Weekly Update (31st September – 4th October)

This week has felt like it has gone on forever!

Most of the week it’s been pouring down here in England, which makes you just want to shut the door and hibernate. And that’s what I’ve done this week. I’ve decided to try and enjoy my last few weeks living at home, before we move out. It’s difficult knowing that we get the keys soon and I’m going to have so much to do, however right now I can’t do anything. I’ve been very frustrated.

Monday 31st October –

After last weeks’s announcement I can finally share all my flat-related activities with you. It’s been taking up so much of my time and headspace and I’ve been unable to share it all with you! I’m hoping at some point to write some blog posts about our experience and the process so if you have any questions drop them in the comments below.


I have very few plans this week, I’m leaving my schedule open so that I can catch up on finishing furniture and preparing us for the move. I’m also trying to enjoy my last few weeks living at home.


We picked this coffee table up on Saturday for £15 (what a bargain!) and decided to paint it this blue. However, I woke up Monday morning and decided I didn’t like the colour as it doesn’t fit in with the plans I have for that room. I therefore spent the entire afternoon sanding the table back to the original wood. It was a lot of work but thankfully my Grandad helped a lot.


I’m leaning towards either dark grey, dark green or black for this table but we shall see what paint I manage to find!


Today was my last day of my month of self-care. Today’s treat was some chocolate. I chose to save the treat until after my afternoon of sanding and it was delicious! I’m sure by now you’ve read my post recapping how I felt the month went – if not you can read it here. I’m definitely going to make an effort to indulge in more self-care.


Tuesday 1st October – 

I’ve been feeling a bit ‘meh’ today. The excitement of the flat going through is slowly wearing off. I have so much to do but I can’t do anything yet and I’m finding it incredibly frustrating. In addition to this I have a huge break out on my face which has hugely knocked my confidence. Usually I don’t worry about a spot or two but these are huge and all over my face!


My general mood, the volcanic eruptions on my face and the constant rain are having a bad affect on me. I knew I had to get myself out of this funk and so I put a lot of concealer on my face and decided to pop to a couple of shops when I picked my boyfriend up from the station.


We popped to Aldi as they’re doing a dupe of the BB cream I use and so I thought I would give it a go. We then went to Homebase to look at paints for our coffee table – I’ll show you what colour we settled for once I’ve painted it!


It was really nice to get out of the house for an hour. Fingers crossed the weather improves tomorrow and I can make a start on painting the table – it’ll be nice to have something to get stuck into.


Wednesday 2nd October –


You know those days where everything that could possibly go wrong, does go wrong? Well that was how my day went today.


I checked the weather forecast and a miracle has happened – no rain today! I decided to make the most of this opportunity and paint as much furniture as I can. I started on the coffee table, having settled for a dark grey. I quickly covered it in a coat and left it to dry. The tin said to wait 4 hours until I could apply another coat and so I decided to go over to my parents to paint some chairs that I have stored there.


My mum picked me up and we went back to theirs, this is where the day began to unravel. My mum’s key wouldn’t work in her front door, I couldn’t make it work and nor could two of her neighbours. We were locked outside. Thankfully my parents have a right of access over their neighbour’s property and so mum knocked and we went round into my parent’s back garden (whilst stepping in dog’s poo in their neighbour’s garden – yay!). As we went into my parent’s house we realised mum had gone out and locked the door with a key in the lock on the inside. We rolled our eyes and laughed.


I decided to get started on the painting next. I couldn’t quite remember which paint was which but thought I had the right one. It wasn’t until I had set up my painting station and began rollering the paint onto the chair that I realised it was the wrong paint – I’d left the right paint at home. Again, I rolled my eyes and laughed and decided to give up on the idea of painting the chairs that day.


The next round of fun began as I washed the roller in my mum’s sink. She glanced out into the garden to realise that the drain was blocked and all white-painty-water was overflowing onto the patio. Thankfully mum successfully moved the blockage and then set about bleaching the patio.


At this stage we decided to give up on the day and I went home to paint the next layer on my coffee table.


Today has been a test of how far I have come lately. Despite all of this bad luck I’m still smiling and I don’t feel victimised by luck – yet!


Thursday 3rd October – 


It’s been another ‘meh’ kind of day. At the end of this month it’s a year since I caught Norovirus and my mental health deteriorated as a result. It keeps creeping up on me and making me anxious. It doesn’t help that the previous year we were out in Ireland visiting my partner’s family and I was ill out there too (I didn’t vomit, however I did feel very very sick). I feel that October is somewhat cursed for me and I’m terrified as to what it might bring about this years. I’m hoping it’s third year lucky?!


I had a quiet day today – did some painting, sanding and played with my cousins. I feel like I’m losing my way a little bit, but perhaps that’s how I have to be to get myself through this month. I have my next appointment with the mental health nurse next week and I’m looking forward to it. I’m going to discuss my thoughts on October with her and see what she has to say.


Friday 4th October –

Today was my mum’s birthday and so I had offered to go out with her. She’s still happily up-cycling furniture and so she chose to go to B&Q, to look at their paint and wallpaper. Our closest B&Q is about a 25 minute drive away. I was really anxious but wanted to go for my mum.


I struggled a lot being out, I didn’t want to ruin the outing for my mum, however I was finding it difficult to control my anxiety. We probably came home a little sooner than she would have liked but we still managed to have a wander round and mum got a couple of bits.


Once the anxiety of our trip out was over I was relatively okay for the rest of the day and enjoyed just being back within my comfort zone.


How was your week?









11 thoughts on “Weekly Update (31st September – 4th October)

  1. It’s great that even with anxiety and occasional bad mood you still find the motivation to do things like sand all the freshly painted blue off of a table! I’d chuck it through a window, haha. Joking. I’m doing up my room in a palette of light yellow-green walls with earth tones like brown and forest-green to accent the shelves, desks, and curtains. I wanted it to be very “organic”, I guess you could call it. I’m also filling every possible space with houseplants because I feel like they improve my mood. If you can’t always bring yourself to nature (especially with winter coming on) you can bring nature to you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was very tempted to throw it out the window! haha That sounds lovely 🙂 I really want lots of plants, however I’ve killed 2/3 that I’ve recently bought. I’m hoping it’s something I can improve on… haha


  2. I love your jumper from Friday! It’s such a pretty colour and looks so soft! I’m actually quite excited to see the finished result of your coffee table! I love a bit of up-cycling! 😂 I hope this October goes much better for you, I completely get how it feels as though its cursed, I had norovirus on boxing day over 10 years ago and even now I still feel really uneasy about the day as a whole! Fingers crossed how with how well its been going with the MH nurse she’ll be able to make you feel a bit more at ease about it all 🙂 xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s the kind of jumper that makes you want to fall asleep in it 🤣 The coffee table hasn’t quite gone to plan and the varnish has ruined it 🙃 I’m hoping it’s salvageable 🤞🏼Thank you! Anxiety makes so many associations and with such a traumatic event it’s difficult to cope on that anniversary 😫 xx

      Liked by 1 person

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