Weekly Update (2nd September – 6th September)

I have pledged to make September a month of self care (you can read the post here). I thought I would keep you updated during my weekly updates as to how each day of self-care is going.

Sunday was the start of my month of self care and my goal was to go for a mindful walk. We had plans today and going for a country walk wouldn’t fit in with them. I’m going to be flexible this month to show that you can fit self care into your daily routine. We had a spare fifteen minutes and so we popped into town to grab a coffee and some bits for lunch. It was nice to have a little walk around town and I ensured I stayed off my phone so that I was present in the moment. Personally, I felt it was a lovely start to my month of self care.


Monday 2nd September 

During my appointment with the mental health nurse last week we referred me to Think Action who provide mental health services in my area. Today I had a phone assessment with them in the morning. I was really anxious all morning and couldn’t wait to get it over with. Thankfully it wasn’t too bad, however I found it quite emotional and was glad when the call finished. The woman informed me that she would recommend that I was referred for CBT and I would receive a letter in the next couple of weeks to confirm this. I’ll keep you updated!


Today’s self care was in the form of a face mask. After my anxious morning and the stress of the phone call I decided to treat myself to a cup of tea and a face mask once I got off the phone. It was a lovely way to unwind and really helped settle me.

Tuesday 3rd September –

Today was a rather boring, but safe day. I’ve been putting off cleaning the inside of our car for months and finally decided that today was the day. It took me a while but it was worth it and it’s nice to have the car looking lovely inside again – now I just need to get the outside washed!


After I cleaned the car I spent the afternoon catching up on work. My boyfriend and I had plans to pop out in the evening and so I was more than happy to stay indoors and chip away at my work.

All day I was determined that I would pick my boyfriend up from the station and then I would do the 20 minute drive to B&Q. As I sat waiting for his train to pull in I could feel my nerves beginning to flare up. I reasoned with myself and decided that if at any point I didn’t feel up to driving I would just pull over and we would swap.


I’m happy to report that I successfully drove all the way there. It put me in quite an anxious mood and so I didn’t particularly enjoy our trip out to buy paint. I got through it though and I let my boyfriend drive us home.


Today’s self care was to listen to some happy music and I chose to do this whilst cleaning out the car. It was a really fun experience and I got to actually enjoy the music.

Wednesday 4th September –

 My mum’s looking for a new desk and so we popped to a furniture shop this morning. She came away with a desk that she wants to renovate, but we’re not sure whether it’s big enough to fit her computer. We’ll see!

I struggled during our walk around the shop and could feel my anxiety beginning to spiral out of control. We popped to Tesco after and I had a rather bad panic attack. I was left feeling physically ill and we had to rush round so that I could get home.


Once back at my parents I felt quite ill still and really anxious. I knew I was hungry and so I forced myself to make some lunch and thankfully once I ate I felt a little better. I’m still upcyling my table and chairs and so I carried on with this – it was just what I needed to take my mind off my anxiety! By the end of the day I had ruined my favourite pair of jeans and got paint in my hair but I was feeling better.


I got home absolutely exhausted and tempted to skip my self care today, however after dinner I decided to embrace today’s task of de-cluttering my room. It was more of a tidy than a de-clutter but I feel so much better for having done it.


Thursday 5th September – 

After yesterday’s panic attack I was feeling rather fragile today. I’m tired, my stomach is unsettled and I’m just generally feeling a little bit sorry for myself. I spent the morning wrapped up in lots of jumpers watching Gavin and Stacey trying to make myself feel a little bit better. At times like this I know I have to just accept the way I’m feeling and ride it out.


Today’s self-care was suppose to be a health lunch and if I’m honest I failed. My stomach was unsettled and I only really fancied some plain food and so my mum cooked me some oven chips. A chip butty may not have been the healthiest of foods but in terms of self care it was exactly what I needed! It perked me up for the rest of the day and I helped my mum do some painting in the afternoon.


Friday 6th September – 

I’m still not feeling 100% today. Thankfully my cousins aren’t round and so I can have a quiet day at home. I’ve had a stressful morning trying to sort out some bits and pieces. For something that should cost £50 I’ve been quoted between £250 and £950 so needless to say I’ve been feeling very stressed and frustrated. Hopefully we’ve now sorted it out.


In between making numerous phone calls I have caught up on some blog writing so that I can attempt to participate in Blogtober.


Today’s self care is to paint my nails and I’m going to sit down with a cup of tea after dinner and take half an hour to give myself a manicure and paint my nails. I think it’s just what I need after today’s stress!


How’s your week been?







14 thoughts on “Weekly Update (2nd September – 6th September)

  1. Great to read that there’s been some more progress with the mental health stuff! Here’s hoping it’s only upwards from here 😊 sorry to hear you suffered with your anxiety towards the end of the week, I always feel rough for a few days after too so I sympathise! Xx

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