confidence up before, I know I can do it again.

Anxiety has taken away my confidence (1).png

How my confidence has fluctuated over the years –

Throughout my life my confidence has been up and down. As a child I was very confident and inquisitive, however as my anxiety got a hold of me I began to retreat into my shell and with it my confidence deteriorated.

At around the age of 16 I started college and my self-confidence was very low. At this point I still had confidence in my abilities, just not in myself. My grades were good, however, I was incredibly shy and felt that socially I didn’t have much to contribute. I gained a small but close group of friends during this time and with them I was open and somewhat confident. Looking back I was about to change so much as a person, I just wish I had found my confidence during college and really made the most of it.


As the years passed by my confidence grew and grew. At University there was no stopping me. I was the first to answer in-class questions and would also strike up a conversation with someone. My confidence in my abilities was still strong and my self-confidence had grown enormously. This newfound confidence stayed with me until quite recently. Over the last two years it has slowly been deteriorating to the extend that I have no self confidence at the moment.


I have very little confidence in my abilities or generally in myself. On a logical level I understand that this lack of confidence is due to my mental health, however it doesn’t make it any easier to cope with. As the weeks pass by and my confidence remains low it becomes more entrenched, however I’m determined not to let it win. I will regain my confidence and I will be happy to go out and support myself again.


Tell me about your experience with confidence and mental health –

I’d be really interested in doing a group post sharing everyone’s experiences of how their mental health has impacted on their confidence. If you’d be interested in contributing then please drop me an email at






16 thoughts on “Mental Health and Confidence

  1. Well this sure took a lot of guts to write out, it shows, but it’s good you should be very proud of yourself for sharing this!! ^_^ I too have a confidence issue and i’m doing my best to try and work through it,
    it’s not easy, but I know i’ll get there and so will you so keep doing what you’re doing, don’t stress yourself out about it, at least you know it’s still there so that’s good, it’s only a matter of time until little cracks of light shine through, but good on you for having the confidence to write and share this!! ❤

    The email group post actually sounds like a really good idea, by the way, I might just take you up on that offer, if it's alright with you, you might not mind, but I tend to ramble, it kinda takes me a while to get to a point ha……but if you see an email from me, i'll do my very best to not make it too long of a story, I just hope if I do write, that everything comes out okay, hope you're doing well!! ❤

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    1. Thank you 🙂 Confidence is a difficult one to tackle as there’s no quick fix, you just have to keep building yourself back up.

      I would love to receive a contribution from you 🙂 Don’t worry how long it is, rambling just means that it’s coming straight from the heart xxxx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re welcome 🙂 yeah I know confidence takes a while to build, especially when you’re low on it, it can be hard to gain back, but it does come back like you said, just gotta keep building at it.

        Well i’ll do my best to share then, if it’s still open to do so 🙂 thanks, I guess your right with that one, I’ll try and sit and write down my struggle with confidence in the best way possible, not sure how it’ll come out, but we’ll see ❤ Hope all is well with you ^_^

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      2. Definitely have a go at writing about it and send it to me 🙂 Even if you decide you don’t want me to publish it, you might enjoy just writing it xx

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      3. Hey so sorry for the late reply on this one, I know i’m a bit behind, I was meant to reply back, but wouldn’t really get around to it until now which is my fault because I could’ve earlier, sorry about that…..

        Thanks again, I wasn’t sure if you were still accepting emails on it so that’s why asked, i’ll try and sit and write about it and not over think it too much, I didn’t forget, but I have had a few things in my head though, i’m a bit everywhere so I didn’t get around to it, but I will try and write on it as soon as possible ❤

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