Weekly update (16th September – 18th September)

This is only going to be a short weekly update as we’re off to Wales on Thursday and I’m going to save that trip for a separate post! I’m very much looking forward to going up for a few days and relaxing. This week has been an odd one and has been rather busy.


My weekend of self-care 

If you haven’t been following my blog then you won’t know about my month of self care! You can read about it here.

Here’s my little overview as to how the weekend’s self care went.

Saturday’s self care was to pin some positive quotes and I did exactly that! I even created a new board for them – which you can find here. I love scrolling through Pinterest and reading all the positive and motivating quotes – it just makes me feel better about the day ahead.

Follow me on Pinterest as I’m always pinning quotes!

Sunday’s self care was to treat myself to a coffee. There was a fete going on down the road from me and so we decided to walk down to it. On the way back we passed a coffee shop that I have been wanting to try for ages and so I decided today was the perfect day to give it a go. England is currently experiencing very strange weather and so it was boiling hot! When we got into the cafe and looked at the menu I decided to try the strawberry and banana smoothie – it was delicious!

My boyfriend wasn’t as healthy and opted for the Oreo milkshake.


Monday 16th September –

Today has been super busy! I woke up knowing that I had a phone appointment with the doctor at 11am and so I knew I had to keep myself distracted leading up to it. A couple of the chairs that I’m up-cyling needed some paintwork touched up and so I decided to quickly do this. Once I’d finished that I still had about forty minutes until my appointment. It was silly to be anxious about the appointment as it was only to correct a mistake that had been made in regards to my prescription, however my anxiety didn’t quite get the memo and still decided to rear its ugly head. I tried to do some work, however my mind wasn’t completely invested in it.


The appointment rolled around and I was on the phone for a grand total of 1 and a half minutes. All that anxiety for less than 2 minutes of talking! Thankfully I got it sorted. However, that was not my only Doctor’s appointment for the day.

I had another appointment at 4:30pm for my anxiety.


I spent the afternoon anxiously awaiting the appointment. I think I’ve made some progress as sitting in the waiting room wasn’t as nerve wracking as it once was – it now feels like something I can do! Hopefully soon I can try doing it on my own and gain some more independence when attending appointments, rather than having a little break down to myself.

I discussed my experience with the Mental Health Nurse with my doctor and we went over a few other bits. All in all it was very quick and a lot less anxiety provoking than I had thought it would be.


It’s now pouring down outside and I’ve put a roast in the oven for dinner. We need to pop to the supermarket tonight to pick up some bits for our journey to Wales on Thursday. Today’s appointments were my last anxiety provoking things before our trip so now I’m free to get excited (unless anything unexpected crops up!).

Today’s self care was to do a hair mask and I dug this one out of the bathroom cabinet. If truth be told it’s probably a month or five after its use by date, but it’s only coconut oil based so I thought I’d still give it a go. I put a generous amount on my hair, whilst I waited for my phone appointment in the morning. It was a great way to look after myself whilst also trying to control my anxiety. The hair mask worked wonders and I’m really upset that I used up the last of it as my hair feels amazing! I may have to pop this on my Christmas list as I just cannot justify buying it for myself!

Tuesday 17th September –

My brother moved into his university halls at the weekend and my mum’s been finding it quite difficult without him at home. We planned to pop out this morning to distract her for a bit. There’s a second hand furniture shops that we haven’t been to yet and so we popped there this morning. Unfortunately there was nothing mum liked and so we decided to go to one of the other shops that we’ve been to before to see whether they had any new stock in.

My mum didn’t find anything but I fell in love with this half moon table (please excuse my mum’s washing in the background). I already have a plan for it so I will keep you updated on how the up-cycling process is going.


I’ve still got a sinus infection, however I’m trying to battle through it. I considered bringing it up at my doctor’s appointment but I know that I probably would have been given antibiotics. I’m a bit scared at taking antibiotics as they strip your immune system and with sickness bug season lurking around the corner I don’t want to take any risks!


I spent the afternoon packing for Wales and generally catching up on some bits. My mum’s birthday is at the begining of October and I ordered her present into a shop. The present has been delivered much earlier than I expected and so we have to pop out tonight to pick it up. It’s the last thing I feel like doing but it’ll be too late by the time we get home from Wales.

Today’s self care was suppose to be a bath, however I just haven’t had the time. Instead I treated myself to a face mask and a cup of tea!

