We bought a flat!

This weekly update is a little different as on Monday (14th October) we picked up the keys to our first home together!

I thought I would write an overview of the week as opposed to boring you each day with all the painting and cleaning that I’ve done.


Picking up the keys –

We completed at 10am in the morning, however the seller had not finished packing up their things and so we agreed to collect the keys at around 1ish. It was a bit of an anti-climax to know that the flat was ours but we couldn’t go there yet. Instead, we ran around like headless chickens getting everything prepared.


Eventually, we picked the keys up and drove over to our new home. We asked everyone to allow us a few minutes to see the place on our own and to take it in before they all came round. We excitedly let ourselves into the building and started to walk around the flat. However, very quickly we began to regret buying the flat.

We both looked at each other and said ‘what the hell have we done?’


You may think this was a bit of an overreaction and in hindsight things are not as bad as they first appeared. The problem was that there was mould on almost every wall. I eventually broke down in tears as I called my family to let them know.

Thankfully, they all came over and everyone managed to calm us down and see that we could easily fix the problem. I had been worried that we would have to call in professionals and had no idea how much that might cost us.

(We have since discovered that the previous owners had a tumble dryer in the flat which they failed to properly ventilate and we suspect that was the cause of it)


The cleaning commenced –

After wiping the streaks of mascara from my face we headed to the supermarket to buy lots of mould sprays, masks and gloves. Everyone got stuck in and begun scrubbing away at the mould.

To everyone’s surprise it came off quite quickly.


It took us two days to throughly scrub the mould off of every surface. It goes to show that some people don’t care about the environment they live in. The bathroom ceiling was covered in mould, however between myself and my boyfriend it took us 30 minutes to scrub it off. The terrible thing is the sellers had a child who must have had their bath in there every night surrounded by the mould.

I really do not understand how anyone could live in such unhealthy conditions.


The rest of the week –

The whole week has been spent cleaning and painting. It looks like the flat has barely been cleaned since the day it was built. Every time I get stressed about it I just think about how amazing it will look at the end and how each day we’re adding value to the place.


The previous owner had left us a new bath to put in as the current one is rusting and crumbling away. Upon inspection it became obvious that the bath would not be a straight swap and we would require a plumber. After a few scary quotes we have finally someone to come next week and swap the baths over. We’ve also stripped the tiles off the walls and ordered new ones. I’m so excited for the bathroom to be complete – it’s going to look like a whole new room.


We’ve ripped out a cupboard in the kitchen and after spotting a sale on at B&Q I’ve ordered some new tiles for the floor. I managed to get a bargain of £32 for all the kitchen floor tiles! I’ll probably pick them up and discover why they’re so cheap. I’m also planning on painting the kitchen cupboards to give them a new lease of life and I have taken the handles off and sprayed them. I cannot wait to have the kitchen finished!

Still to do…

We had hoped to move in soon, however we’ve had to push our moving date back as it’s not realistic. This flat has definitely turned into a much bigger project than we anticipated. At the moment it feels as though we’re just pouring money into a bottom-less pit. I have to keep reminding myself that hopefully every penny we spend will be added onto the value of the property.


I would like to write some blog posts on the renovations/decorating – would anyone be interesting in reading about it?








20 thoughts on “We bought a flat!

  1. I suppose the bright side of it is you now have the opportunity to fix the place up and become one of those TV carpentry couples! Lol, but you’re right… it’s probably not as bad as it looked at first. Mold sucks and can be a pain to fix but it could definitely be worse.

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  2. Congratulations. I would like to see how you renovate your home together. Unvented drying of anything causes mould. As long as the windows are open a little it soon dries out and the smell goes.


    1. Thank you! I’m very excited to share the renovations on here 😊 We’ve removed all the mould and are consciously trying to air the place so hopefully it doesn’t return 🤞🏼


      1. We have some vents at the top of the windows, opening them seems to have stopped the condensation so I have high hopes! I think it’s just a problem that comes with living in a flat.

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  3. Congratulations! Sorry to hear it didn’t all go to plan – moving house is so stressful and I would have had the exact same reaction as you, especially with all that mould! As hard as it is keep focused on the end goal and think of how fabulous it’ll look when it’s all finished. I can’t wait to read more about your moving journey and I for one would love to read more posts on renovating and decorating! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! The previous owners were filthy which isn’t particularly helped with my emetophobia 😫 I’m looking forward to sharing what we’ve been up to ☺️xx


  4. Definitely post about this. I had these kind of problems when I moved to my old house. I think people can let things get away from them. Or they just don’t think about it. Or they’re a bit dim. All your issues can be solved in the end.

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