I’m doing Blogtober! Blogtober #1

Blogtober –

Today marks the first day of October and I thought I would drop you all a little blog post to inform you that I’m planning on doing Blogtober!


I’ve been working like crazy to get ideas, content and blog posts scheduled for this month as I’m worried I won’t be able to keep up.


I’m hopeful that I’m going to successfully be able to complete the month but we’ll see how it goes!

How to Relax of an Evening (1).png


I have a range of different posts planned from mental health, top tips and general lifestyle. There should be something for everyone.


I cannot wait to embark on this month of blogging with you all and I hope you enjoy!


Is anyone else doing Blogtober?









15 thoughts on “I’m doing Blogtober! Blogtober #1

  1. Looking forward to reading (as you can probably tell I’m a couple of days behind 😂)! I’m unfortunately not doing Blogtober this year and I wish I’d been organised enough to get it planned – here’s hoping for next year! Xx

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    1. Thank you! ☺️ It can be so difficult keeping up with your own blog and reading everyone else’s! I find myself letting it pile up and having to sit for a couple of hours at the weekend to catch up 🙈 Hopefully you can get organised for next year 🤞🏼 I’m wanting to do Blogmas but not sure how realistic it is 😁xx

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      1. I’m strongly considering Blogmas but I’m not convinced I can come up with enough content! I need to sit down and make a rough plan to see how realistic it’ll be for me! xx

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