Spending Time Alone

Some people really struggle spending time on their own. When my mental health was at its worst and I was suffering from depression, the last thing I wanted was to ever be by myself. I hated myself and I constantly needed to be distracted in fear of having to confront the person I was at the time. I’m stronger now and have a more positive outlook on life. These days there’s nothing I look forward to more than spending some time on my own.

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I know that some people struggle with spending time on their own and so I thought I would share with you what I do to pass the time.

As I’m sure you all know by now I’m not very good at doing nothing and so time on my own has to be well spent.

My Mindset –

I view time on my own as a luxury these days. I live with my grandparents who often have my little cousins round and so it’s very rare that I’m ever alone in the house. With this in mind any alone time is a treat and allows me to appreciate the quietness and stillness of my surroundings. It’s a time when I can make a cup of tea without distraction, I can play whatever music I want, I can literally do whatever I please.


How do I enjoy the time?

Time spent on your own is designed to allow you to do anything that you want, however I thought I would share with you some of my favourites things to do in case you’re looking for ideas.

I still somewhat struggle with being on my own for a long period of time and so having a list of things to do can help.

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Here are 10 things that I get up to when home alone:

Read a book – As you can probably imagine it’s usually very loud and busy at home and so having the chance to sit down in silence and enjoy a book is a real treat. 

Paint my nail – There’s nothing more frustrating than painting your nails and then having someone come and ask you to do something. When I’m home alone I can plan my own schedule and know that nobody will be interrupting me in the near future whilst my nails dry. 

Do a face mask/hair mask – A face mask or hair mask is the perfect way to relax (in my opinion) and so it’s a nice little treat for when I’m enjoying some time alone. 

Do a work out video – Does anyone else get really embarrassed working out in front of people? I do. That’s why time spent home alone is the perfect time for me to exercise. 

Bake – I love baking with nobody around to interrupt me, I can play my music out loud and enjoy the process of cooking up something scrummy. 

Watch a program/movie of your choice – I don’t have a television in my room and so the only one I use is the one in the living room. It’s not often I get the television to myself and so when I’m home alone I take the opportunity to catch up on my favourite shows. 

Have a bubble bath – Bubble baths are incredibly relaxing at the best of times, however knowing that nobody is going to knock on that door needing the loo makes them even more enjoyable. 

Clean & Tidy – I don’t know why but I find it so much more relaxing and satisfying to clean and tidy my bedroom when nobody else is home! Then I can enjoy my clean surroundings whilst reading my book or painting my nails. 

Write – I’m usually being interrupted throughout the day and so time alone is perfect for me to sit down and write. I usually use the time to power through and will sit and continuously write for hours. 

Meditate – As I mentioned above I’m often interrupted throughout the day and so some time alone is the perfect opportunity to meditate. 

Why is spending time alone important?

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Whether you love time alone or hate it, there is no denying that it is good for you. If you dislike spending time by yourself then slowly build up to it. Sit down and think about why you don’t enjoy spending time by yourself. For me it was because I struggled to be alone with my thoughts and so I took steps to change myself as a person and be happier so that my thoughts were changed.


Here are a few reasons why spending time on your own is good for you:


Accepting who you are –

By spending time with yourself you can learn about who you are as a person. In turn, this will allow you to accept the person you are or give you the opportunity to recognise things that you would like to change.


Spend the time to think, to consider your goals, your future and what you want from life

This is similar to the above point, as you learn about yourself you will discover what you want out of life. Personally, I believe that knowing your goals and having a future plan is an important aspect of life and so this is something that I enjoy confronting during my alone time.


You can use the time to work on yourself

Spend your alone time to become the person you want to be – read books, enjoy your hobbies or even learn a new skill. You can do anything you want with your life so use this time wisely to become the best version of yourself.


Relax without having to please others

This is one of my favourite things about alone time – there’s nobody else to think about and nobody else to please. That time is completely yours to do whatever you want with. Even if you have a huge list of things to do you can get on with it in silence or play your favourite music – the choices are endless.


Learn to appreciate others

Being around people all the time can be tiring and overwhelming. Spending time by yourself will allow you to unwind and in turn appreciate the time spent around others.


How do you enjoy alone time?










10 thoughts on “Spending Time Alone

  1. Cleaning when there’s no one else around works really well for me too because I don’t have to work around other people, I don’t need to worry if I’m being too noisy, too messy in the way I work, or if I’m not giving them enough space, things like that. I can also plan how I want to clean, in what order and what method I will do it no matter how silly, because I don’t have to consider someone else. And then I can play whatever music or video I want, and it can even get me in a sort of relaxed state of mind where I’m feeling productive but don’t have to think too much about anything.

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  2. There’s times when I’m not really a fan of alone time, particularly when my anxiety is acting up because it means I’m alone with my thoughts and I end up overthinking everything. However, when I’m feeling good about things, I actually really enjoy time to myself – I can watch what I want on the telly, I can blast out music and sing along to Taylor Swift, and I can do workout videos. I think even if you’re generally a bit more of a social person spending time alone is still quite important! x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so glad that I can now enjoy alone time again 😆 Nothing beats blasting out your favourite music and just doing whatever you fancy! It’s important to get a balance between being amongst others and being on your own ☺️xx


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