Mental Health and Confidence – A Guest Post

A little while ago I wrote a blog post discussing how my mental health has impacted on my confidence. I was very open and honest in that post so that you could see the real impact of anxiety on my life. If you have not had the opportunity to read the post then you can find it here.


Within the post I reached out to other bloggers and asked if they wanted to contribute their own stories as to how their mental health has impacted on their confidence. A couple of very brave and admirable bloggers contacted me and I would like to take this opportunity to share their brave words with you.


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Neil –

The first person to contact me was Neil – he has been a faithful follower of my blog for sometime now and I really appreciate it. Neil blogs about his life, which can be found here.

My experience with confidence and mental health.

When suffering with depression and anxiety I find my confidence drops to a level that makes it hard to leave the house or make and kind of decision.

This results in things being put off. I have had help and now am normally aware of my illness, this makes it possible to allow time to get better some times its only a matter of days. Before having help, I found it very frightening not to be able to feel in control, this sometimes led to panic attacks. I am fairly sure my first marriage broke up as a result of mental illness.

CBT and tablets helped me over an almost 10 year period to beat the illness. But I still have to be careful to get plenty of sleep eat well and not drink to much alcohol.

I still sometimes get days when I contemplate suicide, but there are very rare in the last few years.

Poor mental health can without a doubt kill you. But the fact you are reading about the illness is a sign you are already on the road to recovery. I hope your journey back to health is successful. Your confidence will come back, it just takes time and practice. 


Jackie –

Jackie is another faithful follower of mine and we’re often supporting each other on Twitter. Jackie has her own blog on which she discusses her life – you can find her blog here.

Anxiety sometimes wears me the hell out.

I live in a world where I yearn to be normal without really having a definition of what that is. Having mental health issues has put me in a permanent state of having to fight fear and I long for nothing but peace of mind. Sometimes it feels totally unattainable as my mind races laps around everyday life with a finish line that seems nowhere to be found. I wish I could be like everyone else and be able to do things without thinking so much about everything that could or couldn’t happen. While I realize I’m not alone in this journey and plenty of other people feel similar ways, anxiety has the ability to make me feel isolated and undesirable. It makes me feel as if my thoughts will forever consume me. I feel as if I’m a constant state of second-guessing myself and I want so badly for things to be different. I want my mind to have free thought, minimal worry, and an ability to make a decision without over examining every single detail for each case.

However, I don’t plan on ever giving up on myself or my quest for self-love and confidence. Each day even if it is hard as hell to get myself going has been a learning experience and a gift of knowledge of what I need and what I don’t to live the fullest and happiest life that I can. It feels so cliché to say that out loud, but it’s mindfulness of my own needs and wants that has given me the ability to fight fear in ways I never thought I could. So, even if I am struggling I do my best to dig deep to get one step at a time out of each bad thought, each worry, and each stress self-inflicted or not. My anxiety wears me out but it also has given me the fire to fight for me even if my brain wants to give up on me.


I would like to thank both of these bloggers for opening up and sharing their experiences. Mental health can be an isolating experience, however the more we discuss it and the more we support each other the less isolating it will seem. 


Please take the time to visit Neil and Jackie’s blogs. 


You’re very welcome to leave your own experiences in the comments.







15 thoughts on “Mental Health and Confidence – A Guest Post

  1. Keep fighting the good fight. Mental illness is no joke, but the fact that you can open up and talk about it says a lot and shows progress. Thanks for raising awareness!

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  2. Great post! I suffered severe depression and anxiety after my 2nd son and now through perimenopause! It’s very hard to get through but I learned with meditation, yoga and vitamins you can get control of some symptoms! There needs to be more help out there for mental illness and we should never have to hide or feel ashamed of it! Reach out to others is great advice! Thanks again for a great post!

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  3. Thank you for sharing these experiences. I can relate to the anxiety of thinking over everything that could happen in a situation. It is exhausting and can wear down your confidence.

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  4. This is such a lovely post – my mental health has definitely impacted my confidence because I feel as though I over think every single encounter I have with people and its just exhausting! To be fair I think it even had an impact on my experiences with therapy because I was concentrating too much on what the therapist thought of me! 🤦🏻‍♂️ Xx

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    1. Thank you for reading and commenting ☺️ It’s crazy how much it can impact on our lives! It doesn’t help that society is incredibly judgmental and so we’ve come to assume everyone will cast their opinion on us and our actions xx

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  5. Great post! I find reading other people’s stories always helps me remember I’m not alone so thank you for sharing yours and others journeys. My Mental Health has improved so much since I’ve started writing. I feel like I can get it out of my head and share it with people which is scary but empowering!
    Amy 🙂

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    1. Thank you for reading and commenting ☺️ It’s nice to know we’re not alone in our struggles! Writing definitely was a huge factor in beginning my road to recovery x

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