I’m taking a break

Hello, everyone!


If you don’t follow me on Twitter you won’t have seen my post announcing that I am taking a little break from my blog. You can follow me here.


Stress and illness has put a strain on my mental health and I have seen a deterioration in myself. I’m going to do my best to keep up with everyone’s blog posts and will try to reply to your comments as soon as I can.

As always once I’ve had a little break I’ll come back and update you on how I’m feeling and how I coped – I just need a little break to get myself back on track at the moment.


I hope to only be away for a week or so!


In the meantime I uploaded lots of posts for Blogtober so you’re welcome to have a read of all of those, you can find them all below;

Day 1 – I’m doing Blogtober! Blogtober #1

Day 2 – My Month of Self-Care Blogtober #2

Day 3 – We went to an open air cinema at Knole – Blogtober #3

Day 4 – Mental Health Check In (A more positive outlook) – Blogtober #4

Day 5 – Tips for travelling with anxiety – Blogtober#5

Day 6 – My first 5 Mental Health Posts – Blogtober #6

Day 7 – Weekly Update (31st September – 4th October)

Day 8 – Top 5 tips for a successful blog – Blogtober #8

Day 9 – Visiting North Wales (Anxiety, Beaches and Sun!)

Day 10 – World Mental Health Day – Living Life with Anxiety and Emetophobia – Blogtober #10

Day 11 – 9 Ways to Motivate Yourself – Blogtober #11

Day 12 – Why my Degree is useless – Blogtober #12

Day 13 – Goals for 2020 – Blogtober #13

Day 14 – Weekly Update (7th October – 13th October) Up-cycling and a trip to Wales

Day 15 – Mental Health Q&A

Day 16 – Advice to my younger self

Day 17 – 30 Date Ideas (Outdoors, Indoors and Stay at home)

Day 18 – The Autumn Tag

Day 19 – Top 5 Tips for a productive day

Day 20 – How to relax at the end of the day

Day 21 – We bought a flat!

Day 22 – 15 Things to Enjoy During Winter

Day 23 – Spending Time Alone

Day 24 – Writing a Letter to my Future Self

Day 25 – 5 Things my mental health has taught me

Day 26 – My Travel Essentials for an Anxious Traveller

Day 27 – A year since I had Norovirus

Day 28 – Weekly Update (Norovirus Anniversary, Tile Disaster and A Renovation Update)

Day 29 – Helping someone with their Mental Health

Day 30 – 50 self care ideas

Day 31 – Mental Health Misconceptions


Let me know what your favourite post from Blogtober was!






18 thoughts on “I’m taking a break

  1. Take a break if you need one. I found that before I started my blog on here and not on this other platform I needed to take a break because it just felt like clockwork and I wasn’t enjoying myself as I am now. ❤️

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