30 Date Ideas (Outdoors, Indoors and Stay at home)

When you first starting seeing someone dates are so much fun and you can’t wait for the next one to roll around. However, as the years pass by the motivation to go out on a date lessens and daily life gets in the way.

Whether you’re newly dating someone or you’ve been together for a while now here is a list of possible date ideas.


30 Date Ideas.png

Outdoor Ideas – 

When you’re feeling adventurous and want to get out of the house here are some ideas for some dates. Some can last a whole day, others only an hour or two – depending on how much time you have. 

Go to the Zoo or a farm 

My boyfriend and I had our first date at the zoo. It was the perfect location as we could always direct the conversation back to the animals if things were feeling a little awkward. We have been back to the zoo on a number of occasions and it’s still one of my favourite date days.

Have a picnic

A picnic can be such a fun date idea (providing it doesn’t rain). You can go anywhere you like with it and pack food to your taste. Why not get your date to pack half the picnic and see what they choose?

Go to an open air cinema/ A drive in cinema

An open air cinema/drive in cinema can be really romantic. Watching a film under the stars with your date next to you – what more could you want?

Well, other than some popcorn…

Play crazy golf 

I love crazy golf (not that I’m very good at it). It’s such a fun activity and you’re so focused on what you’re doing that you’re not nervous about the fact that you’re on a date!

This is also a great idea for a double date.

Go and watch a sports match 

Dates are all about getting to know someone better and experiencing things as a couple. I went to my first football match with my boyfriend and really enjoyed it. He loves football and so it was lovely to watch him enjoy himself so much and to feel a part of it.

Go for a walk somewhere new 

Sometimes all you want from a date is to get to know someone better. Most people can walk and talk at the same time and so it’s the perfect combination! Going to a new place means that you’re both experiencing something together and therefore creating a further bond.

Go for a walk on the beach 

A walk along a beach is quite possibly the epitome of romance. You could bring your picnic with you too!

Go horse riding 

This is on my list of dates to complete one day. I’m a huge horsey person and rode for over 10 years. It’s something that I would love my partner to experience one day and I want us to do it together.

Go for a bike ride 

Bike rides can be fun – just don’t choose a route that’s so difficult you can’t talk whilst trying to catch your breath.

Go window shopping for your future 

If you can see a future with your date then start planning! I love wandering around shops looking at potential furniture and colour schemes for our future home together. Perhaps don’t suggest this on a first date though!


Indoor Ideas – 

For days when the rain is hammering on the windows and all you want to do is cancel your date and curl up indoors with a blanket and a good book. Don’t cancel – there’s still lots of indoor things you can do.

Or scroll down to the next section for ideas on stay-at-home dates. 

Go out for dinner

I know, this one is a bit generic but it’s a go-to. I cannot even begin to imagine how many dinner dates my partner and I have been on. We bonded over our mutual love of food, whilst also getting to know one another.

Go out for dessert 

If you’re not quite feeling like a full meal, or perhaps you want to get to know someone a little better before you share a three course dinner with them, then go out for dessert instead. My boyfriend and I have been known to pop out to the pub for a date night drink and end up getting dessert too.

Go bowling 

Who doesn’t love a bit of bowling? Whether you’re a competitive person or just bowling for some fun, it’s always a winner.

This is another date idea that’s perfect for a double date.

Visit a museum 

When my boyfriend and I first started dating we’d often meet in London. Dinner out constantly was so expensive and so we sometimes went for a wander around the museums since they’re free.

Go gin tasting 

I cannot recommend this date idea enough! We did it one year for my birthday when we were staying in Edinburgh. We got very drunk and had so much fun! Now whenever anyone brings out a bottle of gin we whack out our (rather amateur) knowledge.

Go to the theatre

A lot of people go to the cinema for a date but I think the theatre is so much more fun! It’s more special and you get a chance to chat in the interval.

Go to a concert 

Whether you share the same taste in music or you want to show your partner some new tunes a concert is the perfect option to have some fun on a date.

