Advice to my younger self

Wisdom is a fickle old thing, if only we had the benefit of it from a young age. Unfortunately though it is something that comes with age and experience, and all too often we fail to listen to the wisdom our elders have to pass down.

Despite this I thought I would write today’s post on what advice I would give to my younger self. She most likely wouldn’t listen and would insist that she knew best, but I would still try to help her.

Advice to My Younger Self.png

Enjoy everything

I wish I could go back in time and tell my younger self to enjoy everything. You never know what life has in store for you and so you have to grasp each and every second as if it were your last. I know there are some chances I missed out on and some things I didn’t appreciate as much as I should have at the time – if I could go back I would change this.


I would say yes to every new opportunity, try new hobbies and meet new people. I know I’m still young and still have time to do all of this – I just wish I’d started it sooner and whilst I still had the confidence.

Be confident

It took me until the age of 18 to really start gaining confidence in myself and my abilities. I really wish that I could go back and give myself a boost of confidence at an earlier age. My lack of confidence held me back a lot, it stopped me from making friends, pursuing opportunities and speaking up for myself and my opinion.

By my second year at university I had a lot of confidence, I only wish I could have achieved this earlier in life. Confidence is something that grows overnight, however it can be taken away from you in the blink of an eye – it has to be nurtured and enjoyed, I only wish I knew this earlier in life.

Get help for your mental health

If I could pass any wisdom down to my younger self it would be to get some help for my mental health. If I had done this sooner I may not have struggled as much as I have in the last year. I would have confronted my problems and have techniques to cope with my anxiety. At the time though my anxiety was not affecting my life and so I ignored its existence.


Hindsight is such a wonderful thing, if only it would grace us with its presence when we need it the most.


Start Saving –

This is advice that I would pass on to my younger self, however I wouldn’t be too unhappy if she didn’t listen. I somewhat regret not starting to save from a younger age, however that extra money allowed me to do some amazing things and create some amazing memories. In the grand scheme of life memories are more important than saving from an early age.

However, I definitely could have eaten out less and put that money into savings!


Consider your future –

Perhaps if I had sat down and thought more about the future I would have realised that my degree and masters were not suited to the life I wanted. I suspect I probably wouldn’t have realised back then how much I would change over the years. Still, it would have been nice to have a back up or at least have some idea what my other options were.

I did enjoy myself and have a carefree time during my undergraduate degree though and for that I am grateful.


Despite having all of this advice for myself I’m not sure I would really want to change too much about my younger self. I have some amazing memories and I know that younger me hugely influenced the woman I am today.


What advice would you give your younger self?






13 thoughts on “Advice to my younger self

  1. I would advise myself. That it’s fine to make mistakes and to take more risks. Probably skip the first wife too lol. Your still very young Liz loads of opertunities still to be had. Don’t let a unwell brain stop the rest of you having fun.

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  2. I would have done what was good for me . And put myself first . Many times over all I have ever thought about is others and never myself. Maybe my path would have been different if I was strong enough to had put myself firsts sometimes.

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