5 Things my mental health has taught me

I constantly go on and on about how my mental health has negatively impacted on my life, however this week I thought I would discuss the positive impact that it has had on me.

Whilst my mental health has created many challenges for me it has also helped shape me into the person I am today. I try not to constantly look at my mental health as a separate entity to myself, whether I like it or not it is me. I sometimes find myself wondering what I’d be like if I wasn’t so anxious – would I be more patient? More willing to try new things? However, lately I’ve stopped myself from thinking like this. I am who I am, I can’t wonder what I would be like without my mental health problems.

My mental health is me and it has influenced the person I have become by teaching me some valuable life skills.

5 Things My Mental Health has taught me.png

I thought I’d share with you some of the positive things that my mental health has taught me –



When everyday is an internal struggle with your mind you begin to wonder how other people are feeling. I have learnt to empathise with others and be more considerate towards other people’s feelings. I know what it’s like to struggle each day and to fight my own mind and so I can empathise with others who suffer with their mental health. My mental health has also given me an understanding of all the different battles everyone is facing – you may not understand their ailment but you know they’re having a tough time.

When out and about I am a lot more considerate of other people. I think most people could benefit from a little empathy.


Determination/ Inner strength 

My mental health has given me both the determination and the strength to keep fighting against it. Strength and determination are skills that I can transfer into other aspects of my life. I’m incredibly stubborn and I refuse to give in, no matter what I am doing. These skills are ones that I have honed throughout the years as my mental health as built me into a strong and determined person.

Anyone who has suffered with their mental health or chronic pain, etc… knows what it is like to dig deep to find some inner strength to fight each day.


Helped me realise what I don’t want in life 

My mental health was one of the biggest contributing factors that made me realise I didn’t want to pursue a career in law. I’m somewhat grateful for it in the sense that it has put me on a path where I’m much happier and I’m excited for my future career prospects. If it wasn’t for the severe deterioration in my mental health I would still be in a job I hated, coming home overnight crying at how unhappy I am.


My mental health gave me the strength to stand up and say my chosen career path was not for me and for that I am grateful.


It’s okay to say no –

I’ve always been one of these people that struggles with saying no to someone. If someone asked me to go somewhere with them then I immediately felt obliged to go. These days however I have grown a back bone and realised that I can say no and it’s okay to say no sometimes. Ultimately I have to do what is best for myself and sometimes that means I have to say no.


Happiness is so important – 

If you’re not happy then why are you putting yourself through something?

My mental health has taught me that my happiness should be at the forefront of every decision I make. We only have one life and there is no point getting to the end of it and only having unhappy memories to look back on. My unhappiness contributed towards the deterioration of my mental health and has taught me to strive for happiness in the future as a way to protect my mental health.


What have your experiences with mental health taught you?






6 thoughts on “5 Things my mental health has taught me

  1. Hi Liz my mental health issues have taught me very similarly to yourself.
    I have also learnt to avoid negative people whenever possible.
    Make your home and working environment as calming and stress free as possible, colour and smell are massive mood changers.
    Self acceptance as you say is also a learned skill. Nice post, cheers me to read of similar experience’s

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Avoiding negative people is really important! Anything to reduce stress or worry in your life will always help you cope with your anxiety ☺️

      The thing that I enjoy most blogging about my mental health is that I meet others with similar experiences! It’s always nice to know we’re not alone ☺️

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Happiness and the power of saying no is so important! Two things I’ve learned especially within the last couple of years! I’ve had a similar experience in terms of finding out what I want to do with my life too, while I think the fact I wasn’t successful in a psychology career/training contributed a fair bit to my own mental health decline, I think that in a way it wasn’t for me in the first place! Great post and I’ll have to get thinking about what else I’ve learned from my own mental health! Xx


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