Why I love blogging

As some of you may know I started this blog before my mental health began to deteriorate. If you scroll back far enough you will find some hidden recipes (with very bad pictures to accompany them). My intention was to document my gluten-free and vegetarian diet. I had great fun sharing recipes and trying out new bakes. I was enjoying writing and cooking, barely anyone read my blog but that was okay. However, eventually  I lost interest in my blog as cooking in a busy kitchen and documenting it became harder and harder.

I focused on my freelance writing until last October when my mental health rapidly deteriorated. During November and December I had a lot more time on my hands as I was battling my inner thoughts, depression and anxiety. It was the end of November when I began to get back into blogging and my first posts were Christmas gift guides. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love Christmas, however my mental health was somewhat ruining the excitement for me. I decided to write some Christmas related posts in an attempt to find my Christmas spirit.


LOVE (1).png

On 5th December 2018 I shared my first mental health related post (you can have a read here). Reading it back makes me feel quite emotional, as I remember how hopeless I was feeling at that time. I began to blog more and more about my mental health and two things happened; it gave me the motivation to get out and help myself and it also lead me to an amazing group of people.



In my first post about my mental health I touched on the fact that I didn’t know how to motivate myself to begin my recovery. As I began blogging I realised I wanted to go out and get pictures and content for my blog. If I went out to the shops and conquered my anxiety for the day I could come back and retell that positive story. At this stage the posts were solely for my benefit and something to keep me focused, however as I continued writing I received more and more comments from others experiencing similar problems. This further motivated me because I was no longer just documenting my recovery for myself, I was doing it to help others relate to my experiences.


The Blogging Community 

As I’ve already mentioned, the more I shared my story the more people got in contact with me. To this day I’m still utterly blown away by the blogging community. Everyone is so incredibly thoughtful and supportive. I’ve had people messaging me thanking me for sharing my story because they feel the same way and now they feel a little bit less alone in the world. It’s an amazing feeling to think that I am helping others just by sharing my own experiences. In addition, this it has made me feel a little less alone in the world. Whilst my partner and family are supportive of what I am going through none of them have experienced it first hand and so cannot truly relate. If it wasn’t for the blogging community I don’t think I would be as happy as I am today and for that I cannot thank you all enough.



My first mental health related blog posts 

How I cope with my anxiety 

Mental Health at Christmas

Anxiety Update (Sleeping and Panic Attacks)


I absolutely love blogging now and don’t know what I’d do with myself without it. I’m in contact with an amazing group of people who do nothing but support me. If you’re ever thinking about starting your own blog then I would 100% recommend you do it!

If you already do blog then I would love for you to share your story in the comments as to how you got into blogging.







19 thoughts on “Why I love blogging

  1. The blogging community is great! I recently commented on my blog on how this community has helped me with my own mental health as well. Plus, they have been so welcoming.

    I began to blog because I wanted to get my story about there about a condition I have called vaginismus. Not many people know about it, so I thought blogging about it would be a step in the right direction on spreading its awareness.

    I was hesitant at first because I had no idea how this topic would be received by the blogging community. However, I was pleasantly surprised by how welcoming and inviting everyone was. No one was rude or inconsiderate about the condition, despite me having to talk about things society finds taboo.

    Outside of the blogging community, there are definitely trolls and people who treat the condition like it’s some sort of big joke. But never on here. I honestly don’t know what I would do without this community as well 🙂

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    1. What a wonderful positive experience! Blogging is such an amazing platform to share your experiences and raise awareness because there’s such an accepting and encouraging community ☺️xx

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  2. Love your work as always Liz and it’s so great to see that you turned a negative into such a big positive in your life. You write so well and keep people engaged, so difficult to do. You should be very proud of yourself x

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  3. I have read a few of your older posts. The tree one was very traumatic. I got into blogging so long ago. It was easier to blog than build websites and ftp them. Back in the dial up days. Probably a Dr Who based blog.

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  4. Honestly, I used to scrunch my nose at the idea of blogging. I didn’t understand why people bothered, and I never bothered to read any.

    …My head is down in shame:( …

    Then, one night in November of 2018, I went online and started a blog. There was no pre-planning involved. I don’t even know what drove me to do it.

    And then, I realized how wonderful it is to have a sounding board, share stories, and find other people around the world through their blogs! Huh.

    Blogging has now become a part of my journey to live fully free being me. 🙂

    You can read more of my story to freedom here: https://saralivingfree.files.wordpress.com/2019/08/how-to-find-true-freedom.pdf

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    1. I completely agree with how therapeutic it can be! I love sharing my experiences and love it when people contact me thanking them because they feel the same but have struggled to voice it out loud

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