Play some pool/snooker

On a Friday night my partner and I sometimes pop to the pub and play some pool. It gets us out of the house and gets us talking about things other than just our daily life. I don’t think I’ve ever won a match but I still enjoy it.

Try an exercise class together 

I would love to bring my partner to an exercise class! It’s something that I’ve always planned on doing but my anxiety has now gotten in the way. We’ve done some yoga and exercise videos at home together and it was so much fun!

Go out for coffee 

This one is blindingly obvious but sometimes when we’re busy worrying about making plans the obvious options pass us by. Grabbing a coffee and watching the world go by with your date is surprisingly fun.


Staying at Home – 

Cook a meal together

I cook our dinners from scratch on my own every night. If I’m feeling under the weather then sometimes my partner cooks for me. As I work from home and don’t have the commute it makes sense for me to spend that time cooking. However, sometimes we make the time to cook together and it feels like a real treat. It’s something we did at the beginning of our relationship and so it brings back some fun memories.

Play some board games 

Playing board games with your date can be so much fun – unless it’s a game of monopoly that goes on for weeks!

Watch a film

When life is busy taking a couple of hours to sit down with your date and watch a film can be invaluable. It’s a time to relax and just be together.

Order a takeaway 

When you don’t feel like cooking but you also can’t be bothered to get ready to go out then treat yourselves to a take away. Just deciding which take away you’re going to get can be life defining for some couples!

Have a picnic in your living room – or even in bed 

Picnics don’t have to wait until sunny weather. You can grab your picnic blanket and set it out anywhere in the house. Why not set yourselves a budget and each choose half of the food to surprise the other. Not only is this fun but it can teach you something about your date from the choices they make.

Make cocktails at home 

Lets be honest when you make cocktails at home the measurements usually go out of the window and you get a little bit tipsier than you planned.

It’s a recipe for a fun date night.


Depending on how long you’ve been with your partner reminisce about your history. My partner and I have kept a lot of cards that we’ve sent over the years and I still have my zoo ticket from our first date. It’s fun to sit down and look through our memories together.

If you haven’t been together for very long then why not show them pictures of yourself as a child and tell them about your child-hood memories?

Have a wine and cheese night 

Need I say anymore?

Wine and cheese are interchangeable and so if your date doesn’t like cheese, rather than dump them you could swap it for chocolate.

Have breakfast in bed 

I don’t know about you but breakfast in bed is a real treat. We seem to always be so busy, especially at the weekend and so to have a few extra minutes together whilst we eat breakfast is a nice way to start the day.

Have a Spa day/night at home

I love spending a night away at a spa hotel, however funds don’t always allow for this. If you’re in need of some relaxation with your date by your side then why not set-up a spa at home. You can indulge in face-masks and massages with a glass of wine in hand.


Drop me a comment below as to what your favourite date is!






20 thoughts on “30 Date Ideas (Outdoors, Indoors and Stay at home)

  1. As someone who doesn’t drink (so I can’t do the “normal” “want to go out for a drink some time?” line) I always love seeing these lists. Several great ideas even for a first date… I particularly like the idea of going to a museum. Gives you something to talk about. Breakfast in bed is of course more for a date with someone you already know! Haha

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Nice ideas! My husband and I have never done a gin tasting before. It sounds fun! When we were first dating we would go out to play pool a lot. That would be a fun date to try again!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you! I would really recommend gin tasting ☺️ I love playing pool on a date, however the place we would go to has since shut down and we can’t find a replacement 😫


  3. I love going on date nights because it gives you the chance to actually talk to each other properly – so many times at home we end up just on our phones/laptops, so going for dinner or a day out is always a surefire way to spend some quality time together. I especially love the idea of a gin tasting – although my husband hates gin! Maybe we should do a wine tasting instead haha.

    Reminiscing is also such a nice thing to do, I’ve kept loads of our cards over the years and it’s so nice to look back on them – we went back through our wedding album and guest book on our anniversary and it was lovely to go through it together 🙂 x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree so much, we get so caught up in everyday life that we forget to stop and talk to each other!

      I love the idea of reminiscing. I’ve kept all of our old cards and even the train ticket from our first date! haha xx

      Liked by 1 person

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