Autumn Date Ideas (AD)

Autumn’s weather can be unpredictable and sometimes a little disappointing, however that does not have to stop you from enjoying a date (or two!). Those cold, dark nights are the perfect romantic backdrop for a relationship to blossom. The cold weather brings about thoughts of cozying up on the sofa with blankets, hot tipples and a good cheesy film. With Christmas looming in the near distance everyone is counting the pennies and so I thought I would share with you my ideas for some free dates.

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Dating in Cardiff 

This post is sponsored by Cardiff Singles, a free dating website that caters for those who live in and around the Cardiff area. If you’re from Cardiff then they’re definitely worth having a little look into as you know that any potential matches are nearby!


Autumn Dates in Cardiff –

  • World’s Oldest Record Shop (Spillers Records) – Autumn isn’t always bright with a gentle wind, it’s often freezing with gale force wind and so it’s good to have some indoor date ideas. Cardiff is home to Spillers Records, which was established in 1894 and thus makes it the worlds oldest record shop. Why not take your date for a little wander round? You can find out more about your date’s taste in music and if funds allow you can buy a little souvenir of your date.
  • Jacob’s Antiques – An antiques market that’s open throughout the week and on a Saturday for a little wander round. Wrap up warm and take your date for a stroll around the market. The cafe even offers mince pies and mulled wine over the festive period – immerse yourself and your date in history whilst you create your own memories.

(This picture was taken at a Christmas Market in London)

  • Cardiff Christmas Market – The market runs this year from the 14th November 2019 until 23rd December 2019. In my opinion a Christmas market is one of the most romantic dates at this time of year. The atmosphere is perfect for romance to bloom as the fairy lights twinkle in the background.
  • Cardiff’s National Museum and Art Gallery – They’re free to look around so why not take your date inside and out of the cold for a while. Warm up with a wander round and lose yourself in conversation with your date.


If you’re in Cardiff and looking for a date then be sure to have a look at Cardiff Dating!


Autumn Dates for everyone – 

Wherever you’re from in the world you don’t need to even leave your house for a successful date. I thought I would share my top five stay-at-home date ideas for when the weather outside is grim and you have very little money to be going out every weekend.

1. Hot chocolate and a film – Why not make some hot chocolate together (thrown in some alcohol if you’re feeling adventurous), swap the lights for candles, grab a blanket and snuggle down on the sofa for a good film whilst you listen to the wind howl outside the window. 

 2. Cook dinner together – As nice as it is to go out for dinner, sometimes it’s the last thing you feel like doing, especially on the cold, dark nights where it’s threatening to pour down. Make the cooking process fun and cook together, ensure the table is set and lights some candles before you sit down and enjoy the results of all your hard work. 

3. Light a fire – On those clear but crisp Autumn evenings sitting outside next to a fire can be so romantic. Make yourself some mulled wine, wrap a blanket around yourself and sit outside as you watch the flames flicker, look up at the twinkling stars above and enjoy the company of your date. 

4. Boozy Board games – Mix your own cocktails at home and bring out the board games. You’re sure to get a little tipsy whilst enjoying the different games. If your date has to drive home then why not stick to making virgin cocktails?

5. Teach yourselves a new skill – You could try a new craft together, perhaps make a scrapbook of your relationship. If crafting isn’t your thing then why not find some dance class videos online and learn how to dance? The possibilities are endless and so much fun.


*If you don’t have a date this winter and you don’t fancy looking for one quite yet, why not just have a friend date and tone down the romantic element of each date idea?*


Let me know in the comments what your favourite date is.







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    1. I’m glad you found this helpful ☺️ Dates can be so focused around alcohol, it’s so annoying! I have a post planned in October with 30 date ideas so you may find some more there x

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