Top 5 Tips for a productive day


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Working from home and for myself means that I have to ensure I’m constantly staying productive to get the necessary work completed. Some days can be more difficult than others and so I try to stick to a routine throughout the day to ensure that I put in the necessary hours.

Alongside my routine I try to follow the same 5 tips each day to ensure that I maintain my productivity throughout the day. I thought I would share these 5 tips with you and hopefully you can drop some more tips in the comments.

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1. Have a good breakfast

I always find that having a good breakfast sets me up for the morning. If I skip breakfast or just pick at something then as soon as I sit down to work I start thinking about when I can take a break and have a snack. I usually have a cup of tea with my breakfast both because I enjoy it and I look forward to the little hit of caffeine to begin my day. If you want to stay away from caffeine then why not try a decaf or a herbal option?

Having a good breakfast also makes me feel like I’m somewhat organised and just generally puts me on a positive footing for the day.


In addition to the above reasons food is the fuel for our bodies and our brain. By ensuring that you eat a healthy breakfast you are giving your body the energy that it needs to carryout the day’s tasks.

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2. Tidy your work space

I am really affected by my surroundings and so a clean and tidy work space leaves me feeling highly productive. It also ensures that there’s nothing surrounding me that might distract me from my day’s work. Take a few minutes at the start of your day to prepare your workspace and ensure that it suits your needs for that day.

My work space contains my laptop, a few notebooks, my diary, some pens and pencils,  hand cream, a glass of water and often a cup of tea. This already clutters up my desk and so anything else must be removed to make my day as productive as possible.

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3. Make a list

I constantly harp on about planning but honestly it’s the best thing you can do! At the begining of each week I make a big list of what I have to do and then daily I sit down and look at it – sometimes I have to add to it. It helps me visualise what I have to complete that day, which in turn helps with time management. This is a brilliant way of coping with a heavy work load – you can even colour code your jobs depending on how important they are/ how soon their deadlines are.

Making a list also means that you get to tick tasks off once you’ve completed them.


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4. Take regular breaks when you feel you need to

Don’t feel like you need to power throughout the day without taking a break. The key to productivity is to create a balance between work and breaks. Take a break and make yourself a cup of tea, or take a break during lunch and go out for a walk.

Use your breaks to optimise your productivity, don’t use them to just sit around scrolling through your phone for 15 minutes.

If you work from home and on your own you have to remember that when in an office you will often stop to talk to colleagues or to do a drinks run. Just because you’re sat working on your own does not mean you should forgo your breaks.

Have a Good Breakfast (4).png

5. Know when to stop

Working from home it can be quite difficult to set boundaries between home-life and work. However, it is key that you do set these boundaries and you do whatever you can to uphold them. Working throughout the evening may seem like a good idea, however it’s more than likely to leave you feeling burnt out and less productive the following day. Despite this, there are some occasions where it may be necessary to work later than usual to complete a job. If this is the case treat yourself to some self care that evening to recharge your batteries for the following day (you can find some self-care ideas here).



It will take some time to understand what makes you productive. You’ll learn what increases your productivity and what decreases it. The above list is a starting point for you to maximise your productivity.

How do you stay productive throughout the day?









13 thoughts on “Top 5 Tips for a productive day

  1. These are great tips! My master’s program is mainly online & I agree that it’s good to have a tidy work space & I’m like you where I’ll have my laptop, notebook, pens & water. I also take regular breaks like a lunch break where I’ll watch an episode on Netflix.

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  2. I do love a list for making me feel productive! The one thing I struggle with is eating a good breakfast in the morning though – my stomach is often at it’s most fragile in the mornings so eating is always a challenge for me! x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nothing beats a good old list! I can relate to that, on days where my stomach is a bit iffy I tend to opt for a ginger biscuit and then have something more substantial whenever hunger kicks in xx

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