The Autumn Tag

I first came across this tag on Our Favourite Jar but I believe it was originally created by Adell Baker. I thought this post would be a fun one to include in this Blogtober and I know a number of my fellow other bloggers will probably be interested in participating in this particular tag.

I won’t be tagging anyone specifically and so if you enjoyed this please go ahead and tag yourself in it!


I’m not the biggest lover of the colder months, however I’m trying to be more positive about it and so I thought a tag like this might remind me of the positives. I have to say I’m now looking forward to some good films, hot chocolates and cold days.


Have a Good Breakfast (6).png

What signifies the start of Autumn for you?

The cold crisp mornings where the frost and the mist are still lingering as you pull your curtains open, that is what signifies the start of Autumn for me. Those cold but sunny days are one of my favourite times of year where you can layer up and go out for a beautiful walk where you can crunch the crisps leaves under your boots and search for conkers on the ground.


Favourite Fall Scent?

Cinnamon! In my opinion cinnamon is the epitome of Autumn, as soon as the scent hits my nose it makes me think of cold evenings cozied up indoors with a hot chocolate and a good film. I guess it’s a scent that many people consider to be Christmassy, however I love it so much as soon as the weather begins to cool down I bring out my cinnamon candles. I should probably mention that my boyfriend hates the smell and so he hates this time of year.

Favourite Autumn colour?

Mustard. As soon as it begins to get colder I dig out all of the mustard coloured clothing in my wardrobe. Every year I do the same and now it is a colour that I associate with this time of year. I found this picture of me wearing my mustard trousers and jumper – not quite sure what I was thinking!

I’m going to refrain from wearing them both at the same time again haha. Also, how cute is my little cousin?! She was a few days old here and this was the first time I met her.

Favourite Fall Drink?

If I’m out and about then my favourite fall drink is a Gingerbread latte. I know most people might consider this to be a Christmas drink, however as soon as it gets cold I start craving these. My favourite has to be Costa as I prefer their syrups.

This is quite an old picture of mine here, prior to realising I’m gluten intolerant, and so I can no longer eat the little gingerbread man! 

If I had to pick a fall drink to make at home then I would choose hot chocolate. Throughout the summer I avoid it as I think it’s too hot to be drinking it, and then as the colder months roll around I’m reminded how good it tastes. I’m not a big fan of milk and so I tell myself that when I make a hot chocolate I’m actually being healthy by drinking my calcium.

What is the best way to spend a rainy day?

Curled up indoors with a blanket, a fire flickering in the background, a hot chocolate and a good book. There’s no better way to spend the day as the rain hammers on the windows outside and you lose yourself in a good book within your comfy surroundings.

What is your favourite Autumn movie?

Leap Year. It’s not exactly an autumnal movie, it is however one of my favourites and I guess it’s set during the colder months. It would be my movie of choice to sit down and watch on a dark autumn evening.

I thought I’d include this picture as it was taken in Ireland and that’s where the film is set!

What is your most-loved outdoor Autumn activity?

Living in England Autumn can often be rather cold and wet, however we do sometimes get lucky and have some sunny but cold days. On these days my most-loved outdoor autumn activity is to go for a walk. The countryside always looks so beautiful as the leaves are changing colour and the grass is covered in frost.

What is your favourite Autumn fashion trend?

Layering up!

Autumn is my favourites season for fashion as I’m a big fan of layering up. These months are cold enough to wrap yourself in jumpers, jackets and scarves, however the big winter coats aren’t necessary yet. I love jeans with a bagger jumper, a leather jacket, scarves and BOOTS! Have I ever mentioned how much I love boots? I literally live in them. During the summer months I switch to wearing my Toms and as soon as the weather cools down I’m back in my boots.

What’s your favourite thing about Autumn?








10 thoughts on “The Autumn Tag

  1. Cinnamon is 100% my favourite smell for Autumn – I love how when you bake with it the whole house smells of it! 🙂 I also need to get myself a gingerbread latte, I’ve only just got into coffee this year so it’s definitely on my to-do list!

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    1. There’s something so comforting about the smell of cinnamon! I’ve seen a few independent coffee shops with a cinnamon syrup so I may give that a go soon. I love a coffee out for a nice treat 🙂 xx

      Liked by 1 person

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