Welcome to Dawn Cox Photographic Artist


As some of you may know my mum is a photographer – I’ve mentioned it on a couple of posts.

I’m trying to help her get into blogging to show her photographs off and hopefully grow her business.

I would really appreciate it if you would take a look at the post, follow her blog and even share it with others.

My mum suffers with mental health like I do, however she has managed to channel her struggles into her photography. As her blog progresses I want to help her talk about the role photographer played in her recovery.

Thank you everyone, I really do appreciate your time!

Dawn Cox Photographic Artist

Who is Dawn Cox?

Dawn Cox owns and runs Dawn Cox Photography. Dawn is a skilled and talented photographer with an artistic eye. Her photography style is distinct ranging from landscapes to fantasy compositions.

There’s something for everyone!

After years of struggling with Anxiety and Emetophobia Dawn began to dabble in photography in an attempt to regain some control over her life. It soon became apparent that she had a natural eye for a photograph and so her photography business began with wildlife and flowers.

As time progressed Dawn taught herself how to use Photoshop and since then she has been creating her own compositions. Dawn’s passion for photography has only grown over the years and she is constantly seeking new ways to share her artwork with others. Dawn now classes herself as a photographic artist as she creates composites from existing photographs.

Why blog about Photography?

This blog…

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