15 Things to Enjoy During Winter

I make no secret of the fact that Winter is not one of my favourite seasons. I associate it with sickness bugs and so my anxiety is often on high alert throughout those cold, dreary months. Despite my fears I know that Winter does have lots to offer and so I thought I would dedicate a post this month to the things I am looking forward to in Winter.

I hope that I can turn this anxious time into something fun and that I can look back on this list to remind myself of what Winter has to offer.

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  1. Christmas! – I’m afraid Christmas is mentioned a few times in this list. Isn’t it just the best time of the year? I have lots of happy memories relating to Christmas and I still get that child-like excitement bubbling away inside of me at the thought of it. It’s not just the day that I enjoy I also love the build up – I love the music, choosing presents for people, decorating the tree, baking yummy treats, just everything about the season!
  2. Christmas Markets – Christmas again! I love a Christmas Market, the atmosphere is always so jolly and festive. It’s fun to walk around and see all the hard work that has gone into the crafty items on sale. It’s the perfect way to immerse yourself in the festive season with a mulled wine in one hand and a mince pie in the other. Christmas Markets can be big or small and so depending on how you’re feeling you can visit one that suits you. 
  3. Christmas Lights – I told you that there would be lots of Christmas references… During the bleak wintery evenings Christmas lights just make everything look so much prettier. Driving through towns under the twinkling fairy lights conjures up a happier ambience and appeals to the child inside.
  4. Ice Skating – As a child we lived near to an ice skating rink and would visit quite often, however since moving we’re not nearby to one. Winter time is the perfect time for pop up skating rinks around the country and you can indulge yourself in some fun on ice. A couple of years ago myself, my boyfriend and my brother went skating at the Tower of London rink and had so much fun.
  5. Hot Chocolate – There’s something so incredibly comforting about a steaming mug of hot chocolate. I won’t allow myself to drink it during the hotter months as it just feels wrong somehow. As the cold evenings roll in the hot chocolate comes out and it’s time to cuddle up on the sofa with a hot chocolate and a good film.img_6857
  6. Snow – In recent years I’ve become less and less of a fan of snow. As an adult you still have to go about your daily life and snow just gets in the way. I’m aware that this is a rather scrooge-like view and I would love to get back my child-like enthusiasm. Snow may get in the way of day-to-day life but there’s no denying how beautiful it looks when it covers everything in sight.
  7. Roasted Chestnuts – Roasted chestnuts are something that I associate with Winter and Christmas. I remember as a child going up to London and on ever street corner there would be someone cooking and selling roasted chestnuts. The smell was absolutely amazing and the taste even better. Winter is the perfect excuse to reintroduce roasted chestnuts into your diet, whether it be in the form of simply roasting them with a dusting of salt or adding them to a curry.
  8. Fashion – Despite my love for Summer I detest the fashion. I’m at my happiest when I can layer up an outfit with jackets, coats and scarves. I have a huge collection of coats and am so excited to be able to take them out of the wardrobe for the cold season to begin.
  9. Blankets – Sitting on the sofa with a blanket wrapped around you is the epitome of coziness. This time of the year is prime time for curling up with something soft and snuggly wrapped around your shoulders.
  10. A Cosy Fire – During the Winter when we visit my boyfriend’s family in Wales one of our favourites things is their log burner. The heat from the fire is welcome at that time of the year but there’s also something incredibly enchanting about the flames flickering away and the noises that it makes. A nice glass of baileys and a cosy fire can solve most problems.
  11. Less insects – I’m a real whimp when it comes to insects and am deathly afraid of spiders and daddy long legs. During the summer we can’t sleep with the windows open incase anything flies in. Therefore, when winter rolls around it’s a welcome break from all the insects.
  12. The food – Winter is the time to feed your soul. Casseroles and soups are the perfect candidates to warm your heart after a day in the bracing cold. Roast dinners with your family on a Sunday afternoon as the wind howls outside the windows is the epitome of an English Winter (and some summers!).
  13. Listening to the rain – I know I’m not the only person who finds the sound of the rain incredibly relaxing. When it’s grey outside and pouring with rain there’s something incredibly calming about the noise as you pull your cardigan tighter and appreciate the fact that you are inside.
  14. Reading a book – Reading a book in the sun on holiday is fun but nothing quite beats snuggling up on a cold Winter’s day with a good novel. It’s even more enjoyable if it’s raining outside and you have a mug of hot chocolate to hand.
  15. No guilt about staying in all day – During the Summer if we have a nice day then I tend to find myself feeling somewhat guilty for staying indoors. Nice days are rare in England, even in the Summer, and so it feels as though you should appreciate every second. Thankfully in the winter on those cold, wet days theres very little guilt to be felt if you decide to barricade yourself in the house and ignore the abysmal day outside.


I have to say after writing this post and thinking about all the lovely things there are associated with Winter, I’m almost looking forward to it. I cannot wait for a cold, rainy day where I can make myself a hot chocolate, grab a blanket and curl up under it to read a good book.


What do you enjoy the most about Winter?







11 thoughts on “15 Things to Enjoy During Winter

  1. Winter and autumn fashion are my style, too. I love sweaters (cardigans mainly) and overcoats. I like having a blazer with some jeans and a nice pressed shirt… too hot in the summer for that! The only thing I have against winter fashion is that snow boots are always ugly.

    I never do much in the winter but I’m going to make it a point this year… my second full winter of sobriety… to explore some snowy hobbies. Ice skating sounds like a great one. Thanks for the list!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You cannot beat Winter for being able to layer up clothes and make more of an effort. Unfortunately here in England all that effort is then spoilt by it raining 99% of the time haha!

      What a brilliant reason to enjoy this Winter! I hope you manage to try out some snow actives and make the most of the season 🙂


  2. I’m the same with winter too, I generally give it more of an association with illnesses and bugs but there’s still things I love about it. I especially love Christmas and the build up towards it! My friend and I make a trip to Bath Christmas market every year and even though it’s insanely busy you can’t deny how pretty it looks! x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Christmas is what gets me through Winter and then the hope that it’s almost over 😆 It’s such a shame that there’s so many bugs and illness because I’m sure there’s so much more to enjoy xx


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