August 2019 Monthly Favourites

I cannot believe August is over already! It feels like only last week I was writing and posting my July favourites. To be the end of August signifies the beginning of Autumn. If I’m honest I’m not ready for summer to end, it doesn’t even feel like we’ve had a summer!

This is another month of really random things that I have been loving…

Revolution Fast Base Concealer

During summer I tend to only use concealer and take a break from my usual foundation. However, this summer I have had lots of break outs to contend with and so have been going through a fair bit of concealer. I decided to try a new concealer this time and opted for the Revolution Fast Base Concealer. The applicator drew me to it and I haven’t been disappointed. I tend to dot the concealer around my face and then use my beauty blender to apply it. The concealer has great coverage without caking on my skin.

I would definitely recommend.




With an undercoat on.


My mum has been wanting to upcycle some furniture for ages and so the last couple of weeks we’ve been on the look out for a table and chairs. I finally came across some and we’ve spent the last week solidly working on them – they’re not finished yet. I’ve had so much fun doing this and it seems to have been a great way to distract myself from my anxiety.

These chairs were purchased from a charity furniture shop so whilst I’m having fun upcycling them I can also be happy that I’ve donated towards a charity.

It’s win-win in my opinion.



I’ve been really wanting to get into plants/gardening lately. During a trip to a garden centre my mum got me a plant called Angel Wings. Unfortunately it’s not the one pictured as it’s looking a little worse for wear and is currently being fostered by my nan in an attempt to revive it. We don’t have the highest hopes.

This hasn’t put me off of plants though, I’m just going to start with some easier ones to look after!


Hot chocolate

I know you’re probably reading this and thinking hot chocolate in august, what are you thinking?! But hear me out before you judge…


We’ve had a really rubbish summer and it’s been almost cold of an evening. It’s already got me into that winter evening mood of snuggling down with a hot chocolate. I’ve been taking a cup to bed with me and watching a film. What a rock and roll lifestyle I lead. I love the mint one from options as find it’s not as sickly as just plain hot chocolate. I’m waiting until it gets cold before I started adding my cream and splash of amaretto.

Topshop dress

You’ve probably seen this dress pop up on multiple blog posts by now, I just love it so much! It’s probably been my biggest purchase this summer and if I’m honest I’m not thrilled with the quality – it already needs two buttons sewn back on.

However, it is very pretty and very easy to wear.


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I saw a Mental Health Nurse (1).png

What have you been loving this August?







18 thoughts on “August 2019 Monthly Favourites

    1. There’s something so comforting about a mug of Options! I’m going to attempt to make my own cushions but I need to pick my nan’s brains about it first haha


    1. It’s crazy how fast it’s whizzed by! Thank you 🙂 I suspect I don’t have a green thumb either, I’m hoping that it might come with time though! Thank you for taking the time and commenting x

      Liked by 1 person

  1. That dress looks lovely! I can never wear something like that, but it really looks great on you. I’ve only ever had one plant survive my care, but it got lost when our office got renovated, and I couldn’t take enough care of the other succulents / plants I got afterwards. The fact that I moved to a windowless room in our office probably contributed to that, it’s been harder to give enough attention to any plant no matter how easy they’re supposed to be. Wishing you the best on your gardening endeavors! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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