Weekly Update (9th September – 13th September)

This has been the loooooongest week! Has anyone else felt like that? My boyfriend had Tuesday off of work and my cousins have been round different days this week so I think it really threw me.

I’m finishing the week with another sinus infection and feeling rather rubbish, however the week as a whole has been okay.

My self-care over the weekend – 

As you may already know I’ve set myself the challenge of indulging in some self-care every day this month (you can read about it here). Rather than creating a separate post I thought I’d do a mini update on my weekend of self care.

Saturday‘s self care was to set myself some short-term goals. I was really busy over the weekend and so didn’t have much time to sit don and create a list of goals. I did, however, settle for one goal – to do something this week that scares me. I guess we’ll see how that goes! (Spoiler alert – I achieved the goal on Tuesday)

Sunday‘s self care was to watch something. Again, I was really busy but I did squeeze in a few minutes of Youtube videos whilst I was getting ready to go out. It’s only a small form of self-care but I enjoyed catching up with some of the Youtubers I watch and it made my make-up routine a little more interesting.

Monday 9th September – 

Tomorrow is my boyfriend’s birthday and so I wanted to bake a cake today, however I had to go to the supermarket to buy the ingredients. My nan also had to pop to the supermarket and so we went together. I was quite nervous as I had a panic attack last week whilst shopping with my mum. I really wanted to make the cake and so I forced myself to go out to the shops.

I was a little on edge during our walk around, however I managed to keep myself calm(ish) and we got what we needed. Once home I immediately started baking the cake and also made a base for a gluten free cheesecake. I’ll be honest the cake sank and it’s by far the worst I’ve ever made. I’m going to buy some chocolate to fill in the sink hole – haha. Hopefully it tastes nice!

We had to pop out this evening and I’ve been really nervous about it all day. It went well though and once I was on my way the anxiety eased.

PS. I have a new mirror! This is another one of my upcycling projects.

I’ll be honest I failed today’s self-care. I was suppose to do a 10 minute meditation and I forgot – whoops! I’ve always said that my month of self-care will be realistic so I think a few failures are par for the course.

Tuesday 10th September – 

Today was my boyfriend’s birthday – he’s 26 today! He decided to book the day off so that we could do something together. This time last year we were in Malta (you can read about our trip here) sipping cocktails at the Hilton. This year, like the pretend adults we are, we settled on a trip to IKEA! Does anyone else just love IKEA?!

We had a few things we needed to get plus it was outside of my comfort zone so we thought we’d try going on a weekday in the hope it wouldn’t be so busy. I asked my boyfriend many times if he was sure he was okay with going to IKEA on his birthday and he assured me he was.

I was very anxious on the drive but I made it there! We had a really fun time walking round and I even managed to have some chips in the cafe there. I found the market area of the shop quite difficult as I felt quite trapped. Anyone who has set foot inside an IKEA will know that it’s like a maze and so finding the exit isn’t straight forward. We rushed through the rest of the shop, which was annoying as it was the part I had been looking forward to the most! I’m trying to see the positive side though – I went and I made it round the shop.

We had a quiet evening in with cake and family. The chocolate worked to fill in the sink hole and I’m told it was very yummy (it wasn’t gluten free and so I couldn’t try any).

Today’s self care was to read a chapter of my book which I successfully managed. When we got home from IKEA we had an hour or so before everyone came round and so I picked up my book and squeezed in some reading.

Wednesday 11th September –

I did so much today! I got up quite early and tried to get a head start with writing some blog posts for blogtober – I’m hopeful that I’m going to be able to do it but we’ll see. I had an appointment with the nurse today for a pill check up (would you be interested in a 6 month update with how my change of pill is impacting my mental health?) I was super nervous about my appointment as I hate sitting in the waiting room.

