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    I took a little break

    Some of you may have noticed my absence on my blog. Although I've had a few scheduled posts go live, highlighting people's struggles with their mental health I've mostly been away from my blog.

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    25 things in 25 years

    25 things in 25 years I’ve seen a number of these posts around and with my 26th birthday approaching I wanted to set out 25 things that I have achieved in 25 years. I know most of you will probably be screaming through your screens at me right now but 26 seems quite scary and adult-like! Am I too young to already start lying about how old I am? Anyways, here are 25 things that I have achieved in 25 years. 1. Completed my degree and masters I may not have decided to forge a career in law, however my proudest achievement in life is obtaining both my degree and my…

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    First Time Buyers – How to sustainably and cheaply furnish your home

    First Time Buyers – How to sustainably and cheaply furnish your home For those of you that don’t know my partner and I moved into our first home in October 2019. The whole process of buying a home is expensive and in addition to that the previous owners had left the place in a very sorry state. Because of this our bank accounts were very low when we came to actually moving in. Both my partner and I had been living with family so neither of us had any houseware. My grandparents kindly let me take all of my bedroom furniture which meant that was one room that was furnished.…

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    How anxiety influences my day-to-day life

    How anxiety influences my day-to-day life I talk a lot about my anxiety on my blog, however I don’t think I’ve really ever spoken about how my day-to-day life is impacted by it. Today I thought I would share with you some of the ways my anxiety influences my everyday life. I say some as I’m sure there are many others ways that I don’t even consciously realise.   This is how anxiety influences my day-to-day life…   Sleep Anxiety can impact on my day before it has even started. If I’m anxious over something or I have lots of my mind then I find that it comes out in…

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    2019 Yearly Review

    2019 has been a bit of a whirlwind, I’m not quite sure where it went! I love doing these yearly reviews as it reminds me what I have achieved throughout the year. You can read my 2018 yearly review here. I warn you now that this is a very long post so grab yourself a cup of tea, a snack and start reading! January January was one of the worst months of 2019 and I was so worried that it would set the tone for the rest of the year. The year got off to a bad start after I had a terrible Christmas with my mental health – you…

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    Bathroom Renovations (Part 1)

    I’ve been stuck between wanting to show everyone the renovations but also wanting to wait until the rooms are completely finished. However, funds have run dry and we’re enjoying a little break from weekend DIY and so I thought I would share the bathroom renovations with you in this post. The bathroom is one of my favourite rooms as it’s the closest to being finished, it just needs a few finishing touches. I’m proud to say that it is now a relaxing and clean space, as opposed to the tired and grubby bathroom that we first walked in to. When we first viewed the flat we were well aware that…

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    Life Catch Up (Mental Health & Career)

    If you’ve been keeping up with my blog lately you will probably have realised that it’s somewhat lost its personal touch. I’ve been really busy with life and I haven’t particularly felt like sharing every step of settling into the new flat. Instead I wanted to remove myself from the adjustment and post some things that got me into the Christmas spirit. You can find my Christmas Gift Guides Here: Christmas Gift Guide – Her Christmas Gift Guide – Him Christmas Gift Guide – Him and Her Christmas Gift Guide – Stocking Fillers Christmas Gift Guide Books 1 Christmas Gift Guide Books 2 Christmas Gift Guides Books 3   I’m…

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    Gratitude Interview

    I was recently contacted my Gratitude Space and asked if I would do an interview for them focusing on gratitude and what I am grateful for. I immediately jumped at the chance to talk about gratitude.   When you’re suffering with mental health problems (or physical) it can be all too easy to throw yourself a pity party and bask in your misery. However, gratitude is something that can help you see that there’s more to life than just your problems.   If you would like to read the interview you can find it here or copy and paste the following link https://www.gratitudespace.com/gratitudeandliz/   I’d love for you to drop a comment…

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    Christmas Gift Guide Books 1

    Throughout the past year I have been reviewing all the books that I have read in preparation for my Christmas Gift Guide Books. This is the first of three posts detailing and reviewing all the books that I have read this year. You’ll notice that I have a ‘type’ when it comes to books. I love anything that will whisk me away into a happier and romantic world. Reading is a form of escapism for me and so I like it to have a positive influence on my daily life. I hope you find a book that interests you or someone you know! Links that are followed by * contain…

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    Why I love blogging

    As some of you may know I started this blog before my mental health began to deteriorate. If you scroll back far enough you will find some hidden recipes (with very bad pictures to accompany them). My intention was to document my gluten-free and vegetarian diet. I had great fun sharing recipes and trying out new bakes. I was enjoying writing and cooking, barely anyone read my blog but that was okay. However, eventually  I lost interest in my blog as cooking in a busy kitchen and documenting it became harder and harder.