Wednesday 18th September –

Yes, I am basically re-wearing yesterday’s outfit. England is currently experiencing some warmer weather and I’ve helpfully packed most of my clothes for Wales. My nan had one of my little cousins today and so we arranged to take her out for a walk with my mum. I was really anxious when we arrived and almost went home. I barely got any sleep last night and I think that’s why I’ve been struggling today. I decided to try and go for a short walk and thankfully my anxiety somewhat eased off, however we did have to cut our outing short because of it.


My boyfriend had half a day at work and so when he got home at about 2pm we had some lunch, finished our packing and went to get petrol and check the car, etc…


I am absolutely exhausted now and begining to get a little nervous about the drive tomorrow – however I am also very excited.

I’m sorry this has been such a short update this week, I will write a separate post on our trip to Wales.


What have you been up to this week?






13 thoughts on “Weekly update (16th September – 18th September)

  1. Sounds like you have had a great productive week. Your outfits are so cute by the way. That’s great you saw a difference in the waiting room with your anxiety. Small steps go far! Thank you for sharing xx


  2. Hey Liz long time no speak, sorry about that, I hope you’re having a good time in Wales!! ^_^ don’t worry about your post being short, it was still enjoyable, love the outfits by the way, your cardigans are very lovely, I like the beige one a lot (or is a creme color?) also nice moon table (half moon table) really pretty, I look forward to seeing what you do with it, if you are thinking of changing it, either way it’s really nice ^_^ I hope you’re doing alright, not sure how long you’ll be in Wales for, but I hope you continue to enjoy yourself as well as the weekend and I can’t wait to read all about your trip there!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 🙂 The half moon table is going pink, I’ll hopefully be able to share some pictures of it soon once I’ve completed it!

      Wales was amazing and it was so lovely to have a break from every day life!

      How are you doing? x

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Okay I’m caught up now yaaay!! Sorry I can be a little weird sometimes ha XD

        You’re very welcome by the way 🙂 Pink!? okay that’s not bad, not bad at all, are you planning on doing it a light pink or going more darker with it!? I’d say dark, but that’s just me, but than again your redoing it so maybe making it a little lighter could work, since it’s already a dark brown color, however you do it, I look forward to seeing the finish product of it, once it’s all done and up-cycled ^_^

        You might’ve actually liked this table (I think it was a table it looked like one anyway) I saw outside my house across the street, I wish I would’ve taken a photo I could’ve showed it to you, I looked out my window to see if it was still there, it was there for a bit, but I guess someone already took it, it was pretty and it was the same color as your moon table.

        I hope it’s not weird that you came to mind when I saw it earlier, sorry if it is……I’m glad to hear you enjoyed yourself in Wales and had a good relaxation time there ^_^

        i’ve heard about it before and it sure does sound like a lovely place, hopefully the weather was good and you were able to take some nice photos as well 🙂

        I’m okay, I could be better, but i’ve been alright thanks for asking, I hope you’re doing well ❤

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Take your time catching up with comments, I know how difficult it can be to keep on top of it – especially if you’re going through a tough patch.

        I’m leaning towards a light pink, just waiting for the paint to be delivered and I can finish it 🙂

        I think it’s very sweet that it made you think of me and it makes me realise what a lasting impact my posts have on readers such as yourself 🙂

        Wales is gorgeous, I have a post planned soon so you will get to see how beautiful it is!

        I hope you start to feel better soon xxx

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Note taken, thanks for that, when it comes to comments i’m not really the best at getting to them right away, even when I know i’m able to get to them it still takes me awhile, but it’s always in mind that I need to as soon as possible…..thank you though!! 🙂

        Well i’m sure it’s looking nice right about now, hoping you already received the paint you chose and all, I look forward to seeing how it turned out the table ^_^

        Well good, it’s nice to know that it didn’t sound weird at all haha XD awwww, well what can I say you’re posts are great, really!! It’s not that surprising that they’d make an impact like that!!

        Well that’s great to hear!! I can’t wait to read all about it and see all it’s beauty ^_^

        Thanks that means a lot, i’m feeling a little better, still have my days of course, today is sorta one of them, but i’m doing okay, I hope you’re doing okay too and your days going alright ❤ ❤ ❤

        Liked by 1 person

      4. I tend to take a while replying to comments, they build up and then I have to spend a while replying to them all 😁

        The paint came for the table and it looks really good ☺️ Hopefully I’ll be able to share some photos of it soon!

        I’m doing quite well lately but taking every day at a time ☺️ I hope you start to feel a bit better soon 🧡🧡🧡

        Liked by 1 person

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