I asked my nan to come with me. I always get someone to come with me for two reasons, the first being that there’s never anywhere to park and the second reason is that it’s good to have someone to distract me in the waiting room. As I predicted there was nowhere to park and so I went and checked myself in whilst my nan went elsewhere to find a parking spot. I was quite anxious sat there on my own but I handled it well. Thankfully my nan parked quickly and came and kept me company. At this point a woman with a young child went up to the receptionist and said she had been waiting for an hour. I could feel my anxiety start to bubble away inside of me and I knew I had to really focus on distracting myself. My nan and I chatted and I managed to calm myself down. In all I was sat waiting for 15 minutes and I coped well – a couple of months ago I would have had a complete melt down and so I’m happy with today’s progress.


I got home feeling motivated to power through my to-do list this afternoon. I got lots of admin jobs done, I wrote two blog posts, posted a couple of letters and I painted a cabinet that I’m currently up-cycling. It was a rather successful day!


Today’s self care was to cuddle a pet and as you can see above I very much enjoyed having a cuddle with my dog. He’s been so cute today and sat outside in his bed watching me paint.

Thursday 12th September –

Today was a little bit rubbish if I’m honest! I woke up with a sinus infection headache and I’m praying it passes quickly. The last time I had a sinus infection I felt dreadful, both mentally and physically. We’re suppose to be off to Wales next week so I have my fingers crossed that I’m feeling better soon.


I didn’t get very much done today as I struggled to even keep my eyes open due to the infection and the swelling in my face. My cousins were round so I spent some time just chatting and playing with them.


Todays self care was to do some crafting. Usually I probably would have done some up-cycling or an adult colouring book, however my head was pounding. Instead I settled for a colouring app on my phone that I find rather relaxing. It was nice to do something that didn’t require much thinking!

Friday 13th September –

I hate Friday 13th, although if I’m honest I have no reason to hate it. Almost two years ago my little cousin was born on Friday 13th and since then it’s made me question how unlucky it really is (although she potentially was the cause of us all coming down with norovirus! haha). I’m still not taking any risks today though. We had planned to get a belated take away for my boyfriend’s birthday, however my anxiety is worried that Friday the 13th will mean our takeaway food will make us ill. Illogical I know, but it’s not a risk I’m willing to take and so we are saving our take away until next week.


I have ANOTHER sinus infection and so am feeling pretty rubbish again and in addition to that I have a strange rash that’s come up around my mouth. I’m a real sight at the moment with my swollen face and rash. I can’t focus on work and so I decided to walk down to the chemist to pick up my prescription. I think the nurse may have made a mistake as I’ve been given 3 months, rather than 6 months worth of tablets. I have a phone appointment with the doctor on Monday to see what’s going on.

I’m sure I spend half my life correcting the mistakes my doctor’s surgery makes!


My self care today was to do some yoga, however with a pounding headache the last thing I feel like doing is stretching. I have, however gone for a walk and done some up-cycling and so I think I’ve made up for it with self care today.


How has your week been?






12 thoughts on “Weekly Update (9th September – 13th September)

  1. 1. I absolutely love IKEA.
    2. I can’t believe you have been having sinus infections too! I just got over one bad one and I literally could not get out of bed and looked like Sandy the chipmunk with my “sinus pressure cheeks”.
    Make sure you continue your self care and take things easy so you’ll feel better!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. IKEA is amazing isn’t it!
      Sinus infections are the worst 😫 people think it’s just a headache but the facial swelling is horrific 😭

      Thank you! Hope you’re okay xx


  2. The cake looks delish! I’m so with you on Ikea – I bloody love it! Although I can’t bear the thought of it at weekends so we’re usually restricted to when we have time off work. The market area is my least favourite bit but I especially love wondering round and looking at all the fancy kitchens! Hope your sinus infection is on it’s way out and you’re feeling better x x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. IKEA is amazing! They’re huge warehouses and you first walk through lots of show rooms so that you can view all their products. The next section is the market place where they sell every piece of homeward you could imagine! Finally you walk through the real warehouse section where you can pick up your flat pack furniture ☺️ Sounds crazy but it’s a fun trip! I’m told the cake tasted amazing! xx

      Liked by 1 person

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