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    A life update (Upcycling, Holiday and Covid)

    A life update How is it already April?! I’m not sure how that happened. Life has been really busy this year and so I thought I’d share a life update with you. Between upcycling, editing a book, writing a book and thinking about querying a book, there’s been little time to blog. My mental health has taken a real positive turn and I’ve been able to go out and do lots. There may be setbacks, but I’m determined to keep this momento going as I finally feel I’m getting my life back!   Upcycling As I mentioned, I’ve been doing lots of upcycling. Losing myself is a project is wonderful…

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    January 2022 Wrap Up

    January 2022 wrap up Anyone else extremely happy to see the back of January? In my 2021 wrap up, I mentioned January hadn’t got off to the best start and I can confirm that it didn’t improve much! Admittedly, the last week was okay. Between my mental health, an unexpected enormous bill on 30th December, and unwell family members, January was never going to be a fun month! Here’s my January 2022 wrap up.   So what did I get up to? Writing this post and going through all the pictures from January has reminded me that there were some good times! I think January taught me a lot about…

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    2021 Yearly Review

    2021 Yearly Review Oh, what a year. I went into 2021 in a really bad way. Thankfully, I’ve left it feeling much better, despite lots of things happening throughout the year. It’s truly been a year I’ll never forget, both for good and bad reasons. Anyway, let’s get into the yearly review! January January feels like a very, very long time ago. My life looks very different to how it did last year and I cannot tell you how happy this makes me. January is a little hazy for me. I’d started my antidepressants over the last few days in December. The side effects were almost instant for me. You…

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    10 lockdown activities to inspire creativity (AD)

    10 lockdown activities to inspire creativity (AD) As I’m sure you all know, I spend most of my waking hours writing, whether that be books or blog posts. I’ve found that the act of writing and the creativity has an amazing effect on my mental health. There’s something about being creative that just lifts your mood. Lockdown means that there has never been a better time to get creative. Are you looking for ways to unlock your creativity? I know that lockdown can really ruin creativity, and so I thought I would share 10 lockdown activities to inspire creativity. *AD – This post contains a paid for advert for Font Bundles* 

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    My Thoughts on 2021

    My thoughts on 2021 *This post was written in January, however I took some time off from my blog* I’ve seen lots of people setting their New Year’s Resolutions and their goals for this year. It got me thinking… what are my goals/ resolutions? Do I even want any goals this year? As I sit writing, we’re a week into 2021 and we’re already in another lockdown, which is to last until March. My Goals for 2021 Usually, I would sit here and make a list of all the things I want to achieve this year. However, it just doesn’t feel right to do it this year. Life is uncertain…

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    Lockdown 3.0

    Lockdown 3.0 (I wrote this at the start of January but decided to take the month off from my blog) It’s finally here, Lockdown 3.0. I can’t say I’m surprised, in fact, I’m rather relieved. Here in Kent the virus is running rampant. Over Christmas family and friends of the family tested positive. Everyone has been really unwell (a couple ending up in hospital). They all seem to finally be on the mend now but it’s still very worrying. From a personal point of view, I’m also terrified of catching the virus. I have had pneumonia in the past from flu and it worries me I have a weakness. In…

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    2020 Yearly Review

    2020 Yearly Review Wow. What a year 2020 has been. None of us saw that coming. I feel that 2020’s overview is one of the most important years I’ve covered. With most of the year spent in lockdown I wanted to look back and see what I’ve actually done and it turns out, I’ve done a lot!   You can read my other yearly reviews here: Looking back at 2018 2019 Yearly Review January We were still in full renovation mode in January and my office/dressing room was our project. It now looks nothing like this  (keep an eye out in November) so it’s quite fun looking back. The desk…

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    Things I want to do once the pandemic is over

    Things I want to do once the pandemic is over Life is on hold at the moment and it’s so frustrating! There’s so much I want to do. 2020 has completely changed my perspective on life, and now I long to do the small things that were once a regular occurrence. There are 3 things that I am really looking forward to doing once the pandemic is over.

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    Buying a flat – one year on!

    A year since we got the keys Today marks a whole year since we completed on our flat and picked up the keys. How did that pass us by so quickly? Oh yeah, we spent most of that in lockdown… Originally, I wanted to show you posts on each room’s transformation but Covid put an end to that. There’s still quite a lot more to do and buy but I’m reluctant to go out more than necessary and so those things can wait. Therefore, I thought I’d share with you the transformations up until this point to mark our one year anniversary of being homeowners.   As you may recall,…