How I cope with panic attacks

Unfortunately there’s not a specific set of symptoms which you can tick off and know that what you are experiencing is a panic attack. Panic attacks come in all shapes and forms. It can be quite difficult to understand what is happening to your body the first time you experience a panic attack. The NHS […]

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A look at my perfumes

I don’t know much about perfume, you’ll see from this post that I’m not vey adventurous with it. However, the few that I have tried I absolutely adore. I thought I’d share my favourites with you and hope that you’ll drop a comment letting me know what your favourite is! I’ve been wearing this Jo […]

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A week in outfits #7

This week got off to a very bad start, however I managed to get myself back on track again. Friday has been difficult, I think it’s because I had no plans and so I was forced to confront how I was feeling. Saturday 23rd February –Ā  We popped to Bromley to do some shopping today. […